One course of love (part 8)


Chapter 8

Nadia opened the front door when Leia rang the door bell. She were in her bathrobe. Leia laid her bag on the chair that stood in the hall. She asked her friend how she was doing and told her what was said in class. She gave her the notes so she could write them down later. Leia made some tea and they sat down by the kitchen table. Nadia put some biscuit on a small plate.
“So how’s the hot teacher?” Nadia asked while taking a sip from her cup
“Please don’t call him that”
“So it’s by the first name already?” Nadia said with a smile
“He’s hardly hot. Not anymore. More like a jerk” She said and drank some tea from her cup
“What did he do?”
“Please don’t tell anybody”
“It’s that juicy. Spill it out” Nadia said excited
“He kissed me”
“No way. I’m away for one day and this happens. So how was it?”
“You won’t believe it”
“It was that good, huh? Did someone see?”
“I hope not. But here comes the jerk part” Leia continued and paused
“He tried to go further than that. And it was in the classroom”
“Oh no. He’s a fast mover. I hope the door was closed”
“It wasn’t”
“Now that’s bad”
“I don’t know why I gave him that impression. A kiss doesn’t mean I want to sleep with him. Not yet anyway”
“You would expect that from high school boys but from a teacher at Uni. You would think a 43 year old man would have control over his feelings. But I guess you bring the teen in him”
“Wait, how did you know his age?” Leia asked surprised
“I asked from a classmate. Don’t worry. A 20 year gap is kind of sexy”
“That’s explains a lot. I was wondering how come he kissed like that”
“Well, he got the right target”
“We’re getting off subject. We shouldn’t praise him. He’s a jerk” Leia said and poured herself another cup of tea
“First you drool over him and now he’s a jerk. Things can’t be that bad” Nadia said and took a bite from her biscuit
“He tried to have sex with me and then he wanted to give me a lift. I could have taken the bus”
“That’s not a reason to call him a jerk. You know, he’s just not teaching psychology. He could also teach you about life. It’s not everyday you meet a man among all those 20- something aged boys”
“You really want us to be together, don’t you? Well I can’t. I’m his student and that’s not right”
“It will be over in 3 months anyway”
“It’s still wrong”
“Are you afraid you’ll do something wrong? Something that will put him off?”
“No I’m just not ready”
“I think you are but you keep pushing it further and further. Does he know you’re still a virgin?”
“So it’s my virginity that’s on the line now?” Leia said a little upset
“Isn’t it? You keep talking about sex but you’ll never do anything about it. When you finally meet someone, you don’t take the opportunity”
“So I should sleep with the first guy I meet?”
“That’s not what I meant. You just seem so excited about this one. I’m not saying you should sleep with him straight away. But you shouldn’t give up”
“I am. Teacher/student relationships doesn’t work. It just gets the teacher into trouble and I don’t want that”
“If he takes the risk to kiss you in school with the door open, he doesn’t care he does”
“You make it sound like it’s OK. Go a head, have an affair with you teacher- kind of thing” She waved her hand in the air
“Now you’re exaggerating. That’s not what I meant at all. If you really like him, you shouldn’t care he is”
“OK, next time we have a class, I’m gonna tell him that I want him in front of everybody. I’m really desperate” Leia sarcastly said
“Don’t be like that. I know you wouldn’t. It wouldn’t be wise either”
“OK, I wouldn’t even dare. That would be embarrassing” She said and smiled
“So what are you gonna do?”
“Nothing. He can do the hunting. He seems to love that. If he really wants me, he should do all the work”
“Make him suffer, right?”
“He already is. If he wants to play, I can play harder”
“I’m with you all the way” Nadia said and the girls smiled at each other

One course of love (part 7)


Chapter 7

During class, Leia already regretted letting Richard kiss her. When it’s over, she packs her things quickly and is about to leave with Ana.
“Leia, can you stay a while?”
She stops by the door and turns around. Ana says goodbye and leaves.
“I still need that assignment” He said and when everybody had left, he got from behind his desk “Come closer”
“I have to catch the bus”
“I can drive you home. Get your lips over here or I’ll come and get you”
“It was a mistake. Sorry for leading you on” She said and turns around to leave
“Leia, please stay”
“Nadia needs me” She said and looked at him
“Is it serious?”
“No it’s just flu”
“Then she can wait. Come here sexy”
“Please don’t call me that. I don’t like it”
“What should I call you then?”
“Just Leia”
“OK. Leia” He said and smiled
“Can I go now?”
“No” He said and got closer to her “Not before I can kiss you”
She didn’t like it at all. But she was weak. He kept looking at her with his lovely eyes. He caressed her hair and slowly moved his lips on hers. Like the first time it was a passionate one. She dropped her bag on the floor and wrapped her arms around his neck. She let out a silent moan. His arms around her waist, he turned her around and made her walk backwards. He pushed her gently against the chalkboard. He moved his right hand to her jeans and tried to open the button. She quickly pushed him away and their lips parted.
“What do you think you’re doing?” She said upset
“What do you think?” Was his reply and tried to kiss her again
“So this is what you wanted, sex? I knew this was a bad idea” She said and walked pass him to take her bag from the floor
“I’m sorry. I got carried away”
“Yeah sure. A passionate kiss doesn’t mean sex. And I guess you want to get caught by leaving the door open”
“Don’t forget, it was you who started this”
“Not because I wanted sex. I just wanted your attention until you couldn’t even give me a proper answer to my questions”
“Was that a question? I thought you just wanted to prove something”
“I am a student. I’m suppose to ask questions and you as a teacher you should answer them”
“I’ll try next time” He said and got closer to her
“There won’t be a next time. I should really go”
“Like I said before, I can take you”
“No thank you” She said and left the classroom
“Leia” He shouts after her but she’s already at the front door
He took his things and followed her. The bus stop was situated a few meters away from the university. The bus would arrive in 10 minutes. It would be the last one. She decided to call Nadia. Just when she’s about to, a dark blue Honda gets in front of her. She rolls her eyes. The window opens.
“You don’t have to wait. Hop in”
“No” She replied and looked in her mobile again
“Don’t be silly”
She ignored him. She concentrated on her mobile so she didn’t notice he had stepped outside. He stood in front of her and touched her right arm. It startled her.
“If you’re afraid I will do something, I promise I won’t”
“Don’t touch me” She said upset and took her arm away
“I’m sorry. I’m just gonna take you home”
“Lucky for you, no one is here to see you’re trying to seduce one of your students”
“I’m not doing to that, you are”
“What, blaming me now?”
“I would never do that. I’m just trying to help you”
“Or trying to get me to bed, like you already tried to do”
“We can stay here all night or I can take you home. You choose”
She looked at him and in a minute, she put her mobile in her bag. She got inside to the passenger’s seat in his car.
“So where should I take you?” He asked before starting the engine
She told him where. The whole trip they didn’t speak. He dropped her off by her place. He didn’t try to do anything, just like he had promised. She thanked for the lift and got out of the car. She didn’t look back. She would go and see Nadia. She would tell her everything that had happened. She was happy to have a friend like her. She was the most trusted person she knew.

One course of love (part 6)

Chapter 6

Richard’s POV
I get to school earlier than before. I don’t know why. Maybe I was just so excited to see Leia again. I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. I knew it was wrong but I just couldn’t deny the way she made me feel. Soon I wouldn’t be her teacher anymore anyway. I had to make a move even if I knew I could get into trouble. Love was more important than my career. When I get to the classroom, I say good evening. I lay my folder on the desk and see Leia hadn’t arrived yet. There would be 5 more minutes. When I see her coming in, she’s alone. Something was wrong since she didn’t even look at me. I hoped she wasn’t mad at me. She was just wearing plain jeans and a hoodie. But I knew what was underneath. She didn’t even realize how pretty she was. I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t sit down on the front row. I loved the way she looked at me when I sat on my desk. I don’t even know her age but that doesn’t matter. I keep looking at her while she talked to her classmate. But I couldn’t keep on looking at her so I started the class. After an hour we take a break. I hoped the students would all leave so I could be alone with her. My prayers were heard. Please look at me Leia. I really loved that name. She kept playing with her mobile. When she stands up and is about to leave. I take the opportunity to get up and stop by the open door. I ask about the assignment just to break the ice. She wasn’t really nice but I ignore it. I didn’t care the door was open. I so want to kiss her. I ask her about her friend. I can’t just kiss her right there. Since she didn’t have a car, I offer her a lift. Of course she refuses. It’s OK. She will fall. When she leaves the room, I follow her. I’m about to go inside the bathroom but she gets out. I’m about to break a rule. I want to her lips on mine. I beg her even of she gets a little upset. When she says my name I get even more desperate. When she finally let’s me, we couldn’t stop. Damn those lips taste good. I didn’t care if someone would see us. We both wanted this. We could have gone even further but she stops. I get back to the class and try to concentrate. Luckily no one suspected anything. I didn’t dare to look at Leia. She was more than my students now.

One course of love (part 5)


Tuesday arrived quickly. Nadia had become ill so she couldn’t come to the course. Leia had to take the bus to get to the university. When she got to the classroom, the teacher was already there. He was just that and nothing else. She didn’t even look his way when she sat down beside Ana, the woman who saved her from embarrassment. She sat on the second row. They greeted. Leia wore her plain jeans and a hoodie. She took her notebook and a pencil from her bag. Ana asked where Nadia were. The girls talked until the class started. Leia would concentrate on the evening. She was there to study after all. She had told Nadia she didn’t see Richard the same way anymore. She would totally ignore him. She hadn’t done the homework just out of spite. She was still upset about what happened during class the last time. They had a 10 minute break. They handed back their assignments on the teacher’s desk on their way out. Every student left the classroom. Leia was in no hurry. She sat in her seat and wrote a text message to Nadia. After a moment she decided to go to the bathroom. When she walked to the door, she looked in her mobile and didn’t notice Richard had got from behind his desk and was standing by the doorpost. She almost bumps into him.
“Where’s your assignment?”
She looked up. This time he had jeans and a long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. She hadn’t paid attention to his clothing until now. He smelled really good. He stood quite close to her. She hadn’t realized how tall he really was. Herself were 5′ 7” and yet she felt much shorter than him.
“I didn’t have to time to do it” She lied
“Well, you can do it later”
“Sorry but I won’t have time”
“If you want to get a diploma, you must do them”
“I’ll try. Will you excuse me” She said and was about to leave
“Leia” He said and made her move one step back
So now he was making a move while the door was open. Anyone could come in and get the wrong idea.
“Where is your friend?” He asked and stopped walking
“Nadia is ill”
“I thought she quit”
He was acting strangely.
“No just ill. I should really get to the bathroom” She said and was about to walk pass him
“Will she come to class on Thursday?” He said and got closer to her
“Maybe. Why do you ask?”
“No reason” He replied and smiled a little
“Was that all?”
“How will you get home?”
“By bus of course”
“If you want I can give you a lift”
“No thanks. I’ll manage”
She knew if she didn’t stop this now, he would kiss her. Just when he was about to, she walked pass him. She quickly got to the bathroom. The class would continue soon. The hall was almost empty. She stands in front of the mirror after she finished. When she got out of the bathroom, Richard was waiting outside. The class was about to continue and here he was.
“There you are” He said
“I was on my way back”
“No hurry” He said and caressed her hair
“What it your problem? Shouldn’t we continue?” She said a little upset and took his hand away
“Just one. One kiss” He said impatiently and was about to bend down to her
She wasn’t even wearing anything sexy and yet he was willing to go this far.
“Richard, take a grip” She took one step back
“So now you say my name”
“I’m your student. You should not behave like that”
“Didn’t you like me?”
“No I don’t. Not now. We got to go before they wonder where we are”
“There’s time. Leia, kiss me. Then we can go” He said and got closer again
She knew she would regret it. Without even looking around, he gently kissed her. When their lips met, it wasn’t an innocent kiss. It was a passionate one. He pushed her against the wall. They couldn’t stop. Someone had to. She pushed him away and they looked at each other.
“That’s better. Now we got that out of the way” He said and got back to the classroom
Leia was amazed. No one had kissed her that way. How could she sit in class now when the man she just kissed was in front of her? Could she keep her concentration on the subject at all? When she got back to the class, he had already started. Somehow he could just go on like nothing had happened. She on the other hand couldn’t. She just couldn’t believe she just kissed the teacher.

One course of love (part 4)


Chapter 4

Richard’s POV

Another evening class was ahead. It took me forever to get ready. I knew I would be late. I should never have taken this job in the first place. It was too far away. I couldn’t decide what to wear. It was much easier before. But how would I have known I would be stared at by a young woman, Leia. There were something so innocent but at the same time exciting about her. I didn’t want to give her the wrong idea. Maybe it wasn’t important. She would still stare no matter what. I had to leave so I just took something wearable from the closet. I drove as fast as I could but of course I got a ticket. Shit happens. When I finally get to the university, what do I see. Leia looking sexy. Now that’s something new. I liked that. I should stop thinking about her. Stick to the plan, mate. I get the class started. Everything goes well. Take 10, I said to the students. Some of them leave but not Leia. Damn, I have to pretend doing something else. But as curious as I am, I had to look at her. She looked sexy with that pen in her mouth. Now she pretends to suck it. I have to get out quickly. Need the bathroom. Luckily no one was there. I splash water on my face. I look myself in the mirror. I tell myself I’m her teacher and she’s my student. Why does that sound dirty? I got to get those thoughts out of my head. I throw the paper towel that I dried my face with in the bin. I leave.

“Is it hot in the classroom?”
Damn, she’s here. Oh great. I hope no one notice. She says my name. Doesn’t she know there are people around? She really tries. If she only knew. I walk back to the classroom. I need to concentrate. Things go well until she wants to say something. Why is she torturing me? I better not notice. But of course she still talks. Why did I pick human behavior for today? She does have point but it feels this is personal. I really don’t want to answer. She does sound hostile suddenly. Luckily the class is dismissed. What a relief. I sit down by my desk. I can hear Nadia talk. I don’t dare to look what Leia is doing. I hear them leave. I have to know if something is wrong. When I’m finally alone with her I ask her. Nothing is wrong, she says. Fair enough. I almost say I like her. Luckily she leaves. That was close. Time for me to go. It’s gonna be hell of a weekend. If only Tuesday would arrive soon so I could see Leia. I really should get a date. This infatuation is soon gonna go too far.