Being followed (part 38)

Author’s Notes: Mature content continues


Chapter 38

Mandy’s heart was pounding faster. The mobile was still on. Lee gets closer to her. He had taken a shower so he had a towel around his waist. He didn’t look upset but maybe it was just an act. She was still frightened. He gets to the bed and takes his phone to look at it. There was no answer yet.
“You were calling Ben, did you? I told you, he’s history. How many times do I need to say it?” He was calm
She wanted to run to the bathroom but she froze. She kept looking at him nervously. He switches the phone off and lays it down on the other night stand. He gets closer to her while taking the towel off so it falls on the floor. She had to say something. Being nice was the only option. She was scared but she had to take a stand.
“Lee, I love you but I’m tired. I need to rest”
He looks at her like he was surprised she could speak.
“You can rest later but now I need some release. Come closer”
She does so he wouldn’t get angry. He takes a grip of her wrists and drags her closer to him. He looks in her eyes and bends down to kiss her. She keeps her eyes open. He makes her walk backwards and stops by the wall. He loses his grip and lifts her legs up to his waist. He takes her fast while looking at her. She couldn’t stand the sight of him and looks away. He doesn’t stop until he reaches his peak. Exhausted he lets her back on her feet. Without looking at her, he gets back to the bathroom. She collapses on the floor of exhaustion. She buries her face in her palms and quietly starts to cry so he wouldn’t hear. She was so tired. Every night she was being used for sex. If he really loved her, he would have let her have a say. In a moment he gets back. He sees her on the floor and gets to her. He offers his hand.
“Take my hand. It’s your turn”
She looks up but she doesn’t take it. He was dripping wet which meant, she wouldn’t take the shower alone. They’ve had sex in there before so she knew that’s what he wanted.
“Come on now. It won’t take long”

She could never read him. It was just a matter of time before he would get angry and she didn’t want to see that. She takes his hand and he drags her up. They get to the bathroom and he switches the shower on. The warm water caresses her body. He runs his hands across her arms and down her back. She tries not to get the water in her mouth by turning her head away to the side. By her surprise, it wasn’t sex he wanted. He takes some shower gel from the bottle on the little shelf by the shower and lubricates it on her upper body. When he’s at her breasts, he starts to breathe heavier. He looks at them while covering them with gel. The water washes her body from it and soon only the water is covering her. He gets on his knees in front of her and starts to suck on her nipples. He didn’t care the water was running over him. She didn’t deny this was turning her on but still she wasn’t about to give any signs of that to him. In a moment he stands up and looks at her face. Her head was still on the side.
“I love you, Mandy. I never wanted to hurt you”
She looks at him in disbelief. Was he sorry? What was in that water? For a moment she actually felt compassion but that was short-lived.
“Got your attention” He smiles for a second “Turn around and lean with your hands against the wall” He commands her
He turns off the shower. When she’s too slow, he turns her around and lifts her arms up so she leans like he said. He takes a grip of her hips and pulls her closer to him. Then he thrusts inside her from behind.
“Now beg me to stop” He pushes harder
The force of his thrusting makes her grunt louder. Her head falls down between her arms.
“Stop it, you’re hurting me” She pleads
“Good. Say my name” He pants
She couldn’t talk. She was tired and she wanted to sleep. She lifts her head up with her eyes closed. When she doesn’t say it, it just makes him go deeper.
“Lee” She screams when he does and then he slows down
“Good. That’s what I want”

Even if it was exhausting him, he still continued. Once he started, he couldn’t stop. He lays his right hand on lower back and then moves it to her behind. Every time he enters, he slaps her behind. The closer to climax he gets, the harder he does. She was already immune to the pain so she didn’t make a sound. When he reaches his peak he stops slapping her and slowly withdraws.
“Good girl. I needed that” He was exhausted
He put the shower back on. He turns her around and kisses her under the running water. She couldn’t stand the taste of his tongue in her mouth. He stops kissing her and switch the shower off. Without saying anything he gets out to take a towel hanging on the bathroom wall, wrapping it around his waist. He leaves her there alone. His cold behavior made her feel even worse. At that moment she decides she would never let him hurt her again. No matter what happened she wouldn’t play the victim anymore. It was time to fight back.

Being followed (part 37)

Author’s Warning: Mature content


Chapter 37

Early in the morning, Lee and Mandy leave for the country. She was completely in his mercy. He didn’t even let her pack her own things. He did everything. Anyone could suspect something was going on. Her long hair was cut shorter but at least she could brush her own hair. Even the clothes she wore were chosen by him. It was just baggy jeans and a long-sleeved shirts so there was nothing much to choose from. Before she woke up, she had heard him talk on the phone with someone. She didn’t hear what was said but it had taken at least 15 minutes. Were they really gonna be alone? She didn’t trust him one bit. She had decided to be strong and not let her cries spoil her safety.
The trip took hours. He didn’t say anything until they reach the borders to Utah. He looks at her a while before waking her up from her dream. She startles and sees him smile at her but she just looks outside. He takes a firm grip of her chin and turns her head so he can kiss her. They were in the middle of nowhere. Only the mountains and an open road were seen. The weather was sunny and warm.

“Are you getting difficult this early?” He grit his teeth in fury
She shakes her head and he loses his grip. He seemed angrier than before. It came clearer every day that something was bothering him. The trip to another town proved he was running from something. She didn’t understand why she had to become a victim because of that. It wasn’t her fault. She should have seen it coming. Like Ben had said, a stalker just doesn’t stop there. Thinking about him made her miss him even more.
“Good because I’m in a very bad mood and you don’t want to piss me off” He starts the engine and they continue their journey
They drive for miles and miles without meeting a single car. It takes all day until they reach a small town. It was getting dark outside so they find a motel. They were near the countryside but not even close to a place that could be a good getaway. They hadn’t eaten all day. After they’ve settled they finally do but in their room. He didn’t allow her to leave so they ordered something from the motel bar. There were a small TV in their room but he forbids her to switch it on.

“Time for desert” He gets closer to her while opening his pants
She sits on the bed with her hands between her knees and looks down. He stands in front of her and lifts her chin up so she looks up at him.
“Be a good girl and pleasure me with your wet tongue” He takes her hand and makes her take a grip of his member
If she refused he would punish her with something worse. The night of terror crept into her mind where the man who told them what to do. That was the worst. He told Lee to spank her with a whip which he did. It really had turned him on too. There were no boundaries of what he wouldn’t do. It came clear in the note he once wrote in her mobile. They’ve done almost everything he said he wanted.
She takes him in her mouth and start to suck him. Suddenly he wants her to stop. He commands her to take off her clothes. He turns her quickly around, bending her down so she lies with her right cheek on the end of the bed and takes her from behind with force. He calls her names in a ruthless manner. This was a good example of how he treated her. For him she was just a useless woman that he could control the way he wanted. When he’s finished, he withdraws and gets to the bathroom not saying a word. She lies on her stomach with her arms bent beside her. From past experiences, he wasn’t finished with her yet. He gets back without his clothes. He gets on the bed beside her and runs his right hand across her back and to her behind. She closes her eyes. He inserts his index and middle fingers inside her from behind. He begins to thrust slowly while his breathing is getting heavier.

“You really are tight. I love that” He thrusts deeper
He was hurting her but crying wouldn’t help. He keeps looking at her face. In her mind she wished she was somewhere else. He withdraws his fingers and get on top of her. He kisses her ear while touching her hair. He doesn’t get inside her yet. She could feel his hardness against her. Just when she thinks he’s about to take her from behind, he gets off her.
“Get on all four on the bed” He gets out of bed
Reluctantly she gets on her knees and on her hands. He gets closer. His breathing is getting heavier. He stands on the floor while taking a grip of her hips. Before she knows it, he thrusts inside her. His grunts are getting louder the faster he enters. The force of his thrusting makes the bed shake. She wanted him to stop but she couldn’t say it. As he gets closer to climax, he calls her rude names like he recently had done. When he’s finally finished, she can finally relax. He gets to the bathroom and closes the door. Instead of crying, she gets out of bed. She had looked at his mobile on the night table while being used. She had to call for help. There was only one person who could. She dials the number and waits for an answer.
“Who are you calling?”
Frighten she turns around and throws the phone on the bed. He had got back from the bathroom.

Being followed (part 35)

Author’s Notes: Still mature stuff


Chapter 35

The next morning when Mandy wakes up, she could hear nothing but silence. Could it be he had gone somewhere? She still only had her tee on her which was now dry. She gets out of bed and get to the closet to see if there were any clothes. He had thrown all her old clothes away so there were only a few items of hers left. They were mostly jumpers and baggy jeans. Those were the only clothes she was allowed to wear. She had to get out of there. Putting on a jumper and jeans on without underwear, she carefully peeps from the bedroom to the living room. He was nowhere to be found. This was her chance. Her shoes are by the front door. She hoped Ben was still home. Her phone was gone so she couldn’t call him. She couldn’t take another night in this hell hole. When she’s about to open the front door, Lee has come back.

“Where are you going?”
“Nowhere” She was nervous
“Not to meet some man again?” He pushes her gently towards the open kitchen
He wasn’t angry.
“How long are you keeping me here?” She had a lump in her throat
“You’re free to go but then I have to punish you. Sit down”
She sits down on the bar stool while he gets closer to her. He moves her hair away from her face and gets between her legs. He gives her a passionate kiss. He runs his hands across her thighs and to her inner thighs. He opens her jeans and lays his right hand inside. She keeps her eyes open. She tried to understand why he had turned into this dominant person. After Annette got killed, things turned to worse. Maybe he felt guilty of something. He stops kissing and looks at her.
“You’ve been so good I want to award you with a trip to the country. We’re gonna be alone all weekend. No one else. Just us. How does that sound?”

She had to think carefully what to say. It could mean anything. With him things were never too sure. Did he want to be alone with her so he could do something bad to her?
“I don’t know” Is all she could come up with
“Are you scared I’ll do something to you? If you are, I can assure you I won’t. Why would I do that? I love you” He runs his left hand across the top of her head
If she was brave enough, she would get angry and scream how much she had started to hate him. Everything that had happened. With all the strange men and the secrecy. He had taken all of her humanity away from her. She was nothing but a sex toy. He moves his hand away from her jeans and his about to open his.
“OK” She knew he wanted an answer quickly or she had to do something she didn’t like
“Good. Now get down on your knees” He opens his fly and takes his member out
She refuses to. She steps down from the bar stool but walks pass him. He grabs her arm and drags her closer with anger.
“You are my whore and you do as I say. Get down on your knees and do your job” He yells at her and pushes her down on the floor

She tries not to cry. She takes him reluctantly. He forces her to take him deeper in her mouth so she gags. His breathing is getting heavier. He looks down at her. She has closed her eyes because she didn’t want to see.
“Now that’s a real whore” He pants and grabs her head, pulling her hair
He withdraws and takes a grip of his member to squirt his fluids on her face. It ends on her clothes and on the floor. He sighs and then smiles.
“No one does it better than you. This is what we’re gonna do all weekend. Day and night” He runs his fingers across her face and then licks his wet fingers
She dreaded it all now. It was just about his pleasure. He drags her up from the floor and kisses her lips. She keeps her eyes open. He stops and opens her jeans completely to pull them down. Its then she freaks out. She pushes him has hard as she can.
“Stop it! I can’t take this anymore. Just stop it. I’ve had it!” She screams furiously
All he does is smile and walks away from her to get to the bedroom. He leaves her confused. She expected him to get angry. She’s about to walk after him but then he gets back.
“Maybe I have to go to that trip alone then” He takes one pair of the handcuffs that he hides behind his back “But that would be a shame. I guess you made your choice”
She steps back while he gets closer to her. She bumps into the counter and loses her balance. He catches her and takes a grip of her wrist to put the handcuffs on her. She struggles which makes him angry. He pulls her hair. It makes her scream in pain.
“This is what you get for not obeying me. Now shut up” He yells
She cries hysterically.
“No, I promise to be good. Please Lee” She cries but he doesn’t listen
He drags her across the floor to the bedroom by the handcuffs. He lifts her up on the bed while she tries to get herself free. He cuffs her to the bed and covers her mouth with the scarf. She tries to say something but he leaves the room. She coughs of all the screaming. Tied down and no one hearing her cries, her situation was hopeless.

Being followed (part 34)

Author’s Note: This chapter contains mature content!

Chapter 34

At 10 pm Mandy hears male voices in the hall. She dreaded what was coming up. She didn’t hear what was said. The voices didn’t sound familiar. Some nights she could hear moans from the living room but she never saw women there. She was always alone in the bedroom while it happened. One thing was for sure, Lee was the one who called the shots. No one was allowed to hurt her unless he said so. Was that supposed to make her feel loved?

A dark haired man stands by the door post, looking at her. His shirt was open and she could see the bulge through his greyish pants. He looked like a business man. A little older than usual. He was quite attractive. He gets closer to her and stands beside the bed. He smiles which didn’t happened often.
“Lee is right, you are sexy. Hi, I’m Jordan and you’re my slave tonight” He laid himself beside her while opening his pants
He gets above her face with his member peeking out of his fly. He didn’t wear anything underneath. He takes the scarf off and directs his erection in her mouth. But instead of wanting her to take him, he shoots his load in her mouth. When he’s finished her face is full of it. He gets off her and lies beside her to lick her dry.
“Mm, taste good doesn’t it? Want some more inside you?” He opens her jeans and pulls them down “You sure are fine here too” He looks at her groin
She’s closed her eyes. She refused to watch. Suddenly another man approaches the bed. He was blonde but he was totally nude.
“Get off. My turn” He commands him and he gets off the bed
Soon the blonde thrust inside her as hard as he can. He showed no mercy. He made her scream. The whole bed shook as he pushed inside her. It didn’t take long before he peaked and as quickly as he came to the room, he was gone”
“Sorry about that” Jordan got back on the bed “He’s young and doesn’t know how to take slow”
She couldn’t even cry anymore. Her eyes opened she wished it was over but he continued to fondle her lower body. He kept looking at her groin. It took 15 minutes until he got inside her and took her slowly. He was quite big and it hurt a little.

It was already midnight when Lee finally gets to the bedroom. The men had left. He gets on top her and kisses her passionately.
“Now we’re are alone” He uncuffing her while doing so
She looks away. He could do anything to her but why did other men have to get involved? They were revolting. Where did he find these creeps were beyond her? She wanted to sleep but he had other things on his mind. He gets out of the bed and drags her up.
“Come on let’s take a shower. You’re dirty”
“I’m tired” She was drowsy like she had a high fever
“No wonder. Those guys really know what they’re doing. Now it’s my turn”
They get to the bathroom and he puts the shower on. She sits on the toilet lid almost falling asleep. She felt like a ragdoll. He takes his clothes off and makes her stand up. Without taking her white tee off, he pushes her carefully under the mild shower. He starts to kiss her under the pouring water. Slowly he pushes her against the shower wall. Her tee is soaking wet and her nipples are hardening. He massages them with his fingers. It makes her moan louder. He stops and turns off the shower. Both wet from the water, they get to the bedroom. He makes her turn around.
“Bend down” He pushes her down from her neck so she leans with her hands against the bed
He gets inside her from behind and thrusts inside her slowly.
“You gave a great performance there. Now do it again, scream my name” He grunts while entering
“Lee” She pleads
He takes a grip of her behind with both hands and squeezes it while he thrusts faster. They’re both panting and grunting in rhythm. She calls out his name over and over. This was the only thing she was willing to do. It was the other things she didn’t like. He thrusts a few times and withdraws.
“Lay on your back on the bed” He pants and she does so
He gets on top of her and get inside her. He takes her as hard as the blonde did but with less force. Her eyes opened, they look at each other. Even if he’d been harsh on her lately, there was still love in his eyes. He reaches his peak and exhausted lays on the bed beside her. She could finally close her eyes to sleep.

Being followed (part 26)

Author’s Note: Sorry for the delay but life got in the way and I no inspiration to write this story. This chapter contains mature content


Chapter 26

Mandy tries to work but all she could think about was Lee. Maybe 10 minutes was too long. She keeps looking at the time on the computer screen. It felt like time stood still. She looks through the emails for a moment. It had only gone 5 minutes. She couldn’t wait any longer. She looks towards Annette’s office door. She leaves her desk and gets to the elevator. When she’s finally outside, she runs across the street where Lee’s car is parked. He didn’t see her coming. She gets inside on the passenger’s side and gives him a passionate kiss, while unzipping his pants. Surprised by her sudden appearance, he has no time to react. She slides her right hand inside his pants and across the shaft.
“Did you start without me?” She stops kissing
“No” Touching her hair
“Good because I want to make you so hard you’re gonna beg for mercy”
“Oh Mandy, you really know how to turn me on” He sighs
She opens his pants and gets down on the floor. She takes his hardness in her left hand and looks at it. She runs her fingers across the tip and licks it once. It makes him grunt. She didn’t have to do much until he was already dripping. She takes him in her mouth and sucks him slowly. She could taste his juices. She moans louder letting him know how much she enjoyed it. He keeps his eyes on her. His breathing is getting heavier. She takes him deeper into her mouth. She could feel him grow inside her. The cars driving by and the people walking pass didn’t interrupt their passion. She takes him faster. He leans his head against his seat and closes his eyes. His grunts are getting louder. He grabs her hair. She takes him in and out of her mouth. Her moans make him call out her name over and over again. She takes him out of her mouth and teases the shaft with her wet tongue. It makes him come like a volcano and shooting his load all over her face and to her mouth.
“Oh baby you taste good. Mm” She moans and swallows all she can
He takes a grip of the handle above the car door. She licks the head which makes him go over the edge.
“Oh Mandy” He’s out of breath and opens his eyes “You should get paid for this”
She licks him dry and sits up to kiss his lips once.
“Your big and juicy” She says but he interrupts her
“Don’t say it unless you want another round” He caresses her hair
“I should get back to work” She gives him a kiss but he forces his tongue inside her mouth
She lays her hand on his chest and tries to make him stop. He molds her right breast in his palm. His member was still erected. She tries to touch it but he notices.
“Na-a wait for your turn” He stops kissing her
“Please Lee, I really need to go. I’ll meet you later” She’s about to open the car door
“Wait a minute, what’s the hurry?” He grabs her arm
“Annette will wonder where I am”
“You’re not gonna leave until I say so” He commands her
Once again he became aggressive. Usually she wasn’t afraid to be forward but with Lee she didn’t want to take that risk. He takes her right hand and makes her grab his member.
“You want more?”
“Rub it. I want you to give me the same treatment you gave me a moment ago. But now I want you to look at me when I come”
They look at each other while she moves her right hand slowly up and down the shaft. With the left she runs her fingers in his hair. She increases the speed instantly. His breathing gets heavier. She didn’t take her eyes of him even if he closes his. Seeing his facial expressions made her feel aroused even more. After a few minutes he reaches his climax and he opens his eyes.
“That’s better” He looks at her exhausted and then kisses her lips
As much as she loved taking him, it was time to leave. She opens the car door and before he can say anything, she’s already gone. She gets back to the building and straight to the bathroom to clean up. Luckily no customers were around.
When she gets from the bathroom she sees a female police standing by her desk, talking to Annette. Had she been gone this long? Mandy thought. She gets to her desk and the police leave.
“There you are. Could I see you in the office?” Annette says and gets to her room
Boy was she in trouble now.