Being followed (part 38)

Author’s Notes: Mature content continues


Chapter 38

Mandy’s heart was pounding faster. The mobile was still on. Lee gets closer to her. He had taken a shower so he had a towel around his waist. He didn’t look upset but maybe it was just an act. She was still frightened. He gets to the bed and takes his phone to look at it. There was no answer yet.
“You were calling Ben, did you? I told you, he’s history. How many times do I need to say it?” He was calm
She wanted to run to the bathroom but she froze. She kept looking at him nervously. He switches the phone off and lays it down on the other night stand. He gets closer to her while taking the towel off so it falls on the floor. She had to say something. Being nice was the only option. She was scared but she had to take a stand.
“Lee, I love you but I’m tired. I need to rest”
He looks at her like he was surprised she could speak.
“You can rest later but now I need some release. Come closer”
She does so he wouldn’t get angry. He takes a grip of her wrists and drags her closer to him. He looks in her eyes and bends down to kiss her. She keeps her eyes open. He makes her walk backwards and stops by the wall. He loses his grip and lifts her legs up to his waist. He takes her fast while looking at her. She couldn’t stand the sight of him and looks away. He doesn’t stop until he reaches his peak. Exhausted he lets her back on her feet. Without looking at her, he gets back to the bathroom. She collapses on the floor of exhaustion. She buries her face in her palms and quietly starts to cry so he wouldn’t hear. She was so tired. Every night she was being used for sex. If he really loved her, he would have let her have a say. In a moment he gets back. He sees her on the floor and gets to her. He offers his hand.
“Take my hand. It’s your turn”
She looks up but she doesn’t take it. He was dripping wet which meant, she wouldn’t take the shower alone. They’ve had sex in there before so she knew that’s what he wanted.
“Come on now. It won’t take long”

She could never read him. It was just a matter of time before he would get angry and she didn’t want to see that. She takes his hand and he drags her up. They get to the bathroom and he switches the shower on. The warm water caresses her body. He runs his hands across her arms and down her back. She tries not to get the water in her mouth by turning her head away to the side. By her surprise, it wasn’t sex he wanted. He takes some shower gel from the bottle on the little shelf by the shower and lubricates it on her upper body. When he’s at her breasts, he starts to breathe heavier. He looks at them while covering them with gel. The water washes her body from it and soon only the water is covering her. He gets on his knees in front of her and starts to suck on her nipples. He didn’t care the water was running over him. She didn’t deny this was turning her on but still she wasn’t about to give any signs of that to him. In a moment he stands up and looks at her face. Her head was still on the side.
“I love you, Mandy. I never wanted to hurt you”
She looks at him in disbelief. Was he sorry? What was in that water? For a moment she actually felt compassion but that was short-lived.
“Got your attention” He smiles for a second “Turn around and lean with your hands against the wall” He commands her
He turns off the shower. When she’s too slow, he turns her around and lifts her arms up so she leans like he said. He takes a grip of her hips and pulls her closer to him. Then he thrusts inside her from behind.
“Now beg me to stop” He pushes harder
The force of his thrusting makes her grunt louder. Her head falls down between her arms.
“Stop it, you’re hurting me” She pleads
“Good. Say my name” He pants
She couldn’t talk. She was tired and she wanted to sleep. She lifts her head up with her eyes closed. When she doesn’t say it, it just makes him go deeper.
“Lee” She screams when he does and then he slows down
“Good. That’s what I want”

Even if it was exhausting him, he still continued. Once he started, he couldn’t stop. He lays his right hand on lower back and then moves it to her behind. Every time he enters, he slaps her behind. The closer to climax he gets, the harder he does. She was already immune to the pain so she didn’t make a sound. When he reaches his peak he stops slapping her and slowly withdraws.
“Good girl. I needed that” He was exhausted
He put the shower back on. He turns her around and kisses her under the running water. She couldn’t stand the taste of his tongue in her mouth. He stops kissing her and switch the shower off. Without saying anything he gets out to take a towel hanging on the bathroom wall, wrapping it around his waist. He leaves her there alone. His cold behavior made her feel even worse. At that moment she decides she would never let him hurt her again. No matter what happened she wouldn’t play the victim anymore. It was time to fight back.