Being followed

Character: Benedict Cumberbatch
Fan fiction: RPF (real person fiction)
About: True love never dies. Or does it? Mandy and Benedict are a British couple who lives in Santa Monica. They have not a care in the world. One day their happiness is being tested. Someone is following her.
Author Notes: Warning! Might contain mature content. This story has never happened. Only the names are real. Feedback or tips are welcome.

Chapter 1

Mandy is a British woman in her late 20’s, living in Santa Monica in LA with her boyfriend Benedict. She works as a personal assistant in a security company. They lived in a single storey brick house a few miles from the town Centre. Every morning at 7 am, Benedict gave her a lift to work in a grey BMW. She didn’t have a driver’s license of her own. She had long blonde hair and brown eyes. She always wore skirts and high heels. She had a lot of male friends because of her beauty and outgoing personality. She still managed to stay faithful. She had many suitors but she was strong-willed. She loved Ben, as she called him, with all her heart. They’ve been together for 10 years and their relationship was still going strong. They had met through friends. She didn’t believe love at first sight but when she met him, she changed her mind. He was 6’0″, short brown hair and piercing blue-green eyes. His rich baritone voice made her fall in love with him even deeper. He was an actor but now he was taking a break from it. Every evening after her work day was over, they met at a bar for a drink. Sometimes they met their friends there but this evening it was only two of them. They always sat by the counter. The bar was small and had a cozy atmosphere. It had 10 to 11 tables and a few booths. The bar was situated a few blocks away from her work place.
Mandy is sitting by the counter, waiting for Ben to arrive. She has ordered a cocktail and is talking to the male bartender that she knew well. She was very talkative person and made friends easily. There were only a few customers. While they’re talking and laughing, a man on his 30’s is sitting by table a little further away, watching her. He’s been watching her from a far for a few days. He had seen her at the security company when he was there on business. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The problem was, he had no idea how to approach her. He knew she was already taken but he didn’t care. He was in love and he wanted her.
Ben arrives to the bar and gets to Mandy. He gives her a kiss and sits down beside her. He orders a drink and they talk about their day like they always did. After about 30 minutes, they leave the bar. The man at the table leaves his drink and follows them. The couple had no idea they were being followed.