One course of love (part 13)


Chapter 13

Leia tried to concentrate but all she could think about was the evening ahead. She had decided she would lose her virginity. She wanted it to be as perfect as possible. She wasn’t nervous at all. She knew she was in good hands. She kept looking at Richard. She was amazed how he could shut everything out. If he only knew what she had decided. Instead of listening she thought about what to wear. The whole time he didn’t look at her even if she kept staring at him. She didn’t take any notes and yet he didn’t look at her. When the class was finally over, she and Nadia took their time. They had decided Nadia would wait outside the classroom to keep a lookout. Richard was standing by his desk collecting his things. There were still other students left in the classroom. They kept talking to each other. Leia wished they would leave already. She had packed her things and so had Nadia. The girls talked to each other. When the other students finally left, the girls also pretended to leave.
“Leia, could you stay for a minute. It’s about your assignment” Richard looked up
She stopped and waited for the others to leave, including Nadia who closed the door behind her.
“What assignment is that?” Leia smiled
“Actually it’s my assignment” He gets closer to her “If ‘we’ll see’ is a ‘yes’”
“What does the assignment contain?” She looked in his eyes and dropped her bag on the floor
“I guess that’s a yes then” He touched her hair “My assignment is to please you the best I can”
“I’m warning you. Just because I’ve never had a cock inside me, doesn’t mean I don’t know what I like” She wrapped her arms around his neck
“I should punish you for language like that” He smiled
“What are you gonna do? Make me wait even longer for yours?”
“Oh Leia you really know how to talk” He groaned and kissed her lips
She ran her fingers through his hair. Their kisses got more passionate. She made him walk backwards until they reached the front desk. He leaned on the edge of it while she sat on his lap facing him. He moved his hands across her back and down to her behind. There was a knock on the door but they were so into each other they didn’t hear it.

Outside Nadia saw the janitor approaching the classroom. She cleared her throat.
“Oh there’s still someone here” He said when he got there
“My friend is doing a test” She raised her voice so they would hear inside the classroom
The janitor looked puzzled at her.
“I’ll come back later” He said and walked pass
Nadia knocked again when he was gone.

“Did you hear that?” Richard broke the kiss
“Mm” She murmured and kept kissing
He stopped responding and looked at his wrist watch.
“Let’s continue elsewhere” He pushed her away gently
Disappointed she got off him. She noticed the bulge through his pants.
“Are you sure you can wait that long?” She smiled and touched him there
“Please don’t that” He grunted and took her hand away
Looking at him in that state, she knew she’s made the right choice. Their age difference made it even better. It didn’t matter now what she would wear. They planned what to do next. She took her bag from the floor and opened the classroom door without looking back.

“Took you long enough. The janitor was just here” Nadia said when Leia got out
“Sorry about that” Leia smiled “Change of plan. Let’s go to this address”
Nadia took the note she gave her. She took her bag from the floor and they leave the building. They got into their car and drove to the road. Leia kept smiling while looking out of the window. After driving a while, Nadia looked her way.
“Are you nervous?”
“Not at all” Leia smiled at her
“Do you need anything?”
“No I don’t think so” She shook her head
“You know what I mean”
“Protection. I got that covered”
“Good. Never have sex without it”
“Of course” Leia looked out of the window again
Soon they arrived to a suburban area. There were houses every 50 yards apart and every one was in a different color. They got to a bungalow with brown bricks. It had a driveway and in front of the house a grass lawn. Nadia parked the car on the street.
“Here we are” She said and stopped the engine
“It’s now or never”
“Have fun. Call me later so I can pick you up”
“No need. I can manage” Leia smiled
“OK. Don’t be late for work”
Leia took her bag and stepped out, closing the door behind. Nadia drove away. Leia looked up to the house while walking on the lawn. She sat on the stairs to wait. It was getting darker so the street lights went on. Richard promised he would be there in 20 minutes but it was already past that. She was about to call when he drove to the driveway.
“Sorry you had to wait but I was held up” He said when he stepped out of the car
He was there now and that was all that mattered.

One course of love (part 12)


Chapter 12

Richard’s POV

I was actually getting bored with this guessing game. I didn’t have Leia’s phone number so I couldn’t call her. But then I realized I had her student file where the number was. She was in a bad mood. I knew she lied she didn’t miss me. I pretended to be upset at her. But I just can’t be mad at her.

In school she returned the assignment I told her to. Then she stood in front of my desk saying nothing. I didn’t know if she was upset or not. The answer came when it was time for a little test I had prepared for the students. What I didn’t expect was that I were gonna have a test of my own. Leia kept flirting with me. I tried to read an essay but I was more interested in her. I saw my mobile blinking. I looked at it and saw her text. We kept texting each other. She really tried to turn me on and she succeeded. I texted her we would meet in the Men’s room. I didn’t think she would. I pretended to be surprised she was a virgin but I couldn’t fool her. I must have come to my senses when I told her it wasn’t the best place.

The truth was I wanted her right there. I didn’t care the door was unlocked. Maybe it was best we didn’t do it. I didn’t want her first time to be in an uncomfortable place like in a bathroom. I really hoped that ‘we’ll see’ would be a ‘yes’ There were still a class to end so I had to concentrate on that.

One course of love (part 11)

Chapter 11

Only a few days later, an unknown number calls Leia. But she was too busy at work. It was Monday so it was a busy day. It kept ringing constantly. It was the same number. She usually didn’t answer personal calls but now she had to. It was getting annoying.
“Leia” She calmly answered
“Hi babe”
She knew it was Richard.
“You’re calling in a bad time. I’m busy” She replied while sitting by her desk, going through some papers with her left hand
“This won’t take long” He said on the end of the line
“OK. What do you want?”
“Are you alone?”
“Yes, why?” She asked and stopped
“No reason”
“Please get to the point” She said and leaned with her back against the back of her chair
“I miss you. Do you miss me?”
“No I don’t. I should get back to work”
Nadia was walking by and hears the conversation. Leia shows her to come closer. She put the speaker on.
“I understand why you didn’t take my number. You wanted me to find out yours. I get it. You want to tease me. But there comes a time this game is getting annoying. Right now you’re giving me mixed signals. Do you want me or not?”
The girls looked at each other. The fun had suddenly become serious. Leia wanted to say yes but that would ruin the plan. She was silent.
“I guess that’s a no then. OK, fine. See you in school tomorrow” He then hanged up
“What was that all about?” Nadia asked puzzled
“I don’t know” Leia said and put her mobile on the desk
“Did we screw up?”
“No, he’s just inpatient. Tomorrow is a new day. Need to get back to work” Leia said and continued what she was doing
“I hope you’re right” Nadia said and left

The next day arrived shortly. The girls arrived to school as usual. Leia had done the assignment she hadn’t done. She laid the paper in front of Richard. He was writing something on a paper.
“Here it is”
“Thank you” He quickly glimpsed at her
She kept standing where she was. He noticed and looked up. She smiled a little.
“Something else?”
This time he looked more of a teacher with a suit and a tie. He looked really handsome.
“No” She said and got back to her seat on the front row
The hour started. They started with a repeat about what they had learned so far. They had an hour to fill the test paper. Leia was doing it a while and then kept looking at Richard. He was reading the students essays. He looked up for a moment and noticed her. She had her pencil in her mouth and played with it the same way she did in the beginning. He kept looking at her. She pretended to write which stopped him doing so. She took her mobile from the desk in front of her. She wrote a text message and sent it. She looked up and saw he was looking in his phone. He looked up and their eyes met.
“Are you hard?” The message said. He was writing one back.
“You’re interested after all?”
“Maybe” Was her reply
“Come to the men’s room on the break and find out” He suggested
Others were so concentrated on the test, no one noticed they were flirting via their mobiles.
“Too risky. You must wait”
“Stop flirting and continue to your test. It’s an order”
Then he stopped and continued reading essays. There were only 15 minutes left. When the time was up, he tells the students to turn in their papers. There were a 15 minute break. Richard left the classroom. Leia stood up.
“Where are you going?” Nadia asked when she did
“To the bathroom”
“Wait, I’ll come with you” She said and stood up
On the way out of the classroom, they laid their test paper on the front desk. The lady’s room were not far but Leia walked pass.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Nadia said
“Let’s say I have a date in the men’s room” Leia winked
“Oh I see. I keep a look out” Nadia said while looking around the hall
Luckily only their class had a break. Leia gets inside the men’s room without knocking which startled Richard.
“Should I teach you to knock as well?” He said and smiled
“No” She replied and got closer to him
“Lock the door”
“Let it be open” She said laying her hand on his groin “So where is the treasure you promised me?”
“So now you’re interested again. It didn’t sound like that yesterday”
“Just played hard to get. So how about it?” She said and tried to open the zip on his pants
“Sorry but this is not a way to do it. We’re in school for Christ sake” He said a little upset and took her hand away
“It was you who invited me here. Beside I’m fed up by being a virgin. I was just waiting for the right one, you”
“You’re a virgin?”
“Don’t act surprised. I know Nadia told you. She tells every guy I date”
“Wouldn’t the first time be somewhere else than in a school’s bathroom?”
“I don’t care where” She replied and tried to kiss him
“If I weren’t your teacher I wouldn’t care but since I am, I can get fired if we get caught”
“You’re really good at spoiling a moment” She said disappointed
“So sorry. If you haven’t planned anything tonight, we could meet later” He said and caressed her hair
“We’ll see” She said with a little smile
“OK” He said and gave her a passionate kiss like always
She had to leave the bathroom first without arousing suspicion. Nadia stood a little further away from the door.
“So how did it go? Any celebrations yet?” She curiously asked
“Not yet”
They get inside the classroom where the other students were already waiting. In a moment the class continued like usual. Maybe today was the day Leia’s life would change. Things had turned upside down. Now she wouldn’t play hard to get. She would totally surrender.

One course of love (part 10)

Chapter 10

Richard’s POV

Just what I was afraid of. I was falling for my student. Something had changed but I blame myself for that. The way we kissed made me forget that we were in classroom with the door open. Anyone could have caught us. I was actually ready to take her right there but luckily she stopped me. She was really upset about that. She didn’t even talk to me in the car when I took her home. I followed from the car where she was going but I missed it. I could feel the coldness when I smiled at her when I arrived to class. She was just wearing unrevealed clothes unlike Nadia. She kept flirting with me. But if she thought I would find that sexy, she was wrong. On the break she tried to seduce me but I was more embarrassed than flattered. But she did tell me something interesting. Leia was still a virgin. That explained a lot. I was surprised because when she kissed me, it didn’t show. Knowing the fact, got me even more interested. Not because of it but the thought I could teach her more than psychology. When I smiled at her when I got back to the classroom she smiled back. That made me feel relieved, knowing she was OK. During class, Nadia interrupted me with a question. I knew she was trying to embarrass me but she didn’t succeed. I guess she wanted me to fail. I don’t know why. Maybe she fancied me too.

When the evening was over, I replied sarcastically to her. I was actually more irritated that she was still in the classroom. I wanted to kiss Leia so badly. I thought I could but then she wanted her friend to be there. I offered her my phone number since she didn’t want to come home with me. I actually lied to her I wouldn’t do anything. I would. Not force her but use persuasion. She was smart not to. She could have at least taken my number. When she left the classroom, I was already thinking of running after her but I let it go. I just had to wait for our next meeting. It felt like ages. I just had to be patient.

One course of love (part 9)


Chapter 9

On Thursday both Leia and Nadia went to class. They had made a plan. They would test his integrity. Nadia had put on her a mini-skirt and a tight blouse that showed her figure. Leia were just in a plain T-shirt and jeans with sneakers. They arrive to the classroom. They sit down on the front row. Not everyone had arrived yet. Not even the teacher. They had time to go through the plan. They talk quietly so no one would hear them. Other students were arriving and so did he. He laid his folder on his desk as usual and greeted the class. He gave Leia a smile but she didn’t give one back. The class started. The subject was genders. That was a subject that suited so well. While the class was going on, Nadia kept flirting with Richard. Once in a while he noticed but he didn’t lose concentration. Leia looked amused at her. When there’s a 10 minute break, he leaves the classroom. Nadia followed him. He was going to the men’s room. She waited outside. There were other students standing in the hall. In a few minutes, he came out. She walks behind him so he didn’t see her. He was on his way back to the classroom.
“Richard” Nadia said and he turned around
Nervously he looks around.
“Please don’t call me that outside the classroom”
“I’m sorry. Am I embarrassing you?” She said and smiled
“Did you want to say something?”
“Yeah” She replied and touched his arm while looking at him
A few students walked by and looked at them. He glimpsed at them which made him even more nervous.
“We should go back to the classroom” He said and tried to walk pass her but she got in front of him
“I heard you tried to have sex with Leia”
“What are you talking about?” He looked at her puzzled
“If I was her I would have done it in a heartbeat. You’re really are hot for a teacher. I’m sure you’re great at it” She said and ran her fingers across his chest
“Please don’t do that” He said and took her hand away
“If you dare to kiss her in the classroom with the door open, this should be easy”
“That’s different. Now there are other people here”
“I thought you liked an audience” She winked at him
He looked at the time on his watch.
“I really don’t have time for this” He said and walked pass her
“The reason she didn’t want to have sex, is because she’s still a virgin. And I think you want someone with more experience” She whispered to him
He stopped and looked at her.
“She is?” He said surprised
“Don’t tell her it was I that spilled the beans”
He just gave her one look and got back to the classroom. Nadia smiled and followed. Leia was writing in her notebook and looked up when they got inside. Richard looked at her and gave her a smile. Nadia sat down beside her.
“How did it go?” Leia whispered to her
“Did he give you a smile?”
“Then very well. But it’s not over yet. Watch this”
The class continued. In the middle of Richard’s sentence, Nadia raised her hand.
“Why do some men think they can control women the way they want? Men have always been the hunter but that’s boring already. Why can’t women be the one’s that make the first move without being called easy? It’s actually the men that are easy. Not the other way around”
He stayed silent a while.
“First, thank you for interrupting me. Some women let them. They make themselves a target. The attitudes are changing though. Women have become stronger. It’s been proved a lot of times. Men have learned that women do have a mind of their own”
“But yet when women dates a lot of men, they’re still called easy. If a man dates different women, it’s being praised. Why is that?”
“I don’t have an answer to that to be honest. Personally I think people who call women easy, only have low self-esteem”
Nadia didn’t have anything else to say so Richard continued where he left off.
“Damn, I thought I got him there” Nadia whispered to Leia
When the evening was over and the others had gone, the girls were the only left. They were packing their things when Richard approached them.
“Nice questions there. Seemed personal” He sarcastically said to Nadia
“It wasn’t. Honestly” Was her reply
“OK, fair enough. Leia, could I talk to you in private?” He says to her
“No you can say it here”
“Alright. Are you still mad at me?”
“No I’m over that”
“Good” He said and smiled “I don’t know if I should really do this. But do you have something to do tonight?”
“Not really. Why?”
“Since we can’t meet in public, I thought maybe we could meet at my place. I promise I won’t try anything”
Leia looked at Nadia. She looked back with a proved look.
“No thank you” Leia replied and lifted her bag on her shoulder
“Give me your mobile”
“What for?” She said looking at him
“I write my number so you can call me”
“No bad idea” She said and closed her bag
“It just is. Nadia, shall we go?” She said and walked to the classroom door
“Sorry” Nadia said to him before following her out
The girls walked down the hall.
“What are you doing? He was offering his number” Nadia said while they walked out of the building
They walked to the parking lot where their car was parked.
“Make him suffer. That’s the point in this game. Make him crawl. He can get my number from my student file. He must realize it himself. If he really wants me, he shouldn’t get the easy way out”
“Play hard to get. That’s cheeky. I just thought I would embarrass him but it wasn’t easy”
“Exactly. This is gonna be fun” Leia said and smiled
They got into the car a drove home. Leia was really playing a risky game. She would soon find out it wouldn’t be as easy as she thought.