One course of love (part 7)


Chapter 7

During class, Leia already regretted letting Richard kiss her. When it’s over, she packs her things quickly and is about to leave with Ana.
“Leia, can you stay a while?”
She stops by the door and turns around. Ana says goodbye and leaves.
“I still need that assignment” He said and when everybody had left, he got from behind his desk “Come closer”
“I have to catch the bus”
“I can drive you home. Get your lips over here or I’ll come and get you”
“It was a mistake. Sorry for leading you on” She said and turns around to leave
“Leia, please stay”
“Nadia needs me” She said and looked at him
“Is it serious?”
“No it’s just flu”
“Then she can wait. Come here sexy”
“Please don’t call me that. I don’t like it”
“What should I call you then?”
“Just Leia”
“OK. Leia” He said and smiled
“Can I go now?”
“No” He said and got closer to her “Not before I can kiss you”
She didn’t like it at all. But she was weak. He kept looking at her with his lovely eyes. He caressed her hair and slowly moved his lips on hers. Like the first time it was a passionate one. She dropped her bag on the floor and wrapped her arms around his neck. She let out a silent moan. His arms around her waist, he turned her around and made her walk backwards. He pushed her gently against the chalkboard. He moved his right hand to her jeans and tried to open the button. She quickly pushed him away and their lips parted.
“What do you think you’re doing?” She said upset
“What do you think?” Was his reply and tried to kiss her again
“So this is what you wanted, sex? I knew this was a bad idea” She said and walked pass him to take her bag from the floor
“I’m sorry. I got carried away”
“Yeah sure. A passionate kiss doesn’t mean sex. And I guess you want to get caught by leaving the door open”
“Don’t forget, it was you who started this”
“Not because I wanted sex. I just wanted your attention until you couldn’t even give me a proper answer to my questions”
“Was that a question? I thought you just wanted to prove something”
“I am a student. I’m suppose to ask questions and you as a teacher you should answer them”
“I’ll try next time” He said and got closer to her
“There won’t be a next time. I should really go”
“Like I said before, I can take you”
“No thank you” She said and left the classroom
“Leia” He shouts after her but she’s already at the front door
He took his things and followed her. The bus stop was situated a few meters away from the university. The bus would arrive in 10 minutes. It would be the last one. She decided to call Nadia. Just when she’s about to, a dark blue Honda gets in front of her. She rolls her eyes. The window opens.
“You don’t have to wait. Hop in”
“No” She replied and looked in her mobile again
“Don’t be silly”
She ignored him. She concentrated on her mobile so she didn’t notice he had stepped outside. He stood in front of her and touched her right arm. It startled her.
“If you’re afraid I will do something, I promise I won’t”
“Don’t touch me” She said upset and took her arm away
“I’m sorry. I’m just gonna take you home”
“Lucky for you, no one is here to see you’re trying to seduce one of your students”
“I’m not doing to that, you are”
“What, blaming me now?”
“I would never do that. I’m just trying to help you”
“Or trying to get me to bed, like you already tried to do”
“We can stay here all night or I can take you home. You choose”
She looked at him and in a minute, she put her mobile in her bag. She got inside to the passenger’s seat in his car.
“So where should I take you?” He asked before starting the engine
She told him where. The whole trip they didn’t speak. He dropped her off by her place. He didn’t try to do anything, just like he had promised. She thanked for the lift and got out of the car. She didn’t look back. She would go and see Nadia. She would tell her everything that had happened. She was happy to have a friend like her. She was the most trusted person she knew.