Getting the prize

Characters: Tom Hiddleston/You
Tom Hiddleston. British Actor.
Author Notes:
Innuendos of sex.

I’m sitting in an empty bar by a small table. In front of me, there’s a glass of red wine. It’s half empty. I’m been sitting here for about 30 minutes with my own thoughts without even realising a man staring at me by the bar. I look up and smile. This man was so sexy I couldn’t believe my eyes. His hair was light brown and his eyes looked crystal blue in the light. He’s wearing a space blue suit without a tie. Under it the shirt is white. The two first buttons are undone so you could clearly see a part of his chest. It wasn’t what he’s wearing, it is the way he sits on the bar chair. His legs are wide apart with both of his feet on the footrest on the chair. He leans his left elbow on the desk behind him.

We keep looking at each other. I knew I shouldn’t look but my eyes begin to wander between his legs. He was alluring me on purpose to come closer. I look up at him and he still keeps looking at me. The smile of his was making my heart beat faster. But I wouldn’t let that stop me. He thought he was in charge by looking at me like that. I knew there was only one thing he wanted and I wouldn’t make him suffer much longer. I leave my wine glass on the table and stand up. I get closer to him while we look at each other. I lay my hands on his knees while we look in each other’s eyes. We don’t speak at all. I run my hands across his thighs while I get closer between his legs. The smile on his face disappears when my touch reaches his inner thighs and a grunt leave his lips. This man was smelling so good my head is spinning. Maybe it was lust or the scent of the danger of getting caught. I move my left hand on his groin. He takes my hand away and looks upset at me. But that makes me feel even more attracted to him. I wanted to get that prize no matter what.

I softly kiss his lips and he closes his eyes. I keep mine open. I loved looking at him this close. It was my time to try again. I slowly move my hand on his groin again but this time I caress him. I had him where I wanted. But he does something I didn’t expect. He bites my lower lip and pushes me gently away. He has this smug look on his face like he was proud of being cheeky. I just touch my lower lip to see if it bleeds. We were strangers but we wanted each other like we were lovers. I had this feeling this would be a wild night but he was making this more challenging. I would try to approach this matter differently. I look deep into his eyes while I move my hands across his thighs and up to his groin again. This time he doesn’t have time to react. He grunts louder but clears his throat. No one is around but yet he felt insecure. He could only blame himself for getting into this situation. Sitting with knees wide apart showing what was in store. I could feel his lust growing inside his pants but I wouldn’t let it out that easily. He needed to be punished for the lip biting. His breathing is getting deeper and just when he’s about to say something, I kiss his lips. I can feel his hands on my hips but I didn’t mind. This time I close my eyes and our kisses get more intense. I can’t help but moan which always makes his feet leave the footrest of the bar chair. I push myself away from his lips and give him a smile. He wasn’t amused so he tries to pull me back to him. He almost succeeds but I had an extra weapon to defend myself with.

I step back while I move my hands across his thighs. I stare at the prize which was now clearly seen. It makes him nervously looking around. People were walking by outside and anyone could step inside the bar. What he didn’t know was that I was actually the owner of this bar. My only employee had already left for the day so we were alone. We could do it right here but I wasn’t that secure about myself. It was a public place after all and I didn’t want an audience. I wanted to take him out of this misery but I wanted to tease him some more. I get closer to him again and is about to open the zip of his pants but he takes my hand away.

“Don’t think I will take this torture much longer”

So far we hadn’t said a thing but hearing that voice made my heart skip a bit. I was about to stop this but now I really wanted to make him irritated. I was so ready to finally release him and let him take me to heaven and back.

“Have you deserved it?” I look into his eyes

“If this is your way of foreplay to get the prize, then yes I do”

I can hear the desperation in his voice. I had never been this excited before and I could feel it down my inner thighs. I look down at the growing prize and slowly run my hands across it. His breathing is getting deeper.

“It must be really difficult to handle such a big thing”

He quickly takes a grip of both of my wrists and looks upset at me.

“You really are trying to get us in trouble, are you? How long did you think I would let you treat me like this, huh?”

I just smile and step back away from him. I never saw someone being so attractive while being agitated. I walk backwards while looking at him. He follows me. I get to the bathroom and as soon as we get there he gets closer to me. I let him do what he wants. Without a word, he pushes me against the wall. He opens his pants and I finally get to feel him inside me. I never expected for someone to take me the way he did. I got the prize I wanted and it wouldn’t be the last time.


A reunion with the bullies (part 2)

Chapter 2

It was Friday night and Charlotte is getting ready for the reunion. Tom would pick her up from her place at 6 pm. She had bought a strapless dark dress with the helm above her knees. She usually didn’t wear high heels so getting use to them on her feet took a while but she quickly learned. They were black with 3 inch heels. Her brown hair was tied up with a hair clip so her neck was bare. Some light make-up and she was ready. When Tom picked her up from her apartment, his jaws drop. He had never really seen her dressed up like that before. He had always seen her as a really good friend but now he saw her in a different light. He was dressed in a black suit with a matching tie. He always looked handsome but this night would be special. They didn’t know it yet but the reunion would change everything. He had parked his Jaguar in front of her flat of departments. The trip to her school took about an hour. The closer they got, more nervous she became. She was going to meet her bullies again. Tom could clearly see she didn’t want to go.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. If you want to leave early just say so”

She nodded without looking at him. He parked the car on the school’s parking lot. The music from the building was heard to the outside. People had already arrived. They entered a huge building with pillars. There were outside candles on each side of the steps. The front door was open so they stepped in. Charlotte looked around the hall and left her jacket to the intendant that was in charge of the clothes. The reunion was in the reception room. There were different kinds of decorations on the walls and a big banner that said “Class of 1995”. When they stepped into the hall everything seemed to stop.



It was a disco night. Charlotte hated them but she was forced to attend. She had a dress on with flowers and her hair was loose. She stood in the corner of the hall and looked at the dancing people. Annabel and her friends were on the dance floor as usual. She was always flirty with the boys in the class. Especially with one called Paul. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He was one of the cutest boys in school. Charlotte liked him a little bit. He was always really nice but he could be nasty. He didn’t seem to mind attention but yet she liked him. He got off the dance floor and got to the table with the punch and things to eat. Annabel had gone to the bathroom with her friends. It was time to pick up the courage to talk to him. Charlotte approached him and took a glass to take some punch.

“Hi Paul” She said and smiled

“Hi” He replied and looked to the dance floor where people were dancing

“Nice disco”

“What?” He turned to look at her

“Nice disco” She raised her voice

“Yep” He took a sweet in his hand and ate it

She took a sip from her glass and put it down on the table. His eyes were back on the dance floor.

“Want to dance?”

“Sorry” He quickly glimpsed at her

“Want to dance?” She repeated and he looked back at her

“Yeah but not with you”

“Why not?”

“You’re too ugly for my taste” He looked at the dance floor and saw Annabel come back so he left

Charlotte was devastated. She was rejected by her crush. She ran out of the hall and cried her eyes out. She didn’t understand how cruel he was. It was only because of that stupid Annabel. She locked herself in the bathroom and sat on the toilet seat. Her mother would pick her up 8 pm and it wasn’t even close. She wanted this nightmare to be over.


“Charlotte. Charlotte”

She woke up from her thoughts when Tom touched her shoulder.

“Are you OK?”

She noticed they were standing by the entrance and people were staring at them. She looked at him and nodded. He was right her entry would be noticeable. She looked around the room and saw an adult Annabel and her two friends standing by the deserving table across the hall. They still looked like they did then. Clara hair was blonde and Lena had coloured her hair dark red. All three looked at her with big eyes. On the other side of the room stood Paul. He was still handsome. Maybe a little round around the middle but still nice looking. That’s what her flashback was about. As soon as she saw him, she remembered it. He looked at her amazed. Bet he didn’t think she was ugly now. She had told Tom about him. He told her she was beautiful and some men were just blind. Paul really was. She was a lot of things but ugly wasn’t one of them. She was cute when she was 15 and she was beautiful at 36.

“Shall we?” Tom said and offered his arm which she took

They walked further in. People were talking and some were dancing. Annabel and her girls kept looking at them. Charlotte looked back at them. She let go off him and walked to them. She wasn’t the girl they bullied and they should know it. She left Tom alone.

“Charlotte. So nice to see you” Annabel said and gave her a hug when she got there

“Hi” She gave her a fake smile

“How are you, love?”

Annabel could really pretend to be happy. She was the little actress she always was.

“Good. I got a nice life” Charlotte replied

“I can see that” Annabel glimpsed behind her “How did you get a date like that?”

“He’s not a date, he’s my boyfriend”

Annabel looked at her in disbelief. She could never hide her jealousy.

“I’m really happy for you” Clara said and hugged Charlotte

“Me too” Lena hugged as well

They were happy for real. They never really bullied her the way Annabel had.

“You’re dating the Tom Hiddleston. I can’t believe it. It’s a joke, right?” Annabel tried again to make her feel worthless

“Yes I am and you better believe it” Charlotte glimpsed at him and he looked back

“For how long?”

“About 8 years” She looked back

“Get out of here” She playfully hit her shoulder “There was no news online about this”

Charlotte really had hit a nerve. She was amazed how good she was at lying. It was true it was that long but as friends.

“Just because he’s a famous actor, not everything is read online. I thought an adult wouldn’t be so ignorant” Charlotte sarcastically said

“OK, I understand” Annabel grinned

Tom had been looking at the girls talking so he didn’t notice Paul has stopped beside him.

“She’s a beauty, isn’t she?” He said and looked at Annabel

Tom looked at him.

“You think”

“I’m Paul by the way” He wanted to shake Tom’s hand but he didn’t take it

“I know. Charlotte has told me about you”

“Has she? I hope it’s good” Paul smiled but he didn’t smile back

“I wouldn’t say so. You said she was ugly” Tom looked at him

“Did I? I don’t remember”

Tom didn’t like bullies and there was no way this man was worth his time.

“Who are you? Some kind of bodyguard?” Paul asked

“You could say that. I’m her boyfriend, Tom”

Paul was a bit shorter than him so he looked up. Tom kept looking Charlotte’s way. The girls kept talking. Paul couldn’t figure out where he had seen Tom before.

“Now I know you. You’re that actor who plays in these Marvel movies”

“That’s right” Tom looked at him

“My daughter loves those”

“That’s nice” Tom grinned

He didn’t want to be nice. As a matter of fact, he wanted to leave so he left Paul without saying anything and went to where Charlotte was.

“You don’t remember how you threw my books in the river and pushed me in” Charlotte was angry at Annabel

They had a heated conversation so they didn’t notice him standing beside Charlotte.

“I’m sorry I don’t” Annabel defended

“Of course you don’t. You didn’t have to live those moments over and over again. You had it easy. You didn’t even realise you were a bully. None of you did” Charlotte looked at all three

Clara and Lena didn’t say anything. It was school all over again. They were only by-standards but still they were part of it. Lena raised her voice.

“I actually do remember but Annabel told us not to do anything. I’m so sorry. I was such a coward at the time”

“Lena” Annabel tried to shut her up

“The same with me. I’m sorry. Can you ever forgive us?” Clara talked

Annabel looked angry at them both. Charlotte looked at her and waited for an answer but it was no use.

“Of course I do. You both have the courage now” She smiled at them and they smiled back

Annabel was all alone now.

“Hi love” Tom said and kissed Charlotte’s cheek

A soon as he did, Annabel’s anger disappeared and she became her flirty self.

“You’re Tom Hiddleston. Oh my God. I love everything you’ve done” She smiled and moved her hair behind her ear

This was something he was used to and he gave the same answer like actors usually do.

“It’s always nice to meet a fan” He smiled and then looked at Charlotte again

The two other girls were calmer.

“I especially love Loki. You’re great” She had a big smile on her face

“Thank you. Sorry but we really have to go. It was nice to meet you all” He took Charlotte’s hand and they left before Annabel could say anything else

Charlotte stopped closer to the dance floor. A slow song was on.

“Let’s have one dance before we go” She said and dragged him there

There were a few dancing. She put her arms around his neck and got closer to him.

“Are they looking?” She asked and looked in his eyes

He wrapped his arms around her waist and they slowly moved back and forth with the music.

“Does it matter if they do? They’re all phonies and they shouldn’t be impressed”

“I guess not but let them get something to look at. Especially Annabel. You should have seen her face. Priceless” She laughed

“Not forgetting Paul. He’s something else” He smiled

“I’m sorry you had to witness these people. At least two of them apologised”

“I’m glad. If you really want them to look” He pulled her even closer “Let’s make it memorable”

Slowly his lips got closer to hers and soon they were kissing. It was only supposed to be once but they kept going. She moved her fingers in his hair and his hands moved up her back to her strapless bra. But then the music stopped and so did their kissing. They smiled at each other and at that moment they knew their friendship had become something entirely different. It was all because of a reunion with the bullies.

A reunion with the bullies

Characters: Tom Hiddleston/Original Female Character(s)
Ratings: G
Genre: Friendship/Prejudice
Fandom: Tom Hiddleston
Summary: Charlotte was bullied in high school and she goes to the school reunion where she meets her bullies. But she’s not going alone.
Author Notes: This story has never happened. It’s in two parts.


Chapter 1


It’s spring 1995 in London, England. A 15-year-old brunette called Charlotte is walking down the hall in a high school somewhere. She looked like any student. She had her school uniform like anybody at that school. But yet she was bullied by one of the popular kids. She never understood why. Maybe because she was good at school and she read books a lot. She tried to ignore them but still their words hurt. Every time the teacher looked away, the bullies threw something at her. At team work or at gym, she always got picked last. One of her bullies was the most popular. Her name was Annabel and she was blonde. She was one of those girls who cared more about her looks than her studies. Her two another friends, the red-haired Clara and the black-haired Lena were the same but not as loud as Annabel. She was the leader in that group. She had a power over the other students in the class. Charlotte didn’t know what she had said to the others but none of them never even talked to her. She didn’t really care about them anyway. She was there to study. She wanted to go to university and become something. Sometimes their bullying got under her skin. These three girls called her names and teased her. This day was no different.

It was Friday and the last class of the day. The students got inside their classrooms. Charlotte was approaching with her books in her arms. She looked down and was about to get inside when Annabel push her from her shoulder.

“Bookworm” She said and laughed “All you need is glasses and you’re the geek of the school”

“Leave me alone” Charlotte said and stepped inside the class room

The girls followed her to the back of the class where she usually sat. She put her books on her desk but Annabel pushed them down to the floor. Charlotte never got upset. Maybe if she would have the courage to tell them off, she would probably make them stop. They never got physical but words hurt even more. She had told her parents about her bullies but they only said she should ignore it. That’s what she had tried but it didn’t work. She tried to pick the books up but Clara kicked them further.

“Oops, sorry” She said and giggled

Charlotte was close to start crying. They were always so rude. Luckily the teacher got into the class room and the girls went to their seats in front of the class. She picked up her books and sat down by her desk.


“Are you alright?”

Charlotte wakes up from her thoughts about her school days. She stood with an invitation in her hand by the window in her kitchen looking out. Her best friend for many years, the British actor Tom Hiddleston entered the room. She had told him about her bullying and how much it had affected her life.

“Yeah. Just this invitation I got” She turned around and put it on the kitchen table “I won’t be going”

She took a glass of water she had poured to herself and sat down by the table to drink it. Tom was always encouraging her to do things and this time was there was no exception. He sat down across her.

“This would be a great opportunity to show those bullies how far you have come”

In a way he was right but all those years she was bullied, she only wanted to leave school for good. She never wanted to see them again. Even though she had a successful career in the movie industry, she still didn’t want to go.

“I don’t know. It’s just too much” She had her left hand around the glass

“I’ll come with you”

He was good at convincing people and was always supportive.

“I can’t ask you to do that. I rather not go”

“Wouldn’t be a great revenge to go and show them they haven’t diminished your spirit?”

She thought for a while.

“Maybe but that’s a favour I can’t ask you to do. They probably don’t even expect me to come. I don’t why they even sent me an invitation”

“That’s what they least expect. Maybe they want to apologise for what they did”

“I very much doubt it”

“We can tell them we’re together. That will show them”

That was something she never saw coming. Even though he was one of the best looking men in the world, she didn’t want to spoil their friendship. It would only make them jealous and things could get worse.

“As much as I like to show them, I don’t like lying”

“You don’t have to tell them anything. Besides if things get tough, I’ll come to the rescue”

“You really want me to go, do you?” She smiled

“I’m not forcing you but if you really want to move on, you should meet these people. Maybe they’ve changed”

She didn’t believe they had. Annabel was always bitchy and mean. Someone like that would never change. Same was with her two sidekicks. Then again, if they saw her with Tom, they would be green with envy.

“OK then, I’ll go. But I’m gonna warn you about fan girls”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll handle it” He smiled

“Sure. All that hair flipping the girls make. It sickening” She rolled her eyes and then smiled

“I’ve seen you do that so don’t play innocent”

“At least I have some dignity and don’t drool over the guy like some of your fans do”

Sometimes when they went out and fans noticed him on the street, they were all over him. How he had the strength to face these kinds of fans all year around was beyond her.

“So when is this reunion anyway?”

“At the school next week on Friday”

“Then we should be out shopping. How about tomorrow evening?”

“I already have a dress”

“If you want to make a memorable entry then it should be something sexier than the things you usually wear. So how about it? I pay”

He was right about that. She didn’t own that many dresses and she never took part in public appearances.

“Fine. But I pick it”

“Of course” He said with a smile and sat up from his chair “I have to get home. I’ll pick you up at 7 pm”

She stood up and followed him to the hall. A kiss on her cheek, he left. She couldn’t believe she would actually be going. In a way she looked forward to it. She really wanted to show her bullies but at the same time, it terrified her. It would be a reunion with the bullies.

Being followed (part 47)

Chapter 47

Lee drives all night long. Mandy hadn’t woken up once. They were getting to the border. It was only 10 miles away. He had to make a final stop and then it was time for goodbyes. He would meet his partner in crime in a motel close to the border at 9 am. The motel was situated in a quiet place where not many people were moving around. The sun was shining and it was a little windy. Mandy wakes up when he opens the door on the passenger’s side.
“We’re here” He opens the door wider
She was still disorientated when she steps out of the car. She wipes her eyes with her left hand and leans against the car a while. He closes the door. When she moves her fingers away, she sees a man standing at a front door to the motel. At first she doesn’t see who it is. It couldn’t be? He was still in London. When she finally opens her eyes completely, she sees a familiar face.

Happy she runs to him. She wraps her arms around his waist.
“Ben, am I happy to see you” She hugs him tightly, tears running down her cheeks “What are you doing here?” She sobs
Lee has walked after her and stops on the porch. He keeps looking around.
“I came to take you home” Ben hugs back
“You can say your hello’s inside” Lee hurries them
Mandy didn’t want to let Ben go so he carries her over the doorstep. Lee closes the door.
“Where is my passport? I should be leaving”
Mandy couldn’t believe what she heard. She was finally free? Ben takes her arms away.
“Um about that” He pauses and looks down
“I’ve thought about what you said and I can’t let you get away with it. You killed two people for crying out loud” He looks up again
“What are you saying? You’re not gonna help me?” Lee was surprised
Mandy didn’t understand a thing. Now when Ben was there, she was free to talk again.
“Wait a minute, two people?” She’s puzzled
“Should I tell her or should you?” Ben looks at Lee
He looks angry at Ben. When no one says anything she turns to Ben.
“Ben, care to tell me what this is about?”
“What do you say now, jerk” Lee interrupts and looks his way
“Mandy, he killed Annette” Ben looks in her eyes

Shocked she looks at Lee and anger was growing inside her.
“No, I don’t believe it. I refuse to” She looks at Ben again
“It’s true” He replies
She looks angry at Lee and gets closer to him.
“You killed my best friend. How could you? You let me believe it was some homeless guy. After all you’ve done to me. All those disgusting men you forced me to have sex with. All the confidence you took away from me. It was all because you wanted to get away with murder. You bastard” She slaps his face with her hand with all the force she has and he just takes it
She gets back to Ben. All the anger she had built inside her was now coming out.
“If you really want someone to blame look to your left” Lee says in a minute
She does and Ben looks away. She steps back from him.
“You?” She was even more confused
“It was all his idea so why don’t you scream at him” Lee gets upset

The truth was finally coming out. She couldn’t trust anyone. What had she done to deserve this treatment? The only person she could fully trust had betrayed her. She wanted to run away but she wanted to know the truth.
“What is he talking about?” She waits for Ben’s reply “Ben?”
He really was embarrassed. Lee was getting agitated. He should have been in Canada right now but he was stuck.
“Sorry for interrupting but I really have to go so could you hand that passport, please?”
“Shut up” Both Ben and Mandy yells at him
“OK” He gets to the window to look outside to see no cops were around
“The things is, I didn’t think it would go this far. I just wanted to have a change to our relationship” Ben tells her and sits on the bed
“So you hired this sex expert to spoil it all” She points at Lee
“I didn’t know at the time what kind person he was. I’m not responsible of his actions. I just wanted proof you would be faithful to me and as it turned out, you weren’t but I didn’t stop you either. It did prove our sex life, didn’t it?”
“You knew he was following me. You knew he raped me several times. You knew everything and you did nothing to stop it. How can I ever trust you ever again? I’m disappointed in you Ben” She sits down on a chair near the wall and starts crying
“I didn’t think it would go this far. How would I have known he’s a sick bastard?”
“Hey that’s an insult” Lee yells by the window
“But you are. I can’t believe I ever made a deal with you in the first place. I really hope the cop gets you” Ben yells angry at him and then get down on his knees beside Mandy
She looks at him but she was still not convinced. She didn’t know him anymore. She had been totally heartbroken when he left her.
“Were you even in London or was that a lie too?” She stops crying and dries her eyes
“I really was. That’s the truth but I was only there a few days. The day I met him was when I was waiting for you in the bar after work”
“Wait a minute. I was waiting for you. You were late and Annette said maybe you were stuck in traffic” She was confused
“No I came there before you but left and then came back again”
It confused her even more. Lee was impatient so he gets to them.

“Is this gonna take long? I don’t want to hear some history lesson here”
“Just leave then” Ben got upset which he didn’t do very often
“Give me my passport and I will”
“There is no passport. I lied to you” Ben stands up
The guys stood face to face, Lee being about one head taller.
“Is that so?” There was anger in his eyes
“Yeah what are you gonna do about it?” Ben pushes him a little
“You want to test me, huh? Keep trying and you will”
“You think you’re tough because you’re taller than most people. But in fact you’re nothing. You just beat woman when they don’t do what you want. Rape them; force them to do things they don’t want to”
“What do you know about it? You can’t even please your own woman. You need someone like me to do it. Mandy really was a good lay. I doubt you’ll never be as good as me. She will always compare you with me”

Mandy felt there would be a fist fight in a minute and she just wanted this to be over. She stands up.
“Will you two stop it? I’ve had with you testosterone filled crap. I just want to go home. I’m been through hell and I just want it to stop” She was upset
“You heard the lady” Ben steps away
“What a coward you are but what to expect”
Just when Lee is about to turn around, Ben tries to punch his face but misses by one inch. Lee just laughs and is about to walk away when Ben tries again. He succeeds but it makes Lee furious. Suddenly there are sirens outside.
“This is the police. Come out with your hands above your head!”
The cops had arrived. Ben smiles.

Being followed (part 46)

Chapter 46

Mandy wakes up not knowing where she was. It was dark outside. She sees Lee beside her in a car. Her seatbelt was on. She had no idea how she ended up there. He notices she’s awake. He looks at her and smiles. A panic started to build inside her. Where was he taking her? All she could remember was that coffee she drank.
“Don’t be afraid. I won’t do anything to you. From now on I’ll treat you right, I promise” He glimpses at her while driving
She didn’t want to believe him. He had lied to her so many times. Seeing him kill Sara was still fresh in her memory.
“What do you want from me?” She looks at him nervously
“Want? I only want you to relax. You’ve given me a lot already and that is coming to an end”

What did he mean? Was he gonna kill her as well? Her heart was pounding faster. She had to get out of this car. He was driving quite fast so she could jump out either. She had to make up an excuse. The road was empty since it was already quite late. They were driving on the highway and some trees here and there. He concentrates on the driving so he doesn’t notice she’s looking at him. He had shaved and changed to blue jeans from his black pants. In a way he did look quite attractive in her eyes even if had treated her the way he had. She knew she couldn’t trick him or she would be in a gutter somewhere.
“I need to go to the loo” She manages to say
He looks at her but doesn’t reply.
“Please Lee” She lays her hand on his hand on the steering wheel
“We can’t stop right now” He glimpse at her
“I really have to go, please” She stomps her feet on the floor to indicate she really did
He thinks a while and then pulls over.
“OK make it quickly” He stops the engine
She gets out and walks slowly forward, looking over her shoulder to see if he was following her. He had stepped out of the car and looks quickly around. It was time to run but when she does, he’s suddenly close to her. She’s been looking forward for a second so he had time to get to her.
“Stop right there. Do it here”
She was about to cry.
“I can’t do it while you’re watching” Holding her tears
“Do you want to go or not?” He raises his voice but then calms down “I’m sorry”

Something strange was going on. He could burst in anger but now he calmed down in a second. She takes her jeans down and crouches down. While doing so she notices the folded knife in his back pocket. He looks away and after she pulled her jeans back on, she quickly snatches the knife from his pocket and points it at him. But he’s calm and smiles.
“So you found it like I thought you would. If you think you’re gonna make me angry, it’s gonna be a long wait”
“Stand back” She waves the knife in front of him
“Just think before you act” He steps one step closer to her “You don’t want to go to jail for this. Prison is gonna be hell for you. They love pretty things like you”
“Nothing you say will have any effect on me” She starts sobbing but he gets closer
“Mandy I’m not gonna hurt you. I’ve done enough of that already. Now give me the knife” He reaches his hand
“I swear I’ll kill you if you come any closer” She was getting angry between her sobs
“Hey come on. I’m much taller and stronger than you. Beside you already killed someone. Your finger prints are all over that knife. You don’t want to go to jail of something I did, do you?”
Her eyes are covered with tears. He looks at her in pity. She drops the knife on the ground and fall on her knees, crying her eyes out.
“That’s a good girl. Let’s continue” He folds the knife back in his pocket and helps her up

She was mentally tired. She gets back to the car and they drive away. That was her last chance. She would be his prisoner forever and that made her even more depressed. She falls asleep. On the way he stops and gets out. There’s a big lake where he throws the knife as further as he can. He should have got rid of it ages ago. He gets back to the car. Mandy was so tired she didn’t even notice they had stopped. He takes a look at her once and concentrates on the driving. Soon this journey would come to an end.