Being followed (part 30)

Chapter 30

“Hello” Mandy replies carefully
She thought he would yell at her but by her surprise, he’s calm.
“He’s there now, is he?” Ben says in the other end
“He sent these photos to me. Do you know?”
“Mhm” She keeps saying
“I understand now. You were drunk, right? You didn’t know he took them. Don’t reply I know the answer. Um, I know I shouldn’t have been angry. It’s not your fault he stalked you. I shouldn’t have left for England”
Mandy looks up at Lee, who still looked angry. She was too afraid to talk. He was getting impatient. He grabs her mobile from her hand.
“If you want to talk, come here and say it, coward” He yells into it and switches it off
He throws it on the floor and steps on it with his foot so it breaks. Mandy didn’t like it at all.
“What is your problem?” She raises her voice
“Oh I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?” He looks closely at her
She wasn’t afraid of him. He had broken her expensive mobile and yelled at her. No one could tell her what to do and get away with it. She stands up. She didn’t care about his childish behavior. She never thought she would see this side of him. If he acted like this all the time, Ben was a much better choice.
“I don’t know who has upset you but you should not take it on me or on another person” She stood up for herself
“Shut up” He pushes her back on her chair

He walks back and forth nervously in front of her desk. She keeps looking at him. He stops and sits down in front of her desk. She slowly moves her hand across the table to touch his hand he had laid on the table. He doesn’t even look her way when she does. He stands up again and looks at the time on his wrist watch. She still had work to do so she moves closer to her desk. He doesn’t react to that. Maybe he had calmed down. But when the elevator opens and Ben steps out, he get agitated again. Mandy stops looking in her computer and keeps sitting down.
“What is going on?” Ben stands beside the desk when he gets there
“So you showed up? Must have taken a lot of encouragement, huh” Lee snaps at him
“What do you want?” Ben was calm
“So those photos didn’t give you a hint?”
“Was that a hint? A hint that you make a girl drunk and then force her to do things she usually wouldn’t do?”
Luckily Ben was also quite tall and he wasn’t intimidated by him.
“You must remember who your girlfriend is. She might look innocent but deep inside she’s wild. That’s something you have never experienced” Lee glimpse at Mandy with a grin
Ben looks at her but she looks away embarrassed.
“It looked to me that your stalking got out of hand” Ben looks at Lee
He takes his mobile and search for the photos he didn’t send. He shows the screen to Ben. There was a picture of Mandy with another woman doing things to each other. On another one she’s thrusting something inside her while another naked man is watching. There were a few other shocking photos that were too disturbing to print. Ben was shocked.
“I especially love this one. Gosh it turned me on” Lee looked at one more without showing it
Ben looks upset at Mandy.
“How could you do these things? I know when you get drunk you can do weird things but this. This is too much”
“I’m sorry Ben, I didn’t know before I saw them. Can you ever forgive me?” She stands and gets closer to him
Lee couldn’t stand it but he didn’t interfere. Ben kept looking at her. He was speechless. He never thought a 10 year old relationship would end like this. He mostly blamed himself for not giving her enough of affection. Instead she went to someone else.
“I’m sorry Mandy but it seems this wasn’t just a stalking thing. It was an affair I can’t accept. Maybe it’s time for us to separate. I will always love you but now it’s time to say farewell. I’m sorry”

Tears were running down her cheeks when she listened to him. She noticed Lee’s was amused. She wraps her arms around Ben’s neck to get that grin out of his face. She gives Ben a final kiss and they move away from each other and smile. She keeps looking at him until he gets inside the elevator. Then it was all over. She looks upset at Lee and then sits back in her chair.
“You could have skipped that kiss”
“No I didn’t have to. I just wanted to make you jealous. I hope you’re happy now” She didn’t look at him
“More than happy. Now you’re all mine” He gets closer to her and kisses her neck but she shuts him out “I’ll wait in the car” He then leaves
The day was over soon. Annette never got back. Things that had happened earlier totally outshone Mandy’s worry about her. When she closes her computer, she remembers again. She gets to her room and notices something was on her desk. It was blood. It wasn’t much but it was enough. Something had happened in there. She had to call the police. This was more important than going home to be taken advantaged off. Annette had to be found.

Being followed (part 15)

Chapter 15

Next morning, Mandy wakes up earlier than usual. She couldn’t sleep. When she got back to the office, there was a text message from Ben. He had called but there was no answer. He had been free for lunch after all. He even went to the office where he had met Annette. She hadn’t seen her either. They assumed something had happened. After work at home Mandy kept denying everything was fine. She wanted to tell him about the sexual assault but that would reveal her infidelity. She also couldn’t take the guilt for leading Lee on. Without that it wouldn’t have happened. Now she couldn’t take it back. She wanted to call herself sick but it was Friday, she had to get to work. It’s only 5 am but she makes herself some coffee. She sits by the kitchen table with her cup and just looks at it. Soon she would be sitting alone in the kitchen. Ben would fly to London on Sunday. She wished she could go with him. Something had happened to their relationship and it would change even more when he was away. She knew her affair with Lee was the reason.
“What are you doing up?”
She startles when a sleepy Ben suddenly gets to the kitchen.
“Gee Ben. Never sneak in like that”
“You’re jumpy” He says and sits across her
“You would too if someone came in like that”
“I’m sorry. So why are you up?” He rubs his eyes
“I couldn’t sleep”
“Something bothering you?” He says less drowsy
“I guess it’s your trip. I wish I could come with you” She looks at him
His hair was all messy but he didn’t care at all.
“It’s only gonna be a month. Besides don’t you have work?”
“I could take a month off”
“I don’t think you will like it there. I’m gonna be busy and we won’t see each other that much”
“That’s better than being here without you”
“Why the sudden urge to come with me? This is not the first time you’re staying home alone. Has something happened?”
“Why can’t I come? Is there a reason why I shouldn’t?”
“You’ll be bored”
“Bored in London? No way”
“I’m there to do a job and if I want to do it well, I don’t need distractions”
“I think that’s just an excuse. Is there something you don’t want me to see? Someone else?” She didn’t know why she even doubted that
“Don’t be silly. I’m not that easily misled”
“What do you mean by that?” She’s getting agitated
“Nothing. I should get some sleep” He says and is about to stand up
“You mean I let a stalker get into our lives and you think I’m easily misled”
He sits back and sighs.
“You totally misunderstood me. I didn’t mean anything by it”
“You said you still haven’t forgiven me for what had happened and I guess you still won’t” She looks down on her coffee cup
“It depends if he’s still around”
“I said no” She looks upset at him
“But I don’t know if you mean it”
“You don’t trust me?”
“It’s not that. I met him and I don’t think he would give up”
“And yet you don’t want me to come with you”
“You took it up. I didn’t even think about it until you mentioned it. It makes me wonder why you react this strongly. It’s like you want to leave as soon as possible”
“I do. With you. I hate being alone. In London I would at least have you near me” She says and touches his hand
“I wish it was that simple. I’m sorry Mandy but you can’t come. But I call you everyday” He says touching hers
“I will miss you. A month feels like forever”
“You’ll be fine. When I get back we could go somewhere. I’ll make it up to you” He says and gives her a kiss across the table but she doesn’t want to stop
“Oh Ben” She moans and runs her right hand fingers across his chest
They both stand up and undress each other. They make love on the kitchen floor with her on top. They move to the bedroom to continue. Even if they had differences, they still loved each other. This was something she would miss. But a month would go quickly and soon they would be together again.

Being followed (part 13)

Chapter 13

The next morning Ben drives her to work. She kept looking for Lee’s car but she didn’t see it. Ben just concentrated on the driving so he didn’t notice she did. He leaves her outside her office. He had been so tired so he slept until morning. She on the other hand couldn’t. She kept thinking about Lee. She felt guilty for doing so. She was in a happy relationship and yet she was thinking about someone else. Soon Ben would leave for a month and she would be alone again. She couldn’t bare it. Being alone wasn’t anything new but still she dreaded it. Especially now when Lee was around. She already went too far. He probably only wanted sex anyway. Ben was real while everything else was an escape.
When she gets to her desk she sees an envelope on it. It was addressed to her. She opens it to read it. Annette comes from her room and sees her smile.
“What’s that?” She asks when she gets to her desk
“Oh. Just a note” Mandy says and puts the envelope in her drawer
“Must have been a nice one” Annette smiles
“It was nothing important” She says and sits down at her desk to open her computer
“So our girls night out was cancelled. How about today?”
“Ben came home yesterday” Mandy looks up at her
“You should have said. I would have understood”
“He wasn’t when I called. He came later”
“I see. So everything is fine again?”
“Yeah. Kind of”
“What do you mean?”
“He’s going away again in a few days”
“So he got a job. Good for him” Annette says and smiles
“It’s not good for me. It’s gonna be a month. A month alone. I don’t think I can handle it”
“You’ve done before and you do it again”
“Not this time. Now it’s different”
“You mean your stalker”
“Is he bothering you?”
Mandy looks down.
“Did he do something?” Annette gets worried
“Yes and no”
She wasn’t sure if she wanted to tell her. She’s too embarrassed to look her way.
“I did something horrible and if Ben finds out, it’s over”
“Mandy no. You didn’t sleep with that guy, did you?”
“How close?”
She pauses before answering.
“I went down on him” She carefully says
“Mandy, you naughty girl” Annette smiles
“It’s not that I offered. He made me do it. Rather that than being raped”
“Don’t you get it? That’s what he wants”
“That’s what I knew already but I think that’s just talk. That’s what he does, talk”
“If he made you do it then he’s half way there. This is not right. Stop it before it’s too late”
“It’s not like he hurt me on purpose”
“Are you gonna wait until he does? Come on Mandy. What has he put in your head? You’re not this person. You’re the girl next door type”
“Well this girl next door has been corrupted by the bad boy”
“Is that the reason you haven’t called the cops? You have feelings for him”
“I’m afraid so. Look at this note” Mandy says and takes it from the desk drawer
Annette reads it and gives it back to her.
“So that’s what made you smile. He wants to take care of you. I guess sexually”
“Not that one. I was just smiling he thinks he knows what I want. Just like last evening. I know he only wants sex and that’s what I’m gonna do. Make him believe”
“So that’s your strategy. Making him believe you’re falling for him. That can be dangerous”
“I do feel something. I can’t stop thinking about him. But that’s only because of last night. We didn’t finish so we will meet at lunch. Or that’s what he thinks”
“He better not come here or I call security. Be careful. I should get back to work” Annette says and leaves
Mandy wasn’t really sure it was such a good idea to tell her. She was good friends with Ben and she could tell him. She told her a white lie though. She did have real feelings for Lee. That what got her worried. What if she accidentally slipped them to him and made him think she should leave Ben for him? She would not.

She had a lot of work to do so she starts working. From time to time customers were arriving to the floor. She files papers and works on the computer. Work made her occupied from thinking about her problems. She takes a break and goes to the kitchen to get some coffee. She has her back towards the door so she doesn’t see someone is coming in, closing the door behind.
“Hello sexy”
Startled she turns around and sees Lee. He looked different. He usually wore jeans and T-shirts but now he was dressed sophisticated.
“You should not be here”
“I was in the building so I thought I would pay you a visit”
“Or are you here to stalk me?” She says leaning against the sink
“That red blouse looks really sexy on you. If only those two buttons were open” He gets closer to her
“What are you really doing here?”
“I’m taking you on a ride” He says looking at her up and down
“Not here. I’ll get fired” She says and walks pass him but he grabs her arm
“Just a quick one. I’ve been waiting long enough” He grabs her closer to him and gives her a passionate kiss
“Oh Lee. I would but I got work to do. Meet you at lunch” She says and pushes him away
“Work and lunch. I look forward to that” He says and smiles
“You’re unbelievable. Everything is sex to you” She shakes her head and opens the door to get back to her desk
Luckily there was no one around in the hallway. The office was always quiet anyway. He gets to the elevator and they look at each other while he waits. He sure could turn one’s life upside down. She gets back to her assignments. She wouldn’t tell Annette about the visit. She was already disapproving what was going on.

Being followed (part 12)

Author’s Notes: Adult content ahead

Chapter 12

Mandy really didn’t know what she had got herself into. She was in a long-term relationship and she was about to risk it all. She was now on her knees in front of the man who had been following her. At first she was afraid but Lee was charming and knew how to manipulate her. She opens his pants. First the belt and the button, along with the zipper. He starts to breathe heavier while looking down at her. By her surprise he didn’t wear anything underneath. She looks up and sees him smiling.
“You didn’t expect that, did you? You know what to do next”
She pulls his pants down and takes him in her mouth. He sighs.
“Oh Mandy. You don’t know how good that feels” He grunts and pulls her hair
She takes him deeper in her mouth. She never thought she would like it but he tasted good. She felt like moaning but she didn’t want him to know she enjoyed it. He’s closed his eyes and every suck she does, he pulls her hair. She uses her tongue and licks the tip of it. He calls out her name over and over again.
Suddenly there’s someone at the door. It startles her and she stops.
“Keep going” He looks down at her
She tries to concentrate but the person outside keeps ringing the bell. She’s about to stop again.
“Don’t stop Mandy. Whoever that is can wait”
She keeps on. Just when he’s about to climax, there’s a knock.
“Mandy, are you home?”
She stops.
“Oh no, it’s Ben”
“Fucking hell” He says upset “Don’t you dare stop? You’re gonna finish this”
She tries to but can’t.
“I’m sorry Lee but you have to go”
“Not until you finish. Get it back in your mouth” He says irritated
“You’ll get me into trouble. He will notice something is up”
He sighs.
“Oh damn. Just when I most enjoyed it” He says and pulls his pants back on
“I didn’t know he would arrive so soon” She says and stands up
He gives her a passionate kiss but he doesn’t want to stop. Ben is getting impatient. He knocks louder.
“You need to leave. Now” Pushing Lee away
“If you left him we wouldn’t have to hide”
“Go and wait in the guestroom”
“Mandy” Ben shouts outside
“Does it mean you’re finally gonna want to be with me?”
“Will you go already?” She hurries him
“OK” He says and does so

She goes to the kitchen to wash her face and then she goes to open the front door. She opens it and smiles.
“So you are home after all. I forgot my key” Ben says and gets inside
“No kiss?” She asks and closes the door
“I’m still upset at you” He leaves his suitcase in the hall and gets to the kitchen
She looks at the door to the guest room which is closed. She follows him. He’s sat down by the kitchen table with a glass of orange juice.
“How was your trip?” She asks and sits down across him
“Productive. I got an acting job in the UK”
“That means what? Are we moving back?”
“No” He replies and takes a sip from his glass “It’s for a month only”
“How come you came home so early?”
“I didn’t have to stay longer. When the contract is done, there’s no reason to stay”
“You could have called”
“Like I said, I’m still upset. Is he still following you?” He asks
“No, that’s over”
“So he stopped just like that?”
“That’s good then. If it wasn’t things would be different. If I see him again I’m gonna get a restraining order against him”
She swallows.
“Well he’s not so, no need to do anything”
“I hope so. I’m tired so I’ll take a nap” He says and stands up
“Not gonna tell me how the trip went? Did you see your family? What kind of job is it and so on?”
“I’ll tell you later” He says and leaves the kitchen
She follows to see where he would go. Luckily he gets to their bedroom and closes the door. She gets to the guest room where Lee meets her by the door and gives her a passionate kiss.
“The coast is clear” She whispers after the kiss
“Such a shame we got interrupted. I would have loved to come into your mouth” He whispers back while touching her lower lip
“That’s it then. Goodbye” She says and is about to leave the room but he grabs her arm
“Don’t think this is over. You still owe me”
“I don’t owe you anything”
“OK as you wish” He opens the door
Instead of walking to the front door, he gets to the bedroom where Ben is resting and is about to knock.
“OK” She stops him by taking his hand
She drags him to the kitchen.
“What do you want?” She whispers when they get there
“I want you”
“Nothing else?”
“Well, I want to take you against the kitchen table. From behind” He gets closer to her
“I can only take you when Ben is not home”
“Afraid that we get caught? I can do it silently but can you? I very much doubt it”
“I don’t want to get caught and I don’t like what you just suggested”
“I won’t hurt you. I’m very gentle” He moves her hair away from her face
“Do you really? I don’t think you do. You want to hurt me”
“Make you scream, yes but hurt you. No”
“I don’t know why I let you talk to me like that”
“Because you like it. It turns you on”
“Oh Lee. That’s where you’re wrong”
“It starts with denial. Before you know it, you can’t get enough”
“You should leave. Ben is a light sleeper and if he sees you, you’re in trouble”
“I already am. I want you right now but we’re in the wrong place. Let’s go to my car and do it there” He says and takes her hand
“You know I can’t” She takes her hand away
“OK I should go. But tomorrow at lunch you won’t get away. Bye sexy” He says and gives her a kiss
She stays in the kitchen and he leaves. She sits down by the kitchen table and sighs. He sure could talk. She didn’t know if she should ignore him or make passionate love to him. Her feelings kept changing rapidly. It would just be a matter of time before everything would fall apart.

Being followed (part 10)

Lee has got back to his car. He was aroused. He closes his eyes and thinks about Mandy. He was close to get her to want him. Her touch proved it. Just when he’s about to picture her naked, the car door on the passenger’s side opens. He opens his eyes and sees it’s her. Before he can say anything, she gives him a passionate kiss. She lays her hand on his groin which makes him grunt.
“Let’s go somewhere. I got an hour” She says after the kiss
“Sure” He says and smiles
He starts the engine and drives to the street.
“Where shall we go?” He asks, taking a glimpse at her
“Surprise me” She replies and looks at him with a smile
A few blocks later, he slows down. She notices where they are.
“Why are we at my house?” She asks surprised
“No one’s home so I thought why not do it here. A lot of opportunities” He says while driving the car to the driveway
“That’s not what I had in mind”
He stops the engine.
“What were you thinking?” He says and kisses her neck
“Did you really think I would sleep with you?” She says and pushes him gently away
“Isn’t that what you wanted?”
“So it’s talking you want” He says disappointed
“No, something else” She says and gets closer “I want to know how it feels to take you in my mouth” She whispers in his right ear and licks it once
He sighs and closes his eyes for a second and then looks in her eyes. She opens the zipper of his pants and their lips meet. They start to kiss passionately. Then she realizes what she was doing. She didn’t want to cheat on Ben and that was exactly what she was doing. She takes her hand away and stops responding.
“This is wrong”
“No this is right” He says and tries to kiss her
“I’m sorry”
“Finish what you started” He says a bit irritated
“What are you gonna do? Rape me?”
“I didn’t know you liked that kind of things” He replies and smiles
“I don’t. Please take me back to the office”
“Want to do it there instead?”
“No” She says, looking upset at him
“Inside the house?”
“What part did you not understand?” She says angrily
“Do you always do it like this? Starting something and not finishing it?”
“Are you trying to turn me on? If you are, it’s working” He says and tries to kiss her again
“You’re unbelievable” She says, rolling her eyes
“You haven’t seen anything yet”
“I can wait. Now take me back or I’ll take the bus”
“OK but you’ll regret it”
“I don’t think so” She says and looks out of the car window on her side
He looks at her once and restarts the engine. She keeps looking outside the whole trip. When they get there, she gets out of the car without saying anything. She regretted everything. She was just vulnerable and she was easily manipulated. It was all because of the row she had with Ben. She was just lonely.

She gets back to the office. She sits down behind her desk. In a moment Annette gets back from her lunch.
“You’re here early” She says when she’s at Mandy’s desk
She hadn’t told her she had left.
“I wasn’t that hungry” Mandy says, looking up from her computer
“Are you sure you can manage without food all day?”
“You sound like my mother”
“Is something wrong?”
“No, why?”
“When something is wrong you give sarcastic answers. Care to tell me?”
“All right. Come a bit closer” Mandy looks around to see if they are alone
Annette does so. She sits down on the desk.
“I was so close cheating on Ben” Mandy whispers
She tells her about what happened in the car.
“Now that was close”
“I don’t know what I was thinking. I know he only wants sex and I know he won’t stop until he gets it”
“It was your moment of weakness. We all get that from time to time. You don’t need to be embarrassed about it”
“I’m not. I’m not someone who does things without thinking. But now I was ready to do anything. And only because of this guy”
“I’m proud of you that you said no. It’s not easy when someone says the right things. It’s easy to get flattered”
“I’m not flattered. I’m worried I will fall eventually”
“When is Ben back?”
“Next week”
“That’s it. You want intimacy and since he’s not here, you want to get it somehow”
“You make it sound like I can’t be without sex”
“That’s not how I meant it”
“Maybe you’re right. I do need sex but with Ben”
“If you’re worried to be alone, you can come and stay with me” Annette says and stands up
“Thanks. But I should get some clothes from home first. I call you when you can pick me up”
“Great. We’re gonna have a girls night out” She says and smiles
“We haven’t had that in a while”
“OK back to work” She says and gets to her office
Mandy continues. She was relieved she didn’t have to be alone.