One course of love (part 12)


Chapter 12

Richard’s POV

I was actually getting bored with this guessing game. I didn’t have Leia’s phone number so I couldn’t call her. But then I realized I had her student file where the number was. She was in a bad mood. I knew she lied she didn’t miss me. I pretended to be upset at her. But I just can’t be mad at her.

In school she returned the assignment I told her to. Then she stood in front of my desk saying nothing. I didn’t know if she was upset or not. The answer came when it was time for a little test I had prepared for the students. What I didn’t expect was that I were gonna have a test of my own. Leia kept flirting with me. I tried to read an essay but I was more interested in her. I saw my mobile blinking. I looked at it and saw her text. We kept texting each other. She really tried to turn me on and she succeeded. I texted her we would meet in the Men’s room. I didn’t think she would. I pretended to be surprised she was a virgin but I couldn’t fool her. I must have come to my senses when I told her it wasn’t the best place.

The truth was I wanted her right there. I didn’t care the door was unlocked. Maybe it was best we didn’t do it. I didn’t want her first time to be in an uncomfortable place like in a bathroom. I really hoped that ‘we’ll see’ would be a ‘yes’ There were still a class to end so I had to concentrate on that.

One course of love (part 10)

Chapter 10

Richard’s POV

Just what I was afraid of. I was falling for my student. Something had changed but I blame myself for that. The way we kissed made me forget that we were in classroom with the door open. Anyone could have caught us. I was actually ready to take her right there but luckily she stopped me. She was really upset about that. She didn’t even talk to me in the car when I took her home. I followed from the car where she was going but I missed it. I could feel the coldness when I smiled at her when I arrived to class. She was just wearing unrevealed clothes unlike Nadia. She kept flirting with me. But if she thought I would find that sexy, she was wrong. On the break she tried to seduce me but I was more embarrassed than flattered. But she did tell me something interesting. Leia was still a virgin. That explained a lot. I was surprised because when she kissed me, it didn’t show. Knowing the fact, got me even more interested. Not because of it but the thought I could teach her more than psychology. When I smiled at her when I got back to the classroom she smiled back. That made me feel relieved, knowing she was OK. During class, Nadia interrupted me with a question. I knew she was trying to embarrass me but she didn’t succeed. I guess she wanted me to fail. I don’t know why. Maybe she fancied me too.

When the evening was over, I replied sarcastically to her. I was actually more irritated that she was still in the classroom. I wanted to kiss Leia so badly. I thought I could but then she wanted her friend to be there. I offered her my phone number since she didn’t want to come home with me. I actually lied to her I wouldn’t do anything. I would. Not force her but use persuasion. She was smart not to. She could have at least taken my number. When she left the classroom, I was already thinking of running after her but I let it go. I just had to wait for our next meeting. It felt like ages. I just had to be patient.

One course of love (part 6)

Chapter 6

Richard’s POV
I get to school earlier than before. I don’t know why. Maybe I was just so excited to see Leia again. I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. I knew it was wrong but I just couldn’t deny the way she made me feel. Soon I wouldn’t be her teacher anymore anyway. I had to make a move even if I knew I could get into trouble. Love was more important than my career. When I get to the classroom, I say good evening. I lay my folder on the desk and see Leia hadn’t arrived yet. There would be 5 more minutes. When I see her coming in, she’s alone. Something was wrong since she didn’t even look at me. I hoped she wasn’t mad at me. She was just wearing plain jeans and a hoodie. But I knew what was underneath. She didn’t even realize how pretty she was. I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t sit down on the front row. I loved the way she looked at me when I sat on my desk. I don’t even know her age but that doesn’t matter. I keep looking at her while she talked to her classmate. But I couldn’t keep on looking at her so I started the class. After an hour we take a break. I hoped the students would all leave so I could be alone with her. My prayers were heard. Please look at me Leia. I really loved that name. She kept playing with her mobile. When she stands up and is about to leave. I take the opportunity to get up and stop by the open door. I ask about the assignment just to break the ice. She wasn’t really nice but I ignore it. I didn’t care the door was open. I so want to kiss her. I ask her about her friend. I can’t just kiss her right there. Since she didn’t have a car, I offer her a lift. Of course she refuses. It’s OK. She will fall. When she leaves the room, I follow her. I’m about to go inside the bathroom but she gets out. I’m about to break a rule. I want to her lips on mine. I beg her even of she gets a little upset. When she says my name I get even more desperate. When she finally let’s me, we couldn’t stop. Damn those lips taste good. I didn’t care if someone would see us. We both wanted this. We could have gone even further but she stops. I get back to the class and try to concentrate. Luckily no one suspected anything. I didn’t dare to look at Leia. She was more than my students now.

One course of love (part 4)


Chapter 4

Richard’s POV

Another evening class was ahead. It took me forever to get ready. I knew I would be late. I should never have taken this job in the first place. It was too far away. I couldn’t decide what to wear. It was much easier before. But how would I have known I would be stared at by a young woman, Leia. There were something so innocent but at the same time exciting about her. I didn’t want to give her the wrong idea. Maybe it wasn’t important. She would still stare no matter what. I had to leave so I just took something wearable from the closet. I drove as fast as I could but of course I got a ticket. Shit happens. When I finally get to the university, what do I see. Leia looking sexy. Now that’s something new. I liked that. I should stop thinking about her. Stick to the plan, mate. I get the class started. Everything goes well. Take 10, I said to the students. Some of them leave but not Leia. Damn, I have to pretend doing something else. But as curious as I am, I had to look at her. She looked sexy with that pen in her mouth. Now she pretends to suck it. I have to get out quickly. Need the bathroom. Luckily no one was there. I splash water on my face. I look myself in the mirror. I tell myself I’m her teacher and she’s my student. Why does that sound dirty? I got to get those thoughts out of my head. I throw the paper towel that I dried my face with in the bin. I leave.

“Is it hot in the classroom?”
Damn, she’s here. Oh great. I hope no one notice. She says my name. Doesn’t she know there are people around? She really tries. If she only knew. I walk back to the classroom. I need to concentrate. Things go well until she wants to say something. Why is she torturing me? I better not notice. But of course she still talks. Why did I pick human behavior for today? She does have point but it feels this is personal. I really don’t want to answer. She does sound hostile suddenly. Luckily the class is dismissed. What a relief. I sit down by my desk. I can hear Nadia talk. I don’t dare to look what Leia is doing. I hear them leave. I have to know if something is wrong. When I’m finally alone with her I ask her. Nothing is wrong, she says. Fair enough. I almost say I like her. Luckily she leaves. That was close. Time for me to go. It’s gonna be hell of a weekend. If only Tuesday would arrive soon so I could see Leia. I really should get a date. This infatuation is soon gonna go too far.

One course of love (part 2)


Chapter 2

Richard’s POV

When I took this teaching job, I had no idea what I had got myself into. I had no idea how to teach adults when all of my former students were teenagers. But I was up for the challenge. I needed a new beginning after all I’ve been through. A lot of people told me, it would be much easier than trying to teach students that didn’t listen. I wasn’t sure how many students were going to show up. Even if psychology was my favorite subject, it didn’t mean everybody else would feel the same.

I had a quite long way to drive to the university so I was afraid I would come late. But I managed to get there on time. I got into the class room without looking around. I was so concentrated so I didn’t pay attention. It was all quiet. If there wouldn’t have been whispering,I would have thought no one was there. I opened my folder to take one more look on the agenda. Then I looked up and greeted. It was then I saw the class was almost full. It must have been at least 25 students there. Most of them were women older than 30. Two younger women sat on the front row. They were obviously friends. I started to tell the students who I was and wrote my name on the chalkboard behind me. Then I heard a sigh and turned around.
“Am I boring you?” I asked the young woman at the front row
I hated interruptions. She had light brown hair. She wasn’t the kind that you would instantly notice. To me she seemed shy. She replied to me like she hadn’t heard my question. She even looked at her friend. When I told her maybe she wanted to start the introductions, she refused. It felt like high school all over again. Then she dared to challenge me. She kept looking at her friend. When another female student started to talk, it seemed she didn’t care. It was getting irritating. When I told her to repeat what the woman had said, she couldn’t. I knew she was embarrassed and that’s what I wanted. She should know I wouldn’t tolerate this.

I don’t know what happened after that. All I can remember was the conversation in the hall. At first I was upset but then when I looked at her I calmed down. When I’m upset I usually stay like that. She did say sorry and that was OK with me. I didn’t want to embarrass her more than I did so I didn’t make her introduce herself. I sat back on my desk. After the intros, I continued. It was quite an interesting evening and I was convinced I had made the right choice. When everybody else had left, the two friends were still there. They were talking about something but I kept doing my own thing. While I cleaned the board with a wet sponge, I heard one of them say something about liking someone. I got curious and looked at them leave. Nadia, I think her name was, looked behind her. I left the class room for a moment to follow them. They didn’t see me. I took my things quickly and switched the lights off. I closed the door and got to the parking lot. Most cars were already gone. The girls were getting into a red Mini Cooper. I got to my car but as I sat down, I realized what I was doing. This wasn’t me. She was a student. I would never date one. I had promised myself I wouldn’t sink that low. I had to take those thoughts out of my head. Before I started the engine, I softly said her name, Leia. That was a name I would say a lot, I was sure.