Being followed (part 35)

Author’s Notes: Still mature stuff


Chapter 35

The next morning when Mandy wakes up, she could hear nothing but silence. Could it be he had gone somewhere? She still only had her tee on her which was now dry. She gets out of bed and get to the closet to see if there were any clothes. He had thrown all her old clothes away so there were only a few items of hers left. They were mostly jumpers and baggy jeans. Those were the only clothes she was allowed to wear. She had to get out of there. Putting on a jumper and jeans on without underwear, she carefully peeps from the bedroom to the living room. He was nowhere to be found. This was her chance. Her shoes are by the front door. She hoped Ben was still home. Her phone was gone so she couldn’t call him. She couldn’t take another night in this hell hole. When she’s about to open the front door, Lee has come back.

“Where are you going?”
“Nowhere” She was nervous
“Not to meet some man again?” He pushes her gently towards the open kitchen
He wasn’t angry.
“How long are you keeping me here?” She had a lump in her throat
“You’re free to go but then I have to punish you. Sit down”
She sits down on the bar stool while he gets closer to her. He moves her hair away from her face and gets between her legs. He gives her a passionate kiss. He runs his hands across her thighs and to her inner thighs. He opens her jeans and lays his right hand inside. She keeps her eyes open. She tried to understand why he had turned into this dominant person. After Annette got killed, things turned to worse. Maybe he felt guilty of something. He stops kissing and looks at her.
“You’ve been so good I want to award you with a trip to the country. We’re gonna be alone all weekend. No one else. Just us. How does that sound?”

She had to think carefully what to say. It could mean anything. With him things were never too sure. Did he want to be alone with her so he could do something bad to her?
“I don’t know” Is all she could come up with
“Are you scared I’ll do something to you? If you are, I can assure you I won’t. Why would I do that? I love you” He runs his left hand across the top of her head
If she was brave enough, she would get angry and scream how much she had started to hate him. Everything that had happened. With all the strange men and the secrecy. He had taken all of her humanity away from her. She was nothing but a sex toy. He moves his hand away from her jeans and his about to open his.
“OK” She knew he wanted an answer quickly or she had to do something she didn’t like
“Good. Now get down on your knees” He opens his fly and takes his member out
She refuses to. She steps down from the bar stool but walks pass him. He grabs her arm and drags her closer with anger.
“You are my whore and you do as I say. Get down on your knees and do your job” He yells at her and pushes her down on the floor

She tries not to cry. She takes him reluctantly. He forces her to take him deeper in her mouth so she gags. His breathing is getting heavier. He looks down at her. She has closed her eyes because she didn’t want to see.
“Now that’s a real whore” He pants and grabs her head, pulling her hair
He withdraws and takes a grip of his member to squirt his fluids on her face. It ends on her clothes and on the floor. He sighs and then smiles.
“No one does it better than you. This is what we’re gonna do all weekend. Day and night” He runs his fingers across her face and then licks his wet fingers
She dreaded it all now. It was just about his pleasure. He drags her up from the floor and kisses her lips. She keeps her eyes open. He stops and opens her jeans completely to pull them down. Its then she freaks out. She pushes him has hard as she can.
“Stop it! I can’t take this anymore. Just stop it. I’ve had it!” She screams furiously
All he does is smile and walks away from her to get to the bedroom. He leaves her confused. She expected him to get angry. She’s about to walk after him but then he gets back.
“Maybe I have to go to that trip alone then” He takes one pair of the handcuffs that he hides behind his back “But that would be a shame. I guess you made your choice”
She steps back while he gets closer to her. She bumps into the counter and loses her balance. He catches her and takes a grip of her wrist to put the handcuffs on her. She struggles which makes him angry. He pulls her hair. It makes her scream in pain.
“This is what you get for not obeying me. Now shut up” He yells
She cries hysterically.
“No, I promise to be good. Please Lee” She cries but he doesn’t listen
He drags her across the floor to the bedroom by the handcuffs. He lifts her up on the bed while she tries to get herself free. He cuffs her to the bed and covers her mouth with the scarf. She tries to say something but he leaves the room. She coughs of all the screaming. Tied down and no one hearing her cries, her situation was hopeless.

Being followed (part 29)

Chapter 29

Mandy walks down the street from the café they usually went to lunch. She was upset for getting fired and losing a good friend. The battery on her mobile was dead so she couldn’t call. For a few weeks she hadn’t kept in touch with Ben like they were supposed to do. He was probably too busy anyway. She had been too concentrated on her personal feelings towards Lee. What Annette had claimed sounded harsh but when she thought about it, some of it could be true. He was capable of doing bad things but not to her. That was one of the reasons she didn’t believe her friend at first. When she came out of the building she thought of going back to Lee’s car but it was gone. Sometimes things felt strange. He was always around when she thought about him. How did he know? It was all a mystery to her. Maybe it was just a coincidence.

She didn’t know where to go so she went to the park to think it through. It was nice and a warm day and people were walking or sitting on a bench with their lunches. She sits there a while and then decides to go back to the office to apologize so she could get her job back. When she gets to the floor, there’s no one there. Not even Annette. She sits down by her desk and opens her computer. She lays her mobile in the charger and sees a few calls had arrived. It was from Annette a few times and one was from Ben. She looks at the time on her computer. It was already 2 pm. Since no one was there, she begins to work. She replies to a few emails from clients and then she goes to Max room. She sits down by his desk and opens his computer. There are a few personal emails but those were private so she didn’t read them. She sends a few files to her computer from his and then closes it. When she gets back to the hall, she’s sees a man sitting by her desk looking through her mobile. By her surprise it’s Ben. In a shock she stands behind him a while. What Lee had said about going back to him, entered her mind. But now she didn’t care.
“Ben?” She asks and he turns around
“Hi Mandy” He smiles and stands up “I was just about to write you a message on your phone”
She wraps her arms around his neck to hug him. She didn’t expect him to come back this soon. In a way she was happy but also worried it might be the last time.
“What are you doing here?” She says after the hug
“I’m going back in a few days but I missed you so much, I had to see you” He runs his fingers across her cheek and gives her a kiss on her lips
“I missed you too. I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch like I promised”
“It’s OK. I’ve been quite busy”
“So how is the play going?” She sits down by her desk while he sits on the edge of it
“Really great. Full house every night”
“I’m not surprised. You’re great” She smiles
“Thank you, love. So how have you been?”
“Busy with work. I almost got fired though but I guess it was just a misunderstanding”
“Oh what happened?” He’s surprised
“Annette just upset me sometimes. It’s a long story. I don’t know where she is now. She was gone when I came back”
“It seems she left in a hurry. I looked in her office and there are papers everywhere and the computer is on. She must be somewhere in this building”
“Maybe she’ll turn up soon. Sorry Ben, I need to continue. Max is not here so I have to do his job too”
“Where is he?” He stands up
“Ill, which is weird since he’s never away”
“Even Mr. Healthy gets ill sometimes” He smiles a little
“Of course” She smiles back
“OK I leave so you can finish. Meet you at home. Bye love” He gives her a kiss on her lips and then leaves
She looks at him until he enters the elevator. Seeing him there was sure a surprise. She didn’t really know if she still loved him. It was different but compared to Lee, the same passion wasn’t there. She continues working on her computer. Once in a while she looks towards Annette’s room. It was soon 3 pm and there was no sign of her. She decided to call her but there’s no reply.

Suddenly the elevator door opens and an angry Lee steps out. He had changed his clothes to blue jeans and dark grey tee with a dark blue jacket.
“What a hell was he doing here?” He yells at her
“Calm down”
“I’m not. I told you not to see him”
“I can’t help it if he gets here. I can’t send him off either. Besides how did you know he was here?” She was calm about it
“That’s beside the point. OK, as you wish” He takes his mobile and looks through it “Say goodbye to Ben” He shows the screen where the photos are and he’s about to press send
“No!” She jumps off her chair to stop him “He’s gonna leave in a few days”
“That’s not good enough. I’ve had it. You’re mine and no one else should have you” He presses send anyway
She starts crying and sits down on her chair. Her relationship with Ben was over. He would never want to see her again. The trip back home was unnecessary now.
“Anymore boyfriends I need to know about?” He’s still angry
“No” She says through her tears
“How about Max? Will he be any trouble?”
She doesn’t reply which makes him furious. He gets closer to her and drags her up aggressively.
“Say it” He yells in her face
“Leave him alone. He’s just a friend” She looks at him
He’s about to say something when her mobile rings. It was Ben.
“Answer it” He pushes her down on the chair “Dry your tears first”
She wipes her eyes with her sleeve and tries to calm down. Picking up her phone has never been so difficult. She would be either be told off of or a last goodbye.

Being followed (part 26)

Author’s Note: Sorry for the delay but life got in the way and I no inspiration to write this story. This chapter contains mature content


Chapter 26

Mandy tries to work but all she could think about was Lee. Maybe 10 minutes was too long. She keeps looking at the time on the computer screen. It felt like time stood still. She looks through the emails for a moment. It had only gone 5 minutes. She couldn’t wait any longer. She looks towards Annette’s office door. She leaves her desk and gets to the elevator. When she’s finally outside, she runs across the street where Lee’s car is parked. He didn’t see her coming. She gets inside on the passenger’s side and gives him a passionate kiss, while unzipping his pants. Surprised by her sudden appearance, he has no time to react. She slides her right hand inside his pants and across the shaft.
“Did you start without me?” She stops kissing
“No” Touching her hair
“Good because I want to make you so hard you’re gonna beg for mercy”
“Oh Mandy, you really know how to turn me on” He sighs
She opens his pants and gets down on the floor. She takes his hardness in her left hand and looks at it. She runs her fingers across the tip and licks it once. It makes him grunt. She didn’t have to do much until he was already dripping. She takes him in her mouth and sucks him slowly. She could taste his juices. She moans louder letting him know how much she enjoyed it. He keeps his eyes on her. His breathing is getting heavier. She takes him deeper into her mouth. She could feel him grow inside her. The cars driving by and the people walking pass didn’t interrupt their passion. She takes him faster. He leans his head against his seat and closes his eyes. His grunts are getting louder. He grabs her hair. She takes him in and out of her mouth. Her moans make him call out her name over and over again. She takes him out of her mouth and teases the shaft with her wet tongue. It makes him come like a volcano and shooting his load all over her face and to her mouth.
“Oh baby you taste good. Mm” She moans and swallows all she can
He takes a grip of the handle above the car door. She licks the head which makes him go over the edge.
“Oh Mandy” He’s out of breath and opens his eyes “You should get paid for this”
She licks him dry and sits up to kiss his lips once.
“Your big and juicy” She says but he interrupts her
“Don’t say it unless you want another round” He caresses her hair
“I should get back to work” She gives him a kiss but he forces his tongue inside her mouth
She lays her hand on his chest and tries to make him stop. He molds her right breast in his palm. His member was still erected. She tries to touch it but he notices.
“Na-a wait for your turn” He stops kissing her
“Please Lee, I really need to go. I’ll meet you later” She’s about to open the car door
“Wait a minute, what’s the hurry?” He grabs her arm
“Annette will wonder where I am”
“You’re not gonna leave until I say so” He commands her
Once again he became aggressive. Usually she wasn’t afraid to be forward but with Lee she didn’t want to take that risk. He takes her right hand and makes her grab his member.
“You want more?”
“Rub it. I want you to give me the same treatment you gave me a moment ago. But now I want you to look at me when I come”
They look at each other while she moves her right hand slowly up and down the shaft. With the left she runs her fingers in his hair. She increases the speed instantly. His breathing gets heavier. She didn’t take her eyes of him even if he closes his. Seeing his facial expressions made her feel aroused even more. After a few minutes he reaches his climax and he opens his eyes.
“That’s better” He looks at her exhausted and then kisses her lips
As much as she loved taking him, it was time to leave. She opens the car door and before he can say anything, she’s already gone. She gets back to the building and straight to the bathroom to clean up. Luckily no customers were around.
When she gets from the bathroom she sees a female police standing by her desk, talking to Annette. Had she been gone this long? Mandy thought. She gets to her desk and the police leave.
“There you are. Could I see you in the office?” Annette says and gets to her room
Boy was she in trouble now.

Being followed (part 25)

Chapter 25

Lee has just stepped out of the elevator and have heard Mandy’s last sentence. He gets closer to her and kisses her neck from behind. Annette look despised at him. She didn’t like this situation at all. What was even worse, Mandy seemed to like it. He stops and looks at Annette.

“Hi, you must be Mandy’s boss and friend. Hi I’m…” He’s about to shake her hand but she interrupts him

“I know who you are” She quickly looks at him “Mandy, remember what to do” She’s about to get to her room

“Leaving already? What a shame. I don’t even know your name. Mandy never tells me these things” He says to her and then smiles at Mandy

“Annette” She gives him a fake smile and then leaves

“Nice to meet you” He shouts after her “Wow she’s serious”

Mandy is looking in her computer. She really had to start working. Since Max was away, she had to do some of his work too. Lee bends back down and breathe warm air from his mouth into her neck. He opens her blouse and lays his hand inside it and inside the right side of her bra. He massages her breast.

“I missed this. Your beautiful and erotic breasts” He whispers aroused in her right ear

She didn’t have time for this.

“What are you doing here anyway? Weren’t you supposed to be somewhere?” She tries not be affected by his touch

“That’s done. I want you” He continues

“For what? It’s only 9.30 and I got work to do” She tries to wiggle her out of it

“It’s never too early for sex. Just a quick one in the bathroom” He licks her ear while stimulating her nipple

“Oh Lee” She moans “I would but there’s people here”

“Let them watch” He grunts in her ear

She grabs his hand away from her breast and turns her chair so she faces his groin. For a moment she forgets where she is. The bulge in his pants is distracting her. She keeps looking at it.

“Tempting, isn’t it?” He looks down at her for a moment and looks up again “Ah Annette she was just about to start”

Startled she turns around but no one is there. He just laughs.

“Damn you. Don’t you dare” She looks upset at him

“Can’t you get a joke?”

“That’s not funny”

“Speaking of her. Do you think the reason she’s so serious is because she hasn’t got any in a while” He looks to the door to her room that is closed

“You leave her alone. I know what you’re thinking”

“No you don’t. I didn’t mean me you naughty girl” He smiles at her and sits down on the edge of her desk “I meant someone else. I have this friend that is desperate to get laid”

“As desperate as you then” She smiles but he didn’t find it amusing

He was getting serious again. Like she wasn’t allowed to joke.

“Not as desperate as you were last night. Do you even remember what you did?”

At this rate she wouldn’t get any work done. She remembered what Annette had said earlier about not telling him she knew he had lied. She wouldn’t but she was curious of how he would react if she did.

“Will it affect my future?”

“In what way?”

“Let’s say, if I go back to Ben, would he still see me as the same person?”

“But you’re not. You’re with me and it will stay that way” He looks seriously at her

“Theoretically, would he?”

“What game is this?” He says upset

“Just asking”

“All right. If you did, which is a big if, then no. Because I got evidence and when I’ll show it, he’ll never want to see you again”

“What evidence is this?”

He stands up. He takes his mobile from his jacket pocket and sits back again. He looks through it and shows her a few photos.

“You took photos of us” She looks upset at him

“No just you. So if you go back to him, I’ll send him these”

“That’s blackmail”

“Not if you stay with me”

“What if I don’t?”

“Then I’m gonna be very disappointed. Why would you want to leave anyway? I’ll give you everything you need and best of all, hot and steamy sex. You can do what you do on the photos and in whatever place you want. Beside there’s a lot of positions were haven’t tried yet. And let’s face it, no one goes down on me like you do” He licks his lips while touching hers

She moves her chair closer to him and he spreads his legs so she can come between them. She takes his hand and licks his fingertips one by one while they look at each other. Luckily no one was coming or going to the floor. His fingers in her mouth, she moves both of her hands across his inner thighs and up to his groin. It makes him take a deep breath. The moist in his pants was coming through the thin fabric of his pants. Soon he would come on her desk if she didn’t stop. What was with him and underwear? On the date he insisted to wear them but on other times he didn’t. She moves her hands away and stands up. She wraps her arms around his neck and looks in his eyes. His arms around her waist they kiss passionately.

“If you wait outside your car, I’m gonna give you the suck of your life” She breaks the kiss and whispers in his ear “And I swallow”

He sighs.

“How long must I wait?” He looks in her eyes

“In 30 minutes” She gives him a kiss

“Or we could do it right here” He tries to opens his zip on his pants

“OK 10 minutes. But in your car” She takes his hand away before he does

“Not a minute longer” He gives her a kiss

She moves away from him and he steps down from her desk. He covers his bulge with his jacket as much as he can. While he walks to the elevator she looks at him. She realized what a mess she was in. The photo proved how far he would go. Maybe it was for the best that she would break up with Ben for good. After this he would definitely end it himself. At the elevator Lee looks at her and smiles. She bites her lower lip. She was aroused and he knew it too.

Being followed (part 21)

Chapter 21

At 7 pm Lee picks up Mandy. She had no idea what had happened in the garage at the company. Since it wasn’t really a date, she didn’t make much effort. She didn’t even know where they were going. She has her hair in a pony tail. Her dress was black with short sleeves and reached below her knees. On her feet she has brown shoes with 3 inch heels. It was her casual clothes. When Lee picks her up she’s already waiting outside. She didn’t want him in the house. The weather was still warm so she didn’t need a jacket. Her black purse in her hand she gets inside the car. She doesn’t look at him. The whole trip she doesn’t say anything. She just looks out of the window. It was getting dark outside so the street lights go on. It took quite a while until they reached their destination.

They arrive to the restaurant by the beach. It was in a medium-sized building with an outside terrace. The windows were big so you could see the beach from the inside. On the terrace there were lights on each corner and 3 in the middle. There were 5-6 tables. 2 of them were occupied. A male waitress escorts them to an empty table for 2 in the corner of the terrace. When she sits down, she looks around. The restaurant was half empty. By the tables outside there were only couples. The male waitress brings them their menus. She’s too nervous. She had never been to this place. Ben took her out to a lot of places but nowhere like this. The male waitress brings them the wine Lee had ordered. Not until she turns to look at him she notices his clothing. He kept looking at her. The candle on the table lights up his eyes. For a moment she forgets where she is. The same dark suit and his white open shirt didn’t help either. He just kept looking at her. The waves from the beach was heard nearby and some breeze from the wind. She looks in the menu so she wouldn’t feel so awkward. There was mostly seafood since the coast was so near. She didn’t really like any of it. She looks up from her menu. He’s stopped looking at her and is looking in his. The male waitress arrives and asks for their order. She just takes a salad. She had eaten a pizza for lunch so she wasn’t really hungry. She takes a sip from her wineglass. She didn’t like that sort of beverage but this was an exception. He kept looking at her again which annoyed her a bit. He asked her for dinner and yet he didn’t make an effort. She takes another sip and put the glass back on the table.

“We’ve been here at least 15 minutes and you just stare at me. I didn’t come here to be stared at” She breaks the silence

“I’m sorry. But you’re so beautiful I don’t know what to say” He replies and tries to touch her left hand she has on the table

“So when you’re not seducing me in the office, you get tongue-tied in normal situations. That’s new” She takes her hand away

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me” He smiles

“What makes you think I want to know you? You already forced me twice” She takes another sip from her glass

“Like I already wrote on that card. I apologize for doing that”

“Why should I trust you? You think flowers will make me forgive you” She gets upset

“I guess it didn’t help. Did you throw them away?”

“No” She says calmed down and empties her wine glass

She pours herself some more. The food soon arrives. She takes a few bites of her salad. She just wanted the night to be over. She already felt nervous as it is. It was a bad idea to agree. It had been a tough day and she just wanted to sleep. She could feel a little light-headed from the wine. Alcohol in general didn’t suit her. She could drink a beer once in a while but that was it. When her glass is empty yet again, he pours her some more. At this point she’s in a funny mood.

“Are you trying to get me drunk, Mr.” She says and smiles

“I think you’re half way there” He smiles back, putting the bottle back on the table

Since he was the driver he didn’t drink that much. He nearly eaten his plate empty when she only eaten half of hers. She was a bit tipsy which was unusual for her. She never had been really drunk. More wine she drank, more flirty she got. She keeps looking at him and moves her hand across the table to touch his. Under the table she’s taken her shoes off. Since he was so tall he had to keep his legs straight. While caressing his fingers with hers, she moves her right foot across his inner leg. It just makes him smile.

“You’re so hot. If you were my boyfriend I would never let you go” She says while moving her foot to his inner thigh and to his groin which makes him grunt

“What are you doing?” He sits up straighter taking his hand away from hers

“What do you think?” She smiles while looking deep in his eyes

“I think you’re being a naughty girl”

“Do you like it?” She caress his groin with her foot

He swallows and nervously looks around that no one was watching. He felt uncomfortable. He looks back at her and with his left hand grabs her foot under the table.

“If you want that kind of thing, we should leave. You can punish me later”

“I think I dropped something” She quickly gets under the table

“I said later” He looks nervously around again

There were one couple left and some customers inside. The door to the restaurant was open so anyone could come outside. Fortunately the table-cloth was long enough so no one could see. Under the table Mandy is opening the zip and the button, wishing he didn’t have anything underneath. Unlucky for her, he did. That didn’t stop her from teasing him. She runs her index finger across the bulge through his boxer shorts. He tries not to get affected by it. He takes a sip from his wine glass to calm his nerves. He knew she wanted to humiliate him after all he had done to her. She was tipsy but still. She moves both of her hands across his groin which makes him more uncomfortable in his chair. The couple by the other table is too concentrated on each other, they don’t pay attention. Mandy gets from under the table and smiles.

“Are you finished?” He wasn’t happy at all

“Nervous are you?” She keeps smiling

He closes his pants.

“Never do that again”

“What arouse you in public?”

“We better leave” He stands up

She drinks a little wine. When he walks by her, she grabs his hand and try to get up but fails. She laughs. He wasn’t amused. It was more embarrassing for him.

“I think I’m drunk”

“Not enough it seems” He takes both of her hands and helps her up

She stumbles a little and looks up at him.

“Man you’re tall” She says and looks down at her feet “Oh shit I have no shoes” She laughs and sits down again

“I’ll go and pay the bill in the mean while” He says and leaves

She crawls under the table to get her shoes. She nearly bumps her head in the table but manages to get unhurt. At least she got her shoes back on. He gets back. She carefully stands up but loses her balance. He catches her in time.

“You smell good” She looks up with her hands on his chest and tries to kiss him

“Let’s go. I’ll take you home”

“OK, sexy” She smiles and then her purse she had on the table. The couple at the other table takes a look at them when they walk by.

Before the exit to the restaurant, Mandy stops.

”I need to go to the bathroom”

Instead of going there alone, she grabs him with her but he stops by the door.

“Do you need to go or not?” He says a little upset

“OK Mr. Cranky” She gets inside the lady’s room

While waiting outside, he leans against the wall close to the door. This was nothing he had planned. He could not deny this situation was ideal. She was in the most vulnerable state and could easily be taken advantage of. If she only would be this willing when she was sober. In a moment she gets out.

“That’s better” She tries to walk straight but it’s difficult “Damn shoes” She takes them off and then laughs at him

“Let’s go” He walks to the front door ignoring her laughing

The car is not parked far away. Walking bare foot wasn’t easy for her either. With her purse in her left and her shoes on her right hand, she walks carefully. He’s opened the door on the passenger’s side. When she finally reaches the car she throws her things on the front seat. Instead of going inside she steps up on the doorstep and wraps her arms around his neck. She looks in his eyes and kisses him. She stops and smiles.

“I love you” She says and gets down

He didn’t take it seriously. It was the alcohol talking. She gets inside pushing her shoes and purse on the floor. He closes the door and gets to the other side. She was a handful even if she wasn’t fully drunk.