Being followed (part 30)

Chapter 30

“Hello” Mandy replies carefully
She thought he would yell at her but by her surprise, he’s calm.
“He’s there now, is he?” Ben says in the other end
“He sent these photos to me. Do you know?”
“Mhm” She keeps saying
“I understand now. You were drunk, right? You didn’t know he took them. Don’t reply I know the answer. Um, I know I shouldn’t have been angry. It’s not your fault he stalked you. I shouldn’t have left for England”
Mandy looks up at Lee, who still looked angry. She was too afraid to talk. He was getting impatient. He grabs her mobile from her hand.
“If you want to talk, come here and say it, coward” He yells into it and switches it off
He throws it on the floor and steps on it with his foot so it breaks. Mandy didn’t like it at all.
“What is your problem?” She raises her voice
“Oh I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?” He looks closely at her
She wasn’t afraid of him. He had broken her expensive mobile and yelled at her. No one could tell her what to do and get away with it. She stands up. She didn’t care about his childish behavior. She never thought she would see this side of him. If he acted like this all the time, Ben was a much better choice.
“I don’t know who has upset you but you should not take it on me or on another person” She stood up for herself
“Shut up” He pushes her back on her chair

He walks back and forth nervously in front of her desk. She keeps looking at him. He stops and sits down in front of her desk. She slowly moves her hand across the table to touch his hand he had laid on the table. He doesn’t even look her way when she does. He stands up again and looks at the time on his wrist watch. She still had work to do so she moves closer to her desk. He doesn’t react to that. Maybe he had calmed down. But when the elevator opens and Ben steps out, he get agitated again. Mandy stops looking in her computer and keeps sitting down.
“What is going on?” Ben stands beside the desk when he gets there
“So you showed up? Must have taken a lot of encouragement, huh” Lee snaps at him
“What do you want?” Ben was calm
“So those photos didn’t give you a hint?”
“Was that a hint? A hint that you make a girl drunk and then force her to do things she usually wouldn’t do?”
Luckily Ben was also quite tall and he wasn’t intimidated by him.
“You must remember who your girlfriend is. She might look innocent but deep inside she’s wild. That’s something you have never experienced” Lee glimpse at Mandy with a grin
Ben looks at her but she looks away embarrassed.
“It looked to me that your stalking got out of hand” Ben looks at Lee
He takes his mobile and search for the photos he didn’t send. He shows the screen to Ben. There was a picture of Mandy with another woman doing things to each other. On another one she’s thrusting something inside her while another naked man is watching. There were a few other shocking photos that were too disturbing to print. Ben was shocked.
“I especially love this one. Gosh it turned me on” Lee looked at one more without showing it
Ben looks upset at Mandy.
“How could you do these things? I know when you get drunk you can do weird things but this. This is too much”
“I’m sorry Ben, I didn’t know before I saw them. Can you ever forgive me?” She stands and gets closer to him
Lee couldn’t stand it but he didn’t interfere. Ben kept looking at her. He was speechless. He never thought a 10 year old relationship would end like this. He mostly blamed himself for not giving her enough of affection. Instead she went to someone else.
“I’m sorry Mandy but it seems this wasn’t just a stalking thing. It was an affair I can’t accept. Maybe it’s time for us to separate. I will always love you but now it’s time to say farewell. I’m sorry”

Tears were running down her cheeks when she listened to him. She noticed Lee’s was amused. She wraps her arms around Ben’s neck to get that grin out of his face. She gives Ben a final kiss and they move away from each other and smile. She keeps looking at him until he gets inside the elevator. Then it was all over. She looks upset at Lee and then sits back in her chair.
“You could have skipped that kiss”
“No I didn’t have to. I just wanted to make you jealous. I hope you’re happy now” She didn’t look at him
“More than happy. Now you’re all mine” He gets closer to her and kisses her neck but she shuts him out “I’ll wait in the car” He then leaves
The day was over soon. Annette never got back. Things that had happened earlier totally outshone Mandy’s worry about her. When she closes her computer, she remembers again. She gets to her room and notices something was on her desk. It was blood. It wasn’t much but it was enough. Something had happened in there. She had to call the police. This was more important than going home to be taken advantaged off. Annette had to be found.

Being followed (part 29)

Chapter 29

Mandy walks down the street from the café they usually went to lunch. She was upset for getting fired and losing a good friend. The battery on her mobile was dead so she couldn’t call. For a few weeks she hadn’t kept in touch with Ben like they were supposed to do. He was probably too busy anyway. She had been too concentrated on her personal feelings towards Lee. What Annette had claimed sounded harsh but when she thought about it, some of it could be true. He was capable of doing bad things but not to her. That was one of the reasons she didn’t believe her friend at first. When she came out of the building she thought of going back to Lee’s car but it was gone. Sometimes things felt strange. He was always around when she thought about him. How did he know? It was all a mystery to her. Maybe it was just a coincidence.

She didn’t know where to go so she went to the park to think it through. It was nice and a warm day and people were walking or sitting on a bench with their lunches. She sits there a while and then decides to go back to the office to apologize so she could get her job back. When she gets to the floor, there’s no one there. Not even Annette. She sits down by her desk and opens her computer. She lays her mobile in the charger and sees a few calls had arrived. It was from Annette a few times and one was from Ben. She looks at the time on her computer. It was already 2 pm. Since no one was there, she begins to work. She replies to a few emails from clients and then she goes to Max room. She sits down by his desk and opens his computer. There are a few personal emails but those were private so she didn’t read them. She sends a few files to her computer from his and then closes it. When she gets back to the hall, she’s sees a man sitting by her desk looking through her mobile. By her surprise it’s Ben. In a shock she stands behind him a while. What Lee had said about going back to him, entered her mind. But now she didn’t care.
“Ben?” She asks and he turns around
“Hi Mandy” He smiles and stands up “I was just about to write you a message on your phone”
She wraps her arms around his neck to hug him. She didn’t expect him to come back this soon. In a way she was happy but also worried it might be the last time.
“What are you doing here?” She says after the hug
“I’m going back in a few days but I missed you so much, I had to see you” He runs his fingers across her cheek and gives her a kiss on her lips
“I missed you too. I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch like I promised”
“It’s OK. I’ve been quite busy”
“So how is the play going?” She sits down by her desk while he sits on the edge of it
“Really great. Full house every night”
“I’m not surprised. You’re great” She smiles
“Thank you, love. So how have you been?”
“Busy with work. I almost got fired though but I guess it was just a misunderstanding”
“Oh what happened?” He’s surprised
“Annette just upset me sometimes. It’s a long story. I don’t know where she is now. She was gone when I came back”
“It seems she left in a hurry. I looked in her office and there are papers everywhere and the computer is on. She must be somewhere in this building”
“Maybe she’ll turn up soon. Sorry Ben, I need to continue. Max is not here so I have to do his job too”
“Where is he?” He stands up
“Ill, which is weird since he’s never away”
“Even Mr. Healthy gets ill sometimes” He smiles a little
“Of course” She smiles back
“OK I leave so you can finish. Meet you at home. Bye love” He gives her a kiss on her lips and then leaves
She looks at him until he enters the elevator. Seeing him there was sure a surprise. She didn’t really know if she still loved him. It was different but compared to Lee, the same passion wasn’t there. She continues working on her computer. Once in a while she looks towards Annette’s room. It was soon 3 pm and there was no sign of her. She decided to call her but there’s no reply.

Suddenly the elevator door opens and an angry Lee steps out. He had changed his clothes to blue jeans and dark grey tee with a dark blue jacket.
“What a hell was he doing here?” He yells at her
“Calm down”
“I’m not. I told you not to see him”
“I can’t help it if he gets here. I can’t send him off either. Besides how did you know he was here?” She was calm about it
“That’s beside the point. OK, as you wish” He takes his mobile and looks through it “Say goodbye to Ben” He shows the screen where the photos are and he’s about to press send
“No!” She jumps off her chair to stop him “He’s gonna leave in a few days”
“That’s not good enough. I’ve had it. You’re mine and no one else should have you” He presses send anyway
She starts crying and sits down on her chair. Her relationship with Ben was over. He would never want to see her again. The trip back home was unnecessary now.
“Anymore boyfriends I need to know about?” He’s still angry
“No” She says through her tears
“How about Max? Will he be any trouble?”
She doesn’t reply which makes him furious. He gets closer to her and drags her up aggressively.
“Say it” He yells in her face
“Leave him alone. He’s just a friend” She looks at him
He’s about to say something when her mobile rings. It was Ben.
“Answer it” He pushes her down on the chair “Dry your tears first”
She wipes her eyes with her sleeve and tries to calm down. Picking up her phone has never been so difficult. She would be either be told off of or a last goodbye.

Being followed (part 25)

Chapter 25

Lee has just stepped out of the elevator and have heard Mandy’s last sentence. He gets closer to her and kisses her neck from behind. Annette look despised at him. She didn’t like this situation at all. What was even worse, Mandy seemed to like it. He stops and looks at Annette.

“Hi, you must be Mandy’s boss and friend. Hi I’m…” He’s about to shake her hand but she interrupts him

“I know who you are” She quickly looks at him “Mandy, remember what to do” She’s about to get to her room

“Leaving already? What a shame. I don’t even know your name. Mandy never tells me these things” He says to her and then smiles at Mandy

“Annette” She gives him a fake smile and then leaves

“Nice to meet you” He shouts after her “Wow she’s serious”

Mandy is looking in her computer. She really had to start working. Since Max was away, she had to do some of his work too. Lee bends back down and breathe warm air from his mouth into her neck. He opens her blouse and lays his hand inside it and inside the right side of her bra. He massages her breast.

“I missed this. Your beautiful and erotic breasts” He whispers aroused in her right ear

She didn’t have time for this.

“What are you doing here anyway? Weren’t you supposed to be somewhere?” She tries not be affected by his touch

“That’s done. I want you” He continues

“For what? It’s only 9.30 and I got work to do” She tries to wiggle her out of it

“It’s never too early for sex. Just a quick one in the bathroom” He licks her ear while stimulating her nipple

“Oh Lee” She moans “I would but there’s people here”

“Let them watch” He grunts in her ear

She grabs his hand away from her breast and turns her chair so she faces his groin. For a moment she forgets where she is. The bulge in his pants is distracting her. She keeps looking at it.

“Tempting, isn’t it?” He looks down at her for a moment and looks up again “Ah Annette she was just about to start”

Startled she turns around but no one is there. He just laughs.

“Damn you. Don’t you dare” She looks upset at him

“Can’t you get a joke?”

“That’s not funny”

“Speaking of her. Do you think the reason she’s so serious is because she hasn’t got any in a while” He looks to the door to her room that is closed

“You leave her alone. I know what you’re thinking”

“No you don’t. I didn’t mean me you naughty girl” He smiles at her and sits down on the edge of her desk “I meant someone else. I have this friend that is desperate to get laid”

“As desperate as you then” She smiles but he didn’t find it amusing

He was getting serious again. Like she wasn’t allowed to joke.

“Not as desperate as you were last night. Do you even remember what you did?”

At this rate she wouldn’t get any work done. She remembered what Annette had said earlier about not telling him she knew he had lied. She wouldn’t but she was curious of how he would react if she did.

“Will it affect my future?”

“In what way?”

“Let’s say, if I go back to Ben, would he still see me as the same person?”

“But you’re not. You’re with me and it will stay that way” He looks seriously at her

“Theoretically, would he?”

“What game is this?” He says upset

“Just asking”

“All right. If you did, which is a big if, then no. Because I got evidence and when I’ll show it, he’ll never want to see you again”

“What evidence is this?”

He stands up. He takes his mobile from his jacket pocket and sits back again. He looks through it and shows her a few photos.

“You took photos of us” She looks upset at him

“No just you. So if you go back to him, I’ll send him these”

“That’s blackmail”

“Not if you stay with me”

“What if I don’t?”

“Then I’m gonna be very disappointed. Why would you want to leave anyway? I’ll give you everything you need and best of all, hot and steamy sex. You can do what you do on the photos and in whatever place you want. Beside there’s a lot of positions were haven’t tried yet. And let’s face it, no one goes down on me like you do” He licks his lips while touching hers

She moves her chair closer to him and he spreads his legs so she can come between them. She takes his hand and licks his fingertips one by one while they look at each other. Luckily no one was coming or going to the floor. His fingers in her mouth, she moves both of her hands across his inner thighs and up to his groin. It makes him take a deep breath. The moist in his pants was coming through the thin fabric of his pants. Soon he would come on her desk if she didn’t stop. What was with him and underwear? On the date he insisted to wear them but on other times he didn’t. She moves her hands away and stands up. She wraps her arms around his neck and looks in his eyes. His arms around her waist they kiss passionately.

“If you wait outside your car, I’m gonna give you the suck of your life” She breaks the kiss and whispers in his ear “And I swallow”

He sighs.

“How long must I wait?” He looks in her eyes

“In 30 minutes” She gives him a kiss

“Or we could do it right here” He tries to opens his zip on his pants

“OK 10 minutes. But in your car” She takes his hand away before he does

“Not a minute longer” He gives her a kiss

She moves away from him and he steps down from her desk. He covers his bulge with his jacket as much as he can. While he walks to the elevator she looks at him. She realized what a mess she was in. The photo proved how far he would go. Maybe it was for the best that she would break up with Ben for good. After this he would definitely end it himself. At the elevator Lee looks at her and smiles. She bites her lower lip. She was aroused and he knew it too.

Being followed (part 23)

Chapter 23

At 6 am Mandy wakes up not knowing where she was. She tries to sit up but lays back down. She had a slightly headache. The king-sized bed didn’t look familiar. It had lavender colored cotton sheets and beige pillows. There was no door in the bedroom so the light from outside was really bright. She squint her eyes to get used to it. The bed was messy. She looks inside the duvet and sees she didn’t have anything on. Then she remembered where she had been and with who. She starts to panic. She sits up in the bed and holds her head. It was hurting. She didn’t see her clothes anywhere expect her shoes on the side of the bed. She had no memory what happened after the restaurant. She wraps the duvet around her and gets out of bed. She didn’t know what the time was either. She gets to the living room. The sun from the big window is hurting her eyes. She sees her clothes on the floor.

“Good morning”

Startled she looks up. Lee was already fully dressed. He’s sitting by the counter in the open kitchen, drinking coffee and looking through a newspaper. She picks up her clothes and is about to go back to the bedroom.

“Where are you going?” He gets to her

“I have to go home”

“Home? You are home”

“What?” She’s puzzled

“You live here. For a week already. Don’t you remember?”

“No” She shakes her head

“You left your boyfriend and moved here”

“No I didn’t. You’re pulling my leg” She doubts

“You really did. You said you loved me and showed me how much”

She wasn’t really sure if it was true.

“I have to get to work” She walks towards the bedroom

The duvet is on the floor so he steps on it so it falls down her body which leaves her bare. He gets closer and wraps his arms around her waist from behind. He kisses her left ear.

“Let’s stay here. I’ll help you remember” He whispers

Something wasn’t right. She wouldn’t move in with someone just like that. He was either lying or trying to fool her. He loses his grip when she turns around.

“If I lived here I would remember” She picks the duvet from the floor

“Then why are you here if you didn’t?”

“I don’t know. If I don’t leave now I’ll be late for work” She takes her clothes and gets to the bedroom with the duvet around her

She lays the clothes on the bed. There’s a wardrobe beside the bed. She looks in it but hers wasn’t there. If she lived there, where were her clothes? She gets back to the living room. He has sat back by the counter. He looks up and smiles.

“Where are my clothes then?”

“You really don’t remember. What was in that wine?”

“I wouldn’t ask would I?” She says upset

“You’re not a morning person, are you?” He smirks

“If you’re not telling me right now, you got another thing coming”

“What’s that then?” He stands up and gets closer to her

“This is not a joke. Why can’t you tell me?” She was getting fed up with this

“All right. Let’s just say you left in a hurry”

“What is that supposed to mean? If I don’t leave now I’ll be late”

He tries to take the duvet off her but she holds it tightly.

“If you stayed you wouldn’t need clothes” He looks in her eyes

“I don’t have time for this” She’s about to leave

“Just a quick one” He grabs her arm and gives her a passionate kiss

Her headache disappears for a moment. His soft wet kiss could take any pain away. She could almost give in. As he moves his hand across the duvet, she pushes him away.

“If I don’t leave now I have to stay overtime”

“You’re not much fun sober” He says disappointed

“I need some clothes. I can’t wear these ones”

“Let’s hope your boyfriend is not home. Or should I say ex”

She ignores it and gets back to the bedroom to put her clothes on. When she’s ready she gets to the bathroom. There’s no time for a shower. She would use the one at the office. One look in the mirror and she gets to the living room. Her purse lies on the couch.

“Do you have a painkiller?” She asks when she sees him by the window looking out

He was quiet and kept looking out in the horizon.

“Did you hear me?”

“Sorry what did you say?” He looks her way

“A painkiller”

“No sorry. You have to suffer” He walks pass her and gets to the kitchen

“What’s wrong with you?” She looks in her purse and sees Annette had called

It was 10 past 7 already. She would call her later. When she looks up, Lee was gone. She had to get to work and he was acting like a child. She could order a cab but she didn’t know the address. In a moment he gets back from the bedroom. He didn’t say anything. If she really had left Ben, which she still couldn’t understand, why she did it for this one? If her memory just would come back. Alcohol really didn’t suit her. He gets to the front door to open it. He had changed his clothes from his dark blue suit to a light gray one. One thing was sure. He looked damn fine. She did remember how gentle he could be. When they get to his car that was parked outside on the parking lot, they get inside.

The whole trip to her former home, they didn’t speak. She had to come up with a plan what to tell Annette. It would be a little difficult since she didn’t remember much. They get to the house and while he waits outside. When she steps inside it didn’t look like she’d been away for a week. She didn’t think much about it. She had to get to work. She takes her clothes off in the bedroom and decides to take a quick shower. She would be very late but she felt sweaty. She takes a suitcase from the closet after the shower. Or all she could carry. She loved clothes so she had a lot of them. She finds painkillers in the cabinet in the bathroom and then she brushes her teeth. It was also strange why she didn’t have a toothbrush where she lived now. It made her even more suspicious about what Lee had told her.

She sees a picture of her and Ben on the night stand. After putting a long-sleeved blue blouse and a light brown skirt with white shoes, she closes the suitcase. She sits down on the bed and looks at the photo. It was taken on a beach in Miami where they attended a wedding. She looked so happy. Where did that all go? Ben was the love of her life and now it was over. A tear appeared on her cheek. She wipes it off with her index finger. She sits up and takes her suitcase. She quickly calls Annette before leaving the house. Lee has got impatient. He leans against the car on the passenger’s side, looking at the time on his mobile. The sun was warming the air. A hotter weather was finally arriving after a cooler period.

“Took you long enough. Hard to say goodbye?” He looks up

“Sorry I took a shower. Let’s go” She gets to the car and opens the backdoor to put her suitcase on the back seat

He gets inside while she does too.

“I can’t wait all day. I need to be somewhere” He starts the engine

“I’m sorry. We should have left earlier”

“It was you who took a shower” He drives to the street

“Sorry about that” She looks out of the window

She could hear annoyance in his voice.

“It’s your fault if I’ll be late” He takes a glimpse at her

“Well so will I. Don’t think you’re the only one” She looks back at him

“You’re friends with your boss but I’m gonna be late worse things can happen”

“Alright” She didn’t want to say more

Soon they’re at the security company. He drops her off and drives away. It was time for Mandy to meet the consequences.

Being followed (part 22)

Author’s Note: Contains mature content

Chapter 22

When Mandy and Lee is back on the road, the streets are empty. She kept looking at him. The wine had gone to her head. She didn’t even remember where she lived. She strokes his hair and turns around in her seat. He keeps his eyes on the road. She takes her seat belt off and gets on her knees on her seat to lick his ear. He nearly runs off the road.
“Mandy sit back on your seat. We could have an accident” He says upset
She does so but she doesn’t stop there. She runs her finger across the gear shift and moans. He takes a quick look and takes her hand away. She continues to tease him. She keeps looking at him. She lays her hand on his right thigh and moves it to his inner thigh.
“Must you do that?” He quickly glimpse at her
“Yeah” She smiles “I love you”
“I’m sure you would say that to everybody right now. You’re home soon and you can get some sleep”
“I don’t want to go home and I’m not sleepy. Where do you live?” She’s moved her hand up to his chest where the shirt is undone
“Your house is nearer”
“But I want to see where you live” She runs her finger across his shirt and tries to open the next button
“It’s getting late and I have to get up early” He takes her hand away
“We can wake up early together” She lays her hand back on the gear shift “I want to see how you live and maybe see your”
She pauses and moves her fingers across the gear shift in a seductive way. He lifts his foot off the speed pedal for a second. He was turned on and she noticed. He was about to do something he probably would regret later. She was drunk and he’s about to exploit the opportunity.
“Alright” He says and makes an U-turn

She just smiles. He speeds up. It doesn’t take long before they arrive to a high-rise area. They get inside a building with at least 12 floors. They get to the elevator and to the highest floor. He takes out his key from his jacket pocket to open the front door to his flat. They get in and he closes the door behind them. It was a wide open flat with a big window where the ocean could be seen even if it was dark outside. It’s a 2 room flat with an open kitchen. It had a counter with 3 bar stools. There wasn’t much furniture. Just a living room table, 2 chairs and a couch. There was no door to the bedroom. Only a thin wall that separated the living room. She has her shoes back on but she didn’t take them off even if she could barely balance herself. She turns around and looks at Lee who gets closer to her. He takes his jacket off and throws it on the couch that was close by. She drops her purse on the floor and wraps her arms around his neck. With her legs around his waist, they start to kiss passionately. Her in his arms he gets down on the floor. He lays her on her back and she unwrap her legs. Still kissing, he opens his shirt while she opens his pants. He takes the shirt off revealing his torso. Their lips part and he gets down to her hips to lift the hem of her dress to her waist. He pulls her panties down slowly while kissing her stomach and to her groin on the way down. He removes them down her legs and tosses them on the side.
“Come here baby” She moans and he does
He lies beside her on the floor and they start kissing. She moves her left hand across his neck and down to his arm. She stops by his waist and tries to pull his pants down but it’s difficult with one hand. She cursed him he had decided to wear something underneath this time. She just wanted him inside her as soon as possible. Since they went to that restaurant she wanted him. She just didn’t want to admit it until she started to drink. It made her feel numb. She wanted him to take her hard. Nothing else mattered.
“Now it’s my turn” She sits up and gets him to lie on the floor on his back
She gets down to his waist and pulls his pants down without hesitation.
“You’re eager” He smiles

She pulls his boxer shorts and she meets her price. She directs him inside her. She lays both of his hands under her dress on her hips and she slowly starts to move back and forth. They look at each other a while and then she closes her eyes. She increases the speed and her moans get louder. She calls out his name over and over again. His grunts and heavy breathing makes her crazy. She lays her hands on his chest and opens her eyes. The alcohol in her system was tiring her out. He opens his eyes when she stops.
“Should I take over?” He says between breaths
She nods and withdraws.
“Your dress first”
She stands up and turns around. The zip is on the back so he gets on his knees to help her. He pulls it down while she takes her bra off. He turns her around and gasps. He had never seen her completely naked. Her almost perfectly formed medium-sized breasts made him even more excited. He stands up mesmerized like he’s never seen anything like them before. She could see he wanted to touch them but didn’t dare. He just keeps staring at them.
“Touch them. Kiss them. Suck them. Lick them. But do it fast” She says aroused
He cupped them inside his palms and gently massages them. With his thumbs he brushes her nipples and bends down to lick and sucks them. It’s making her moan louder. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She wanted him to stop but he doesn’t until she touched his hardness. It makes him angry. He lifts her up and pushes her against the window. He plunges inside her with force and takes her hard. Her arms around his neck she just keeps smiling. He bangs her against the window so hard it shakes. Every thrust makes her squeak. She didn’t feel pain. When he reaches his peak he’s about to withdraw. They’re both out of breath.
“Please don’t” She touches his lips
“Want more?” He’s about to thrust again
“Not yet. It just feels so good feeling your big and juicy” She looks closely at his face
“Don’t” He kisses her before she can continue “Let’s continue in the bedroom”
He withdraws and they get there. They do it almost all night. The consequences would come later.