Being followed (part 21)

Chapter 21

At 7 pm Lee picks up Mandy. She had no idea what had happened in the garage at the company. Since it wasn’t really a date, she didn’t make much effort. She didn’t even know where they were going. She has her hair in a pony tail. Her dress was black with short sleeves and reached below her knees. On her feet she has brown shoes with 3 inch heels. It was her casual clothes. When Lee picks her up she’s already waiting outside. She didn’t want him in the house. The weather was still warm so she didn’t need a jacket. Her black purse in her hand she gets inside the car. She doesn’t look at him. The whole trip she doesn’t say anything. She just looks out of the window. It was getting dark outside so the street lights go on. It took quite a while until they reached their destination.

They arrive to the restaurant by the beach. It was in a medium-sized building with an outside terrace. The windows were big so you could see the beach from the inside. On the terrace there were lights on each corner and 3 in the middle. There were 5-6 tables. 2 of them were occupied. A male waitress escorts them to an empty table for 2 in the corner of the terrace. When she sits down, she looks around. The restaurant was half empty. By the tables outside there were only couples. The male waitress brings them their menus. She’s too nervous. She had never been to this place. Ben took her out to a lot of places but nowhere like this. The male waitress brings them the wine Lee had ordered. Not until she turns to look at him she notices his clothing. He kept looking at her. The candle on the table lights up his eyes. For a moment she forgets where she is. The same dark suit and his white open shirt didn’t help either. He just kept looking at her. The waves from the beach was heard nearby and some breeze from the wind. She looks in the menu so she wouldn’t feel so awkward. There was mostly seafood since the coast was so near. She didn’t really like any of it. She looks up from her menu. He’s stopped looking at her and is looking in his. The male waitress arrives and asks for their order. She just takes a salad. She had eaten a pizza for lunch so she wasn’t really hungry. She takes a sip from her wineglass. She didn’t like that sort of beverage but this was an exception. He kept looking at her again which annoyed her a bit. He asked her for dinner and yet he didn’t make an effort. She takes another sip and put the glass back on the table.

“We’ve been here at least 15 minutes and you just stare at me. I didn’t come here to be stared at” She breaks the silence

“I’m sorry. But you’re so beautiful I don’t know what to say” He replies and tries to touch her left hand she has on the table

“So when you’re not seducing me in the office, you get tongue-tied in normal situations. That’s new” She takes her hand away

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me” He smiles

“What makes you think I want to know you? You already forced me twice” She takes another sip from her glass

“Like I already wrote on that card. I apologize for doing that”

“Why should I trust you? You think flowers will make me forgive you” She gets upset

“I guess it didn’t help. Did you throw them away?”

“No” She says calmed down and empties her wine glass

She pours herself some more. The food soon arrives. She takes a few bites of her salad. She just wanted the night to be over. She already felt nervous as it is. It was a bad idea to agree. It had been a tough day and she just wanted to sleep. She could feel a little light-headed from the wine. Alcohol in general didn’t suit her. She could drink a beer once in a while but that was it. When her glass is empty yet again, he pours her some more. At this point she’s in a funny mood.

“Are you trying to get me drunk, Mr.” She says and smiles

“I think you’re half way there” He smiles back, putting the bottle back on the table

Since he was the driver he didn’t drink that much. He nearly eaten his plate empty when she only eaten half of hers. She was a bit tipsy which was unusual for her. She never had been really drunk. More wine she drank, more flirty she got. She keeps looking at him and moves her hand across the table to touch his. Under the table she’s taken her shoes off. Since he was so tall he had to keep his legs straight. While caressing his fingers with hers, she moves her right foot across his inner leg. It just makes him smile.

“You’re so hot. If you were my boyfriend I would never let you go” She says while moving her foot to his inner thigh and to his groin which makes him grunt

“What are you doing?” He sits up straighter taking his hand away from hers

“What do you think?” She smiles while looking deep in his eyes

“I think you’re being a naughty girl”

“Do you like it?” She caress his groin with her foot

He swallows and nervously looks around that no one was watching. He felt uncomfortable. He looks back at her and with his left hand grabs her foot under the table.

“If you want that kind of thing, we should leave. You can punish me later”

“I think I dropped something” She quickly gets under the table

“I said later” He looks nervously around again

There were one couple left and some customers inside. The door to the restaurant was open so anyone could come outside. Fortunately the table-cloth was long enough so no one could see. Under the table Mandy is opening the zip and the button, wishing he didn’t have anything underneath. Unlucky for her, he did. That didn’t stop her from teasing him. She runs her index finger across the bulge through his boxer shorts. He tries not to get affected by it. He takes a sip from his wine glass to calm his nerves. He knew she wanted to humiliate him after all he had done to her. She was tipsy but still. She moves both of her hands across his groin which makes him more uncomfortable in his chair. The couple by the other table is too concentrated on each other, they don’t pay attention. Mandy gets from under the table and smiles.

“Are you finished?” He wasn’t happy at all

“Nervous are you?” She keeps smiling

He closes his pants.

“Never do that again”

“What arouse you in public?”

“We better leave” He stands up

She drinks a little wine. When he walks by her, she grabs his hand and try to get up but fails. She laughs. He wasn’t amused. It was more embarrassing for him.

“I think I’m drunk”

“Not enough it seems” He takes both of her hands and helps her up

She stumbles a little and looks up at him.

“Man you’re tall” She says and looks down at her feet “Oh shit I have no shoes” She laughs and sits down again

“I’ll go and pay the bill in the mean while” He says and leaves

She crawls under the table to get her shoes. She nearly bumps her head in the table but manages to get unhurt. At least she got her shoes back on. He gets back. She carefully stands up but loses her balance. He catches her in time.

“You smell good” She looks up with her hands on his chest and tries to kiss him

“Let’s go. I’ll take you home”

“OK, sexy” She smiles and then her purse she had on the table. The couple at the other table takes a look at them when they walk by.

Before the exit to the restaurant, Mandy stops.

”I need to go to the bathroom”

Instead of going there alone, she grabs him with her but he stops by the door.

“Do you need to go or not?” He says a little upset

“OK Mr. Cranky” She gets inside the lady’s room

While waiting outside, he leans against the wall close to the door. This was nothing he had planned. He could not deny this situation was ideal. She was in the most vulnerable state and could easily be taken advantage of. If she only would be this willing when she was sober. In a moment she gets out.

“That’s better” She tries to walk straight but it’s difficult “Damn shoes” She takes them off and then laughs at him

“Let’s go” He walks to the front door ignoring her laughing

The car is not parked far away. Walking bare foot wasn’t easy for her either. With her purse in her left and her shoes on her right hand, she walks carefully. He’s opened the door on the passenger’s side. When she finally reaches the car she throws her things on the front seat. Instead of going inside she steps up on the doorstep and wraps her arms around his neck. She looks in his eyes and kisses him. She stops and smiles.

“I love you” She says and gets down

He didn’t take it seriously. It was the alcohol talking. She gets inside pushing her shoes and purse on the floor. He closes the door and gets to the other side. She was a handful even if she wasn’t fully drunk.