One course of love (part 13)


Chapter 13

Leia tried to concentrate but all she could think about was the evening ahead. She had decided she would lose her virginity. She wanted it to be as perfect as possible. She wasn’t nervous at all. She knew she was in good hands. She kept looking at Richard. She was amazed how he could shut everything out. If he only knew what she had decided. Instead of listening she thought about what to wear. The whole time he didn’t look at her even if she kept staring at him. She didn’t take any notes and yet he didn’t look at her. When the class was finally over, she and Nadia took their time. They had decided Nadia would wait outside the classroom to keep a lookout. Richard was standing by his desk collecting his things. There were still other students left in the classroom. They kept talking to each other. Leia wished they would leave already. She had packed her things and so had Nadia. The girls talked to each other. When the other students finally left, the girls also pretended to leave.
“Leia, could you stay for a minute. It’s about your assignment” Richard looked up
She stopped and waited for the others to leave, including Nadia who closed the door behind her.
“What assignment is that?” Leia smiled
“Actually it’s my assignment” He gets closer to her “If ‘we’ll see’ is a ‘yes’”
“What does the assignment contain?” She looked in his eyes and dropped her bag on the floor
“I guess that’s a yes then” He touched her hair “My assignment is to please you the best I can”
“I’m warning you. Just because I’ve never had a cock inside me, doesn’t mean I don’t know what I like” She wrapped her arms around his neck
“I should punish you for language like that” He smiled
“What are you gonna do? Make me wait even longer for yours?”
“Oh Leia you really know how to talk” He groaned and kissed her lips
She ran her fingers through his hair. Their kisses got more passionate. She made him walk backwards until they reached the front desk. He leaned on the edge of it while she sat on his lap facing him. He moved his hands across her back and down to her behind. There was a knock on the door but they were so into each other they didn’t hear it.

Outside Nadia saw the janitor approaching the classroom. She cleared her throat.
“Oh there’s still someone here” He said when he got there
“My friend is doing a test” She raised her voice so they would hear inside the classroom
The janitor looked puzzled at her.
“I’ll come back later” He said and walked pass
Nadia knocked again when he was gone.

“Did you hear that?” Richard broke the kiss
“Mm” She murmured and kept kissing
He stopped responding and looked at his wrist watch.
“Let’s continue elsewhere” He pushed her away gently
Disappointed she got off him. She noticed the bulge through his pants.
“Are you sure you can wait that long?” She smiled and touched him there
“Please don’t that” He grunted and took her hand away
Looking at him in that state, she knew she’s made the right choice. Their age difference made it even better. It didn’t matter now what she would wear. They planned what to do next. She took her bag from the floor and opened the classroom door without looking back.

“Took you long enough. The janitor was just here” Nadia said when Leia got out
“Sorry about that” Leia smiled “Change of plan. Let’s go to this address”
Nadia took the note she gave her. She took her bag from the floor and they leave the building. They got into their car and drove to the road. Leia kept smiling while looking out of the window. After driving a while, Nadia looked her way.
“Are you nervous?”
“Not at all” Leia smiled at her
“Do you need anything?”
“No I don’t think so” She shook her head
“You know what I mean”
“Protection. I got that covered”
“Good. Never have sex without it”
“Of course” Leia looked out of the window again
Soon they arrived to a suburban area. There were houses every 50 yards apart and every one was in a different color. They got to a bungalow with brown bricks. It had a driveway and in front of the house a grass lawn. Nadia parked the car on the street.
“Here we are” She said and stopped the engine
“It’s now or never”
“Have fun. Call me later so I can pick you up”
“No need. I can manage” Leia smiled
“OK. Don’t be late for work”
Leia took her bag and stepped out, closing the door behind. Nadia drove away. Leia looked up to the house while walking on the lawn. She sat on the stairs to wait. It was getting darker so the street lights went on. Richard promised he would be there in 20 minutes but it was already past that. She was about to call when he drove to the driveway.
“Sorry you had to wait but I was held up” He said when he stepped out of the car
He was there now and that was all that mattered.

One course of love (part 12)


Chapter 12

Richard’s POV

I was actually getting bored with this guessing game. I didn’t have Leia’s phone number so I couldn’t call her. But then I realized I had her student file where the number was. She was in a bad mood. I knew she lied she didn’t miss me. I pretended to be upset at her. But I just can’t be mad at her.

In school she returned the assignment I told her to. Then she stood in front of my desk saying nothing. I didn’t know if she was upset or not. The answer came when it was time for a little test I had prepared for the students. What I didn’t expect was that I were gonna have a test of my own. Leia kept flirting with me. I tried to read an essay but I was more interested in her. I saw my mobile blinking. I looked at it and saw her text. We kept texting each other. She really tried to turn me on and she succeeded. I texted her we would meet in the Men’s room. I didn’t think she would. I pretended to be surprised she was a virgin but I couldn’t fool her. I must have come to my senses when I told her it wasn’t the best place.

The truth was I wanted her right there. I didn’t care the door was unlocked. Maybe it was best we didn’t do it. I didn’t want her first time to be in an uncomfortable place like in a bathroom. I really hoped that ‘we’ll see’ would be a ‘yes’ There were still a class to end so I had to concentrate on that.

Being followed (part 8)

Chapter 8

Mandy cries herself to sleep. She was a deep sleeper so nothing could wake her up. She’s turning on her right side and continues sleeping. But she could sense something. She opens her eyes and is about to scream.
“Shh” Lee says, covering her mouth with his hand “Will you promise you want scream when I move my hand?”
She nods and he slowly remove it but she tries to scream anyway. But he’s quicker. He kisses her passionately. She didn’t dare to close her eyes. Still kissing her, he opens his and their eyes meet. She just wanted to push him away. He stops and licks his lips. She sits up and wraps the blanket over her chest. She wipes her mouth with her hand. She stares at him. She didn’t dare to say anything.
“You should really keep your windows closed. Anyone can get in”
She knew he noticed she was frightened. Maybe that was a way to keep her on her toes. He sits closer and tries to reach for her blanket but she holds it tighter. It freaked her even more that he was just staring at her. It was in the middle of the night and company was the least thing she wanted. She wanted to know what he was doing there but she was too afraid to ask. He must have heard her conversation with Ben. Otherwise he wouldn’t have known she was in the guest room. She’s only wearing a top and panties so she had no intention to show him.
“Are we just gonna stare at each other and say nothing? If you don’t want to talk, we can always do something else” He says and sits even closer
She knew what he meant by it but she would not fall for that. She tries to pick up the courage.
“What are you doing here?” She asks with a lump in her throat
“Since we got interrupted, I thought we could continue where we left off”
“There’s nothing. Leave me alone” She says, now sitting on her pillow in the head of the bed with her knees bent to her chest
“We really got your boyfriend fooled, pretending we didn’t know each other”
“We don’t” She says being less nervous
“But that’s what he thinks”
“If you don’t leave, I’ll call for him”
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I don’t think you want to get caught in the act” He keeps looking at her
“Caught doing what?”
“Doing it while your boyfriend is in the next room”
“What makes you think I will do it? Are you gonna hurt me?”
“Don’t be silly. Only if we’re having rough sex. Then it will only be about pleasure”
“You really think highly of yourself, don’t you? You think you get every woman you want”
“I only want one and she’s in bed right now” He says and tries to kiss her but she quickly gets out of bed with the blanket around her, revealing her bare arms
“So you want foreplay first” He says and smiles
He gets up from the bed but stays on the other side.
“All I want is to sleep and you won’t make it easy. So I should sleep with you so you’ll leave me alone?”
“If it’s so good I might not leave at all”
“Dream on. No matter what you say, no matter how charming you’re trying to be. Nothing will make me fall for you”
“I don’t really have to do anything special. When you get to know me, you’ll never want to be with anybody else”
“You’re not all that”
“What are you afraid of? That your secured life will be over?”
“You want me to dump him so you could be with me instead?”
“Not necessary. When your missionary position gets old, you can come to me. I know positions you’re never even heard of”
“My sex life is great thank you very much”
“Even if it is, it’s never too late to get better”
“Now I know why you wrote me that message. You wanted to convert me to your sex game. You’re wasting my time”
“Oh Mandy, you’re really playing hard to get. But I knew that when I first saw you. A beautiful woman like you really know how to tease. What I wrote in that message was true. That’s really what you make me feel. I wasn’t drunk. I was totally sober”
“You are a perv. Did you learn all that from a porn movie because that’s how it sounded?”
“It wasn’t porn. It just turns me on”
“Does spanking turn you on? Doing it in public? Against a tree?”
“What, are you interested?” He says and smiles
“No way. Don’t get any ideas”
“I’ve got lot of those right now” He says, looking at her up and down
While they talked, she felt more relaxed around him. All the standing made her tired so she sits down on the bed. Even if he sat down on the other side, she didn’t move away. She soon realized what a prude she had been. She also noticed he did look hot like Annette had said. It was so close she would fall after all. But then she saw, the sun coming out and she felt a panic. Ben could wake up and see them on the bed.
“You better leave” She says and stands up, forgetting she was only in her underwear
The blanket falls on the floor. He looks at her body.
“Now I understand why you didn’t want to take the blanket off. You wanted to save me from doing a crime. I couldn’t have held my urges. May I touch you before I go?” He says and looks in her eyes
She thinks a while and then gets closer to let him. He looks closely at her. He moves both of his hands across her arms and down to her stomach. She could feel a chill down her spine.
“See you later sexy” He says and licks her lips before climbing out of the window
She touches her lips that were still wet from his saliva. She didn’t know how things had gone from ignoring to acceptance. Was she falling in love with her follower? What about Ben, her longtime partner. Was she really gonna jeopardize her relationship because of some fling? Soul searching was now in order.

Being followed (part 5)

Chapter 5

At noon, Mandy takes a break in the break room. She hadn’t eaten the sandwich yet. She pours herself a cup of coffee with some milk and sugar in it. She sits down by the table. While eating and drinking coffee she looks through a newspaper laying there. In a few minutes Annette gets there. She pours herself some coffee and sits across her.
“Did you get any work done?” She asks and takes a sip from her cup
“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” Mandy asks and looks up at her
“If I were you, I couldn’t think about anything else beside the kiss”
“It was nothing special” She says and continues looking at the newspaper
“I’m sorry about the future boyfriend thing. I was just teasing you”
“It wasn’t really funny. I wouldn’t even considering cheating on Ben. No matter what kind of idiot leaves rude messages on my phone”
“Aren’t you at least a little flattered that someone else find you attractive?”
“No I don’t need flattering. Especially from a perv like that” Looking up from her newspaper
“Does he have a name?”
“Why do you care? Are you interested? If you are, you can have him”
“Just curious” Annette takes a sip from her mug
“Lee. At least that’s what he called himself”
“If you were single, you would react differently”
“No I wouldn’t. I still would call it creepy”
“Maybe he was just shy so following you was the only way”
“Someone shy wouldn’t write a message like that. I didn’t tell anyone about this but when I was here last evening to look for my phone. Someone was here and think it was him. I always make sure my phone is in my purse. He claimed I dropped it in the café but I’m sure I had it then. I don’t know how he got it. Maybe he allured me to get back to the office”
“Maybe it was the guard. The office is locked so how would someone else get there?”
“A person like that, anything is possible. I asked who was there but there was no answer. When I get to the street, he was suddenly there, claiming he had found my phone. It was really disturbing”
“Maybe you’re just imagining he was there. This office can be creepy at night. You know the story about the young woman who was murdered in one of the offices. She came here at night and someone stabbed her in the back. Maybe it was him. Boo” Annette widens her eyes in a scary look and then laughs
“Stop it. It’s not funny” Mandy says a bit upset
“Come on, you describe him like he’s coming to get you”
“That’s how he makes me feel”
“So it’s not your sudden attraction to him? Even if I only saw a glimpse of him, I can’t deny how hot he was”
“No he does nothing for me. He scares me. I don’t trust him one bit”
Mandy didn’t like what she was suggesting.
“You know it’s OK to have crushes. After being so long with someone like you have, you’re bound to look at other people to keep your relationship alive”
“There’s nothing wrong with it. I don’t need anyone else” She drinks some coffee
“Need is not the word I’m looking for. I’m just saying, let him play a while. He will get over it”
“So you mean I should let him follow me? I just shouldn’t pay attention?”
“Exactly. More you notice, more excited he gets. So if you ignore him altogether, he will leave you alone. All he wants is your attention”
“What if that doesn’t work? It can get worse. If he can get here at night, then he can get anywhere. He even knows where I live”
“Then you can consider calling the cops. Let’s hope it won’t get that far”
“Still it feels creepy. It won’t be easy. I already feel insecure”
“You can always walk with someone from work or call Ben. You don’t have to walk alone anywhere” Annette stands up
“I won’t. Especially now when I’m being followed”
“Just try to act normally. Keep a cool head”
“I’ll try” Mandy says and folds the newspaper “It’s back to work”
The girls put their cups on the counter and leave the room. The whole thing made her shaken. Could she be safe ever again?

Being followed (part 4)

Chapter 4

The next morning things were like always. Ben drives Mandy to work. It’s Friday so the day would end at 4 pm. One thing was different. She was more nervous than usual. She kept looking around. She tried not to show it to Ben who could read her like a book. Because of her work, she had to wear short skirts. Otherwise she would wear less revealing clothes. Now she felt exposed. She tried to work but she kept thinking about the message on her phone. When it was lunch time, she didn’t to go to the café they usually went to.
“I rather stay here”
“What’s wrong? You usually don’t decline” Annette says
“Are you girls coming?” One of their male co- workers asks when he’s walking by Mandy’s desk
“You go ahead” Annette replies to him and he leaves
“Nothing is wrong. I just don’t feel like going”
“Is Ben coming?” She says and smiles a little
“Nothing like that” Mandy says and starts to organize some papers on her desk
“Do you have something to eat with you?”
“I’m not hungry”
“OK, I’ll bring you a sandwich” Annette says and is about to leave
“Actually there is something” Mandy says and takes her phone from her purse that she has in her drawer
“I knew it”
“You know you’re my best friend and I could tell you anything, right?”
“So you got a secret. How exciting” Annette says eagerly
“Not when you read this” She says and hands her phone
Annette sits down on the end of her desk to read the message. When she’s finished, she puts the phone on the desk.
“Wow, this person really has an imagination”
“Not even Ben would write something like that” Mandy points at her phone
“No sane person would. Do you know who could be behind it?”
“I have an idea. It’s the same person who found my phone”
“So who is it?”
“I don’t know his name”
“How does he look like?”
“Well, really tall, brownish hair. Not sure about eye color”
“Was he old, young, handsome, unattractive?”
“Older than me and you could say kind of handsome. But that’s a matter of opinion”
“If he was old then it would be creepy”
“It’s creepy now. He can be anywhere waiting for me. I shudder just thinking about it”
“I think you got yourself a stalker” Annette says with a smile
“What should I do? Call the cops?”
“He hasn’t done anything. Maybe those are just words. You should tell Ben”
“No way. He got others things to think about. Besides, like you said, this guy hasn’t done anything. If he does, then I tell Ben”
“Whatever you choose. I should go. I’ll bring you that sandwich” Annette says while standing up to leave

Mandy would do some filing. A filing cabinet is situated by the wall behind her desk. She can hear the elevator but she doesn’t pay attention to it.
“Hi” A male voice says
“Just a minute” She says and closes the drawer
She turns around and startled jumps a bit when she sees who it is. Her heart is pounding faster. She’s really nervous.
“What are you doing here?” She bravely asks but keeps standing where she is
“Is that a way to talk to a customer?” He asks and smiles a little
“No one is here. Sorry you have to leave” She says trying not to show him she was afraid
“Is your phone working?”
“What is it to you?”
“Just asking” He says and gets closer
“Stay where you are” She quickly replies
“OK, no need to panic” He says and stops
She tries to be brave.
“What do you want?”
“I know what kind of service you want” She says still nervous
“I don’t think you do. I just got here and I haven’t told you anything”
“I read your message so I know what you want”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
“Oh please, perv” She says upset
“I honest don’t” He claims
“You sure have a bad memory”
“Maybe you should remind me” He says and smiles
Her phone is still on her desk so she takes it quickly to search for the message. She puts it back on the desk and gets back to the cabinet. He picks the phone up. While he reads it, he laughs once in a while. She just wanted him to leave.
“That’s a good one” He says and continues reading
She didn’t know what was so funny. She was terrified.
“If I wrote this, I must have been very drunk. I usually get really frisky when I do” He says and looks at her “You’re not taking this seriously, are you?” He continues and put the phone back on her desk
“Ha, ha. So I should laugh at your stupidity? How dare you write a message like that on my phone? Did you think it was amusing?” She says angrily
“Maybe you like this kind of thing”
“If you thought that, you have another thing coming”
“Shouldn’t we get this tension between us over with and start over? Hi, I’m Lee” He says and reaching his hand to shake hers
“Now I know why you seem familiar. You came to my house and asked my boyfriend if I was home. The café wasn’t the first place you saw me. You’ve been following me everywhere. You even knew where I worked. What kind of person are you?”
“Some imagination you have. I did none of that. The café was the first place where I saw you”
“Yeah right. If my boyfriend were here, he would recognize you straight away”
“So where is he then? I don’t see him everywhere” He says and looks around
“You want to meet him? That can be arranged” She says and tries to reach her phone on the desk but he gets it first
“There’s no need”
“Afraid your secret will come out?”
“He already know I was looking for you”
“Ha, so you admit it” She says, being less nervous now
“I guess that slipped” He says and smiles again
“You better leave before the others arrive”
“Why would they mind? I’m just another customer”
“Give my phone back” She says and reaches her hand
“If you want it, you better come and get it”
“I don’t have time for this. Now give it to me”
He steps back a few steps. All she can do is get closer to him. Just when she’s about to grab it from his hand, he gives her a kiss on her lips. The doors of the elevator are opening. He gives the phone to her and a smile on his face leaves her there with a puzzled look. Annette has just arrived and walks pass him. She only takes a glimpse and gets to Mandy.
“Is everything alright?” She asks when she does
She was still in shock.
“Yeah” Is her only reply
“Here’s the sandwich” Annette says and puts it on the desk
Mandy gets back to her working place and sits down on her chair.
“Who was that?” Annette asks
“No one” Mandy says looking through her papers
“He looked about the same, the guy you described”
“Maybe it was”
“You’re kidding. Your stalker was here? Did he do something?” Annette asks surprised
“Nothing. Just a kiss”
“OMG and you let him? If that’s the case, he’s not your stalker. He’s your future boyfriend”
“No he’s not. He followed me” Mandy says and looks at her upset
“As much as I like Ben, he’s too nice for you. But this guy on the other, it says excitement all over him”
“More like a nightmare. Let’s get back to work” Mandy says and opens her computer
The others have come back from their lunch break.
“Let’s talk more later” Annette says and gets to her office
Mandy just wanted to forget about everything that had happened. But she knew her friend wouldn’t let it go.