Being followed (part 29)

Chapter 29

Mandy walks down the street from the café they usually went to lunch. She was upset for getting fired and losing a good friend. The battery on her mobile was dead so she couldn’t call. For a few weeks she hadn’t kept in touch with Ben like they were supposed to do. He was probably too busy anyway. She had been too concentrated on her personal feelings towards Lee. What Annette had claimed sounded harsh but when she thought about it, some of it could be true. He was capable of doing bad things but not to her. That was one of the reasons she didn’t believe her friend at first. When she came out of the building she thought of going back to Lee’s car but it was gone. Sometimes things felt strange. He was always around when she thought about him. How did he know? It was all a mystery to her. Maybe it was just a coincidence.

She didn’t know where to go so she went to the park to think it through. It was nice and a warm day and people were walking or sitting on a bench with their lunches. She sits there a while and then decides to go back to the office to apologize so she could get her job back. When she gets to the floor, there’s no one there. Not even Annette. She sits down by her desk and opens her computer. She lays her mobile in the charger and sees a few calls had arrived. It was from Annette a few times and one was from Ben. She looks at the time on her computer. It was already 2 pm. Since no one was there, she begins to work. She replies to a few emails from clients and then she goes to Max room. She sits down by his desk and opens his computer. There are a few personal emails but those were private so she didn’t read them. She sends a few files to her computer from his and then closes it. When she gets back to the hall, she’s sees a man sitting by her desk looking through her mobile. By her surprise it’s Ben. In a shock she stands behind him a while. What Lee had said about going back to him, entered her mind. But now she didn’t care.
“Ben?” She asks and he turns around
“Hi Mandy” He smiles and stands up “I was just about to write you a message on your phone”
She wraps her arms around his neck to hug him. She didn’t expect him to come back this soon. In a way she was happy but also worried it might be the last time.
“What are you doing here?” She says after the hug
“I’m going back in a few days but I missed you so much, I had to see you” He runs his fingers across her cheek and gives her a kiss on her lips
“I missed you too. I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch like I promised”
“It’s OK. I’ve been quite busy”
“So how is the play going?” She sits down by her desk while he sits on the edge of it
“Really great. Full house every night”
“I’m not surprised. You’re great” She smiles
“Thank you, love. So how have you been?”
“Busy with work. I almost got fired though but I guess it was just a misunderstanding”
“Oh what happened?” He’s surprised
“Annette just upset me sometimes. It’s a long story. I don’t know where she is now. She was gone when I came back”
“It seems she left in a hurry. I looked in her office and there are papers everywhere and the computer is on. She must be somewhere in this building”
“Maybe she’ll turn up soon. Sorry Ben, I need to continue. Max is not here so I have to do his job too”
“Where is he?” He stands up
“Ill, which is weird since he’s never away”
“Even Mr. Healthy gets ill sometimes” He smiles a little
“Of course” She smiles back
“OK I leave so you can finish. Meet you at home. Bye love” He gives her a kiss on her lips and then leaves
She looks at him until he enters the elevator. Seeing him there was sure a surprise. She didn’t really know if she still loved him. It was different but compared to Lee, the same passion wasn’t there. She continues working on her computer. Once in a while she looks towards Annette’s room. It was soon 3 pm and there was no sign of her. She decided to call her but there’s no reply.

Suddenly the elevator door opens and an angry Lee steps out. He had changed his clothes to blue jeans and dark grey tee with a dark blue jacket.
“What a hell was he doing here?” He yells at her
“Calm down”
“I’m not. I told you not to see him”
“I can’t help it if he gets here. I can’t send him off either. Besides how did you know he was here?” She was calm about it
“That’s beside the point. OK, as you wish” He takes his mobile and looks through it “Say goodbye to Ben” He shows the screen where the photos are and he’s about to press send
“No!” She jumps off her chair to stop him “He’s gonna leave in a few days”
“That’s not good enough. I’ve had it. You’re mine and no one else should have you” He presses send anyway
She starts crying and sits down on her chair. Her relationship with Ben was over. He would never want to see her again. The trip back home was unnecessary now.
“Anymore boyfriends I need to know about?” He’s still angry
“No” She says through her tears
“How about Max? Will he be any trouble?”
She doesn’t reply which makes him furious. He gets closer to her and drags her up aggressively.
“Say it” He yells in her face
“Leave him alone. He’s just a friend” She looks at him
He’s about to say something when her mobile rings. It was Ben.
“Answer it” He pushes her down on the chair “Dry your tears first”
She wipes her eyes with her sleeve and tries to calm down. Picking up her phone has never been so difficult. She would be either be told off of or a last goodbye.

Being followed (part 28)

vinesChapter 28

Annette couldn’t stop Mandy from leaving. She didn’t want to fire her best friend. She already regretted it. She gets back to her office to call her but her phone was down. There was work to be done so she sits by her desk. She had lost two employees and now she had to do three jobs. Her lunch hour was over.

In the hall the elevator door opens and a man steps out. There’s no one around. He gets closer to Annette’s room and stops by the door post to look at her. Her long curly brown hair was in a ponytail. She dressed like Mandy but her skirts to were a bit longer. She’s too busy on the computer. Her coffee mug is beside her and she takes a few sips from it now and then. The man keeps looking at her for a while and then steps closer.
“Hi beautiful” He suddenly says which startles her
“What a hell” Annette looks up and sees Lee
Her heart was beating of fright. He gets closer and stands behind her. He lays both of his hands on her shoulders and begins to massage them.
“You should relax more” He breathes in her ear
She couldn’t move. She closes her eyes, wishing it was just a bad dream. Knowing what he could do to others, made her feel nervous. These were times she wished she wasn’t alone in the office. She calmed down and courage built inside her.
“If you looking for Mandy, she’s not here” She tries to get loose
“I know. I came to see you” He tries to kiss her neck but she manage to stand up
“Mandy might be easily manipulated but that doesn’t work with me” She was upset
“I heard you fired her. That’s not very nice. Punishing her for something I did”
“So you admit it”
“Admit what? Admit that I’m totally in love with Mandy and I’ll do anything. Or admit that two women can make me feel so hard it feels like I’m gonna explode. Or admit that I want to take you right here on your desk” He gets closer to her
“No, admit you paid to that guy to crash into me and that you raped Mandy”
“I admit the last one but I know nothing about a crash. So how about a quickie or should we wait for Mandy?”
“You’re crazy. Leave before I call security” She steps on the other side of the room
“I am security”
“What?” Annette is appalled
“I know everything that goes on here. I can hear everything you’re saying”
“You are a stalker who just happened to get the girl. Does Mandy know you’re here?”
He gets closer to her. She steps back. She was getting afraid. Even though she was 5’9”, she felt really short. She hadn’t realized how tall he was until he got closer.
“Has anyone told you how much you remind of her? You could be sisters”
She glimpse at her mobile which lay on her desk but he notice. He steps in front of her just when she’s about to grab it. He looks upset at her.
“Don’t even think about it”
She swallows and looks up at him. In seconds he’s moods changes to playful again.
“Now be a good girl and do as I say. This won’t hurt” He grabs her arm and pulls her closer to him
She wouldn’t give up without a fight.
“What will Mandy think if she found out you’re cheating on her? You already lied to her about Ben” She tries to get lose but he doesn’t let go
He looks closely at her. She looks away. It already felt uncomfortable.
“Sorry what did you say? I didn’t listen because you’re so breathtaking” He touches her hair
“Let me go” She struggles and almost succeeds to get free
“I love a woman who plays hard to get. Mandy did the exact thing and look where we are now” He tries to kiss her
He thought he could treat every women like this just because he was attractive. But Annette wouldn’t take it. She steps on his foot and he lets go. Instead of getting upset, he just smiles.
“You are spunky. I like that”
“Please leave. I don’t have time for this” She walks to the door without looking at him
“Oh now I am disappointed. Just when we got somewhere” He sits down by her desk not even trying to go anywhere

When she notices he doesn’t, she leaves the room and gets to the phone on Mandy’s desk. She tries to call her again but there’s still no answer. Lee leans against the doorpost with his arms crossed.
“Who are you trying to call?”
“That’s none of your business” She was still upset
“If it’s to Mandy, don’t bother. Let’s just say she’s tied up somewhere else” He smiles cheekily
“What have you done to her?” She gets worried
“Besides turning her from a prude to a sex goddess, nothing she didn’t want to do” He gets closer to her

She was about to get fed up with this but there were no way out. She couldn’t even imagine what Mandy had to go through. There was only one way getting out of this, let him think his approaches would work. It had to be done carefully so he wouldn’t suspect anything. She gives him a smile and meets him half way. She looks in his eyes while laying her hands on his chest. He’s about to wrap his arms around her waist but she manages to grab them.
“No touching. You want to play; we do it with my rules. Got that?”
He couldn’t believe his luck. This was exactly what he wanted to achieve. She makes him walk backwards while they look at each other. They end up in her office and in front of her desk. She opens the button on his shirt one by one and runs her hands across his bare chest. He leans against the desk and she leans against him. She makes him think she’s about to kiss him. She teases him with her lips. She could feel his hardness against her groin.
“So you like bondage then. Tying up women and do things to them. You love controlling your women, do you? Power, that’s what you aim for” She quietly says while examine his face closely
“Yes it turns me on. Annette quit it and let’s do it right away” He was aroused and is about to open her skirt from behind
“I said no touching” She looks upset at him
“I’m sorry mistress”
“Are you gonna shut up or should I tie you up?”
“I think I chose the wrong woman” He smiles
“I read the message on Mandy’s phone. I wanted you to do exactly those things to me” She runs her fingers across his lips “But you didn’t even look my way. Now you have to”
“And I like what I see. It’s always been you. Now take me out of this mystery and do me” He tries to kiss her but she gets off him
“Ha I knew it. You don’t love Mandy, you love sex. You can’t get enough of it. You lie and you cheat just to get laid. You’re frightening people to get your way. Just wait when Mandy hears this”
He was confused. She takes her mobile from her desk and is about to call when he takes it from her.
“Wait, think before you do something drastic”
“Afraid much? You finally get caught. Serves you right” She was confident
He takes a grip of her wrist and pulls her closer to him.
“You tricked me? You bitch” He slaps her cheek angrily “No one does that to me”
She holds her cheek and looks angry at him.
“So this is your way to handle things. The police will love this. Thanks for the evidence” She says and runs to the elevator
Unfortunately for her, it’s occupied and Lee catches her. He pulls by her ponytail so she falls on her back. He keeps slapping her in the face until she starts to bleed. Annette’s plan had failed. They were alone on the floor and no one could hear her cries for help.

Being followed (part 27)

Chapter 27

“Close the door” Annette get to the her desk and sits down
“What is it?” Mandy is puzzled and nervous while doing so
She had left her desk and leaving everything is sight.
“Where were you? I was looking for you” Annette looks at her while crossing her fingers together
“I went for some fresh air. Is something going on? I mean the police and all” Mandy sits down on the chair across the desk
“Something has. Why didn’t you say you were going out?”
“Sorry about that” Mandy smiles a little
“That was not the reason. They have found the guy that bumped into to me the other day”
“That’s great”
“It was but I could have told you that in the hall. I just wanted to tell you that the guy had been paid to cause that accident”
“Oh that’s awful” She was surprised
“It got me thinking, why me? I haven’t done anything that could have upset somebody. When the police had a description of the man who paid him, it sounded familiar”
“Oh yeah”
Annette looks at her in silence for a while.
“Do you want to know who it is?”
“Of course”
“Your so perfect new boyfriend, Lee”
“What? No it can’t be” Mandy was shocked
“You don’t know?”
She couldn’t believe it. He was a lot of things but he would never do things like that.
“I don’t believe you. You don’t like him so you make up things like this. How dare you?” Mandy was upset
“That’s not all. I called Max and he said he’ll quit. What does that tell you?”
“That doesn’t mean anything” She’s still upset
“Lee has probably threatened him as well. Who knows what else he’s done to other people”
“You’re just making up excuses”
“Mandy, you think he’s innocent but he’s not. He hurts people, just like he has you”
“He hasn’t. You don’t know anything” Mandy was getting really mad and stands up from her chair
“He lied to you about Ben too. Stop defending him. You’ll get hurt”
She didn’t want to hear anymore. She gets out of the room and to her desk. It was lunch time soon anyway. She closes the computer and takes her purse. Annette gets to her.
“Listen Mandy. I would never hurt your feeling just out of spite. I’m worried about you”
“I don’t want to hear it. I’m going out to lunch” She says and gets to the elevator and press the button
Annette follows her.
“Sorry to say this but if you leave; you have to leave for good. I mean it”
“You’re gonna fire me?” Mandy looks at her
“That’s right. I know you need this job but if you want to spoil it for some fling just go ahead”
“Then fire me, I don’t care” She looks up to the numbers above the elevator door
The elevator arrives and she steps inside without looking at Annette. Doors closes and Mandy is gone.

Being followed (part 24)

Chapter 24

When Mandy gets up to her floor, Annette meets her by her desk. She looked upset. Mandy apologizes for being late but that didn’t calm her friend down.
“If you’re gonna be late, you should call at once. I was supposed to give you a lift but you weren’t home. I tried to call but you didn’t answer. You must have good explanation” Annette says angry
“Calm down. I just wasn’t home. I overslept at a friend’s house”
“At Max?”
“No, why?” Mandy was surprised
“Apparently he overslept too. But he didn’t say you were there” Annette calms down
“With Max? Come on. He got a family. I would never” She was appalled
“He’s your friend. I didn’t mean it that way”
“Where is he?” Mandy sits by her desk
“At home. He said he didn’t feel well”
“Mr. Healthy is ill? That’s new”
“So where were you if you weren’t at Max?”
“I went to a restaurant last night and I got drunk. I don’t remember much” Mandy puts her purse in her drawer in her desk
“No with a friend” She close the drawer and look up at Annette
“You never drink that much. I know what you become. Is this friend a guy and does Ben know him?”
“Yeah your boyfriend”
“I know who. Apparently I’ve left him”
“When?” Annette is surprised
“A week ago but I don’t remember I did”
Annette was puzzled. Had it really happened? She couldn’t believe it.
“Who said that?”
“My friend”
Doubting she looks at Mandy.
“Is this friend called Lee by any chance?”
“Could be” Mandy looks away
“Mandy, he’s your stalker. He’s lying to you. Can’t you see?” She sits down on the edge of the desk
She’s confused.
“I don’t understand”
“He gets you drunk and then makes up a story that you left Ben. Do you even know where he is?”
“No I don’t”
“He’s in London for a month” She looks at her thinking “You really don’t remember”
“No” Mandy shakes her head
“Awe poor you. I knew things like this would happen” She hugs her friend
“You mean he’s lying? I had a feeling something was up”
“If Ben hears about this he’s gonna be so mad. We must do something before he gets back. We need a plan”
“No plan. I’m gonna confront that bastard” Mandy says angry and stands up
“No, he should not find out you know. Who knows what he’ll do. You have to make him believe you don’t know anything” Annette stands up and touches Mandy’s right shoulder

Calmed down she sits back in her chair.
“I can’t believe I slept with this guy but he was so gently. Especially after he forced me twice. After that he was so nice to me. And boy he’s good” Mandy kept babbling and doesn’t see the shock on Annette’s face “And then he pays me by telling me these lies. I could just strangle him” She gets angry again
“Wait a minute. He raped you? And then you sleep with him? Just hold your horses. I can’t believe what I’m hearing” She’s appalled and sits back on the desk
Mandy realized what she just had confessed and looks at her.
“I said too much” She opens her computer
“No no, this should not be pushed a side. He should pay for his crimes. He should not get away with it. You need to tell the police” Annette puts her hand on her shoulder again
“Let’s not be hasty. There’s no proof. Come to think of it, maybe I did like it. I admit it did hurt but not as much as I thought”
“Do you know what you’re saying? He has got you Mandy. You don’t even realize it yourself. He lies to you and you get angry. But then you take it back” She says in disbelief
“I’m still upset. I hate liars. Even if they’re as sexy as he is”
They’re so busy talking they don’t realize they have been overheard.
“What do I see, two beautiful woman by a desk. I must have died and gone to heaven. One of them I’ve had and one I could try”

Being followed (part 13)

Chapter 13

The next morning Ben drives her to work. She kept looking for Lee’s car but she didn’t see it. Ben just concentrated on the driving so he didn’t notice she did. He leaves her outside her office. He had been so tired so he slept until morning. She on the other hand couldn’t. She kept thinking about Lee. She felt guilty for doing so. She was in a happy relationship and yet she was thinking about someone else. Soon Ben would leave for a month and she would be alone again. She couldn’t bare it. Being alone wasn’t anything new but still she dreaded it. Especially now when Lee was around. She already went too far. He probably only wanted sex anyway. Ben was real while everything else was an escape.
When she gets to her desk she sees an envelope on it. It was addressed to her. She opens it to read it. Annette comes from her room and sees her smile.
“What’s that?” She asks when she gets to her desk
“Oh. Just a note” Mandy says and puts the envelope in her drawer
“Must have been a nice one” Annette smiles
“It was nothing important” She says and sits down at her desk to open her computer
“So our girls night out was cancelled. How about today?”
“Ben came home yesterday” Mandy looks up at her
“You should have said. I would have understood”
“He wasn’t when I called. He came later”
“I see. So everything is fine again?”
“Yeah. Kind of”
“What do you mean?”
“He’s going away again in a few days”
“So he got a job. Good for him” Annette says and smiles
“It’s not good for me. It’s gonna be a month. A month alone. I don’t think I can handle it”
“You’ve done before and you do it again”
“Not this time. Now it’s different”
“You mean your stalker”
“Is he bothering you?”
Mandy looks down.
“Did he do something?” Annette gets worried
“Yes and no”
She wasn’t sure if she wanted to tell her. She’s too embarrassed to look her way.
“I did something horrible and if Ben finds out, it’s over”
“Mandy no. You didn’t sleep with that guy, did you?”
“How close?”
She pauses before answering.
“I went down on him” She carefully says
“Mandy, you naughty girl” Annette smiles
“It’s not that I offered. He made me do it. Rather that than being raped”
“Don’t you get it? That’s what he wants”
“That’s what I knew already but I think that’s just talk. That’s what he does, talk”
“If he made you do it then he’s half way there. This is not right. Stop it before it’s too late”
“It’s not like he hurt me on purpose”
“Are you gonna wait until he does? Come on Mandy. What has he put in your head? You’re not this person. You’re the girl next door type”
“Well this girl next door has been corrupted by the bad boy”
“Is that the reason you haven’t called the cops? You have feelings for him”
“I’m afraid so. Look at this note” Mandy says and takes it from the desk drawer
Annette reads it and gives it back to her.
“So that’s what made you smile. He wants to take care of you. I guess sexually”
“Not that one. I was just smiling he thinks he knows what I want. Just like last evening. I know he only wants sex and that’s what I’m gonna do. Make him believe”
“So that’s your strategy. Making him believe you’re falling for him. That can be dangerous”
“I do feel something. I can’t stop thinking about him. But that’s only because of last night. We didn’t finish so we will meet at lunch. Or that’s what he thinks”
“He better not come here or I call security. Be careful. I should get back to work” Annette says and leaves
Mandy wasn’t really sure it was such a good idea to tell her. She was good friends with Ben and she could tell him. She told her a white lie though. She did have real feelings for Lee. That what got her worried. What if she accidentally slipped them to him and made him think she should leave Ben for him? She would not.

She had a lot of work to do so she starts working. From time to time customers were arriving to the floor. She files papers and works on the computer. Work made her occupied from thinking about her problems. She takes a break and goes to the kitchen to get some coffee. She has her back towards the door so she doesn’t see someone is coming in, closing the door behind.
“Hello sexy”
Startled she turns around and sees Lee. He looked different. He usually wore jeans and T-shirts but now he was dressed sophisticated.
“You should not be here”
“I was in the building so I thought I would pay you a visit”
“Or are you here to stalk me?” She says leaning against the sink
“That red blouse looks really sexy on you. If only those two buttons were open” He gets closer to her
“What are you really doing here?”
“I’m taking you on a ride” He says looking at her up and down
“Not here. I’ll get fired” She says and walks pass him but he grabs her arm
“Just a quick one. I’ve been waiting long enough” He grabs her closer to him and gives her a passionate kiss
“Oh Lee. I would but I got work to do. Meet you at lunch” She says and pushes him away
“Work and lunch. I look forward to that” He says and smiles
“You’re unbelievable. Everything is sex to you” She shakes her head and opens the door to get back to her desk
Luckily there was no one around in the hallway. The office was always quiet anyway. He gets to the elevator and they look at each other while he waits. He sure could turn one’s life upside down. She gets back to her assignments. She wouldn’t tell Annette about the visit. She was already disapproving what was going on.