Being followed (part 42)

Chapter 42

Mandy wakes up with a terrible headache. It was early morning and the sun was shining through the curtains. She sees a blonde woman lying beside her. She had no memory of where she was. It was like it happened when she was still with Benedict. The light was hurting her eyes so she had to squint. She slowly sits up in the bed. She had no clothes on. She looks around the room but she doesn’t see Lee anywhere. The woman was sleeping tightly on her back. What had happened during the night? Mandy gets out of bed and tries to find something to wear. She finds a bathrobe in the closet close to the bed. An empty tequila bottle is on the floor and her black dress beside it. The blonde woman in the bed is waking up. When she opens her eyes, she sits up in panic and then holds her head with her left hand.
“Where am I?”
Mandy stands by the bathroom door and is about to get inside.
“You’re in a motel room. I have no idea why”
“Who are you? I have no memory of anything” The woman looks at her
“I’m Mandy” She gets to her
“Sara. I have a terrible headache”
“Me too. What do you remember?” Mandy sits on the bed
“I came here in the evening. Then some guy told me to dress up in a nurse outfit and then. That’s about it”
“I’m sorry you had to get dragged to his sick games”
“Lee, my so-called boyfriend”
Sara was confused a while but then remembers.
“Oh I see. I don’t want to panic you but he’s bad news” She whispers and looks nervously around
“I know” Mandy looks down on her hands
“What’s wrong?” Sara looks worried at her
“Oh nothing” She smiles and stands up “I have to take a shower”
“Wait” Sara takes her hand “Where is he now?”
“I don’t know” She tries to leave but Sara holds her hand tighter
“I have to get out of here. Are you with me? We have to leave. Now”
She panics like Mandy did the night before but now she was somewhat calm. In a way she had given up to get away. She thought Sara could help her but now she had become a victim herself.
“I’m sorry but I’ve tried but he’s always a step ahead”

Sara wraps the sheet around her and gets out of bed. She had to find her clothes. She had never been this scared in her life. Her hands were shaking so she could hardly keep the sheet around her. She finds her dress under the bed and put it on. Mandy has gone to the bathroom to take a shower. Sara had to leave her behind. She notices her necklace was gone but she didn’t have time to find it. She gets to the door but it’s too late.
“Well, well what do we have here? A runaway” Lee was back
She felt like a small mouse. His height scared her even more. There was no doubt why she had fallen for his charm. He was even more gorgeous in the daylight but knowing what kind a man he was, she shuddered to think anything else. She steps back.
“I have to get to work” She manages to say but he doesn’t listen
He makes her walk backwards while looking at her. He lays the brown paper bag he carries on the bed. He caresses her hair and is about to kiss her when Mandy gets from the bathroom. As soon as she does, he forgets all about Sara.
“Did you sleep well babe?” He wraps his arms around Mandy’s waist
Sara slowly walks closer to the door but he notice she does.
“Stop right there” He says to her while looking at Mandy and then turns around “Do stay for breakfast”
“I really have to go or my boss will yell at me”
“Sit down!” He commands and frighten she does on the couch “Good girl. That’s how to obey me. Take notice Mandy”

Mandy had the bathrobe on so he opens the belt and opens the robe. He lays his hands on her waist and kisses her passionately. She didn’t want to touch him. He moves his kisses to her neck. Sara kept looking at them and he felt it.
“Nothing is better than sex before breakfast, don’t you think Sara?” He kept kissing Mandy’s neck
He made her walks backwards while opening his pants. Mandy had learned just to take it. They end up against the wall. He gets back to her lips and he keeps his eyes opened while she closes hers. His breathing is getting heavier. Knowing someone is watching turned him on even more. Sara looked away but her eyes wandered to their love-making. He was now taking Mandy against the wall with force with her legs around his waist. He came quickly and let her back on her feet. He turns his head to look at Sara. He could see she had her hand close to her groin so he smiles. He let’s go of Mandy and pulls his pants back on. He gets closer to Sara and stands in front of her.
“So you like watching, do you?” He takes her hand and lays it on the bulge on his pants but she takes her hand away “OK maybe later”
Mandy has gone back to the bathroom so she doesn’t see what would happen next. Lee gets to the bed to get the paper bag with the breakfast and doesn’t notice Sara has got up from the couch to approach him. She stands behind him and suddenly puts her hand on his groin from behind. Without turning around he smiles.
“So you’re just playing to be scared and want to run away. When you actually want to do things to me”
“That’s right sexy. We should leave her here and start a new life somewhere else” She looks up at him
He slowly turns around and moves her hand away.
“There’s a problem in your plan”
“What’s that babe?” She touches his chest
“I love Mandy and I rather not leave her”
“What does she have that I don’t? Except an appetite for sex” She touches his lower lip
“She’s my getaway”
“What do you mean?” She’s puzzled
“I tell you a secret. I killed her best friend and do you know why?” He gets serious
She was too afraid to answer but she wanted to know.
“No” With a lump in her throat
“Because she did exactly what you did. Tried to seduce me but it was all a lie. Just like you do right now” He’s so angry he pushes her hard so she ends on the floor, only missing an inch from the table

Mandy has taken another shower so she doesn’t hear a thud. Lee has hit Sara so she has become unconscious. He ties down her hands and feet with ropes from his car and gagged her mouth with a scarf. He puts her in the trunk in his car. Fortunately the motel yard is empty. There was a reason why he had chosen this one. It’s was in the middle of nowhere and there weren’t many residents there. It also had the highest crime rate in the county so he had a better chance to get away. He gets this all done before Mandy notices anything.
“We should leave so put your clothes on”
“Where did Sara go?” She stands by the bathroom door with the robe on
“She went to work. No worries. Let’s just get out of here. We’ve been here long enough” He empties the closet and packs their things in a suitcase
She didn’t dare to ask any more questions. She has her jeans and shirt back on. Everything goes smoothly. They were back on the road. But in all that hurry, he forgets one thing. The cleaner of the motel finds Sara’s purse under the bed with her ID card in it. The manager counts one to one and calls the police.