Being followed (part 46)

Chapter 46

Mandy wakes up not knowing where she was. It was dark outside. She sees Lee beside her in a car. Her seatbelt was on. She had no idea how she ended up there. He notices she’s awake. He looks at her and smiles. A panic started to build inside her. Where was he taking her? All she could remember was that coffee she drank.
“Don’t be afraid. I won’t do anything to you. From now on I’ll treat you right, I promise” He glimpses at her while driving
She didn’t want to believe him. He had lied to her so many times. Seeing him kill Sara was still fresh in her memory.
“What do you want from me?” She looks at him nervously
“Want? I only want you to relax. You’ve given me a lot already and that is coming to an end”

What did he mean? Was he gonna kill her as well? Her heart was pounding faster. She had to get out of this car. He was driving quite fast so she could jump out either. She had to make up an excuse. The road was empty since it was already quite late. They were driving on the highway and some trees here and there. He concentrates on the driving so he doesn’t notice she’s looking at him. He had shaved and changed to blue jeans from his black pants. In a way he did look quite attractive in her eyes even if had treated her the way he had. She knew she couldn’t trick him or she would be in a gutter somewhere.
“I need to go to the loo” She manages to say
He looks at her but doesn’t reply.
“Please Lee” She lays her hand on his hand on the steering wheel
“We can’t stop right now” He glimpse at her
“I really have to go, please” She stomps her feet on the floor to indicate she really did
He thinks a while and then pulls over.
“OK make it quickly” He stops the engine
She gets out and walks slowly forward, looking over her shoulder to see if he was following her. He had stepped out of the car and looks quickly around. It was time to run but when she does, he’s suddenly close to her. She’s been looking forward for a second so he had time to get to her.
“Stop right there. Do it here”
She was about to cry.
“I can’t do it while you’re watching” Holding her tears
“Do you want to go or not?” He raises his voice but then calms down “I’m sorry”

Something strange was going on. He could burst in anger but now he calmed down in a second. She takes her jeans down and crouches down. While doing so she notices the folded knife in his back pocket. He looks away and after she pulled her jeans back on, she quickly snatches the knife from his pocket and points it at him. But he’s calm and smiles.
“So you found it like I thought you would. If you think you’re gonna make me angry, it’s gonna be a long wait”
“Stand back” She waves the knife in front of him
“Just think before you act” He steps one step closer to her “You don’t want to go to jail for this. Prison is gonna be hell for you. They love pretty things like you”
“Nothing you say will have any effect on me” She starts sobbing but he gets closer
“Mandy I’m not gonna hurt you. I’ve done enough of that already. Now give me the knife” He reaches his hand
“I swear I’ll kill you if you come any closer” She was getting angry between her sobs
“Hey come on. I’m much taller and stronger than you. Beside you already killed someone. Your finger prints are all over that knife. You don’t want to go to jail of something I did, do you?”
Her eyes are covered with tears. He looks at her in pity. She drops the knife on the ground and fall on her knees, crying her eyes out.
“That’s a good girl. Let’s continue” He folds the knife back in his pocket and helps her up

She was mentally tired. She gets back to the car and they drive away. That was her last chance. She would be his prisoner forever and that made her even more depressed. She falls asleep. On the way he stops and gets out. There’s a big lake where he throws the knife as further as he can. He should have got rid of it ages ago. He gets back to the car. Mandy was so tired she didn’t even notice they had stopped. He takes a look at her once and concentrates on the driving. Soon this journey would come to an end.


Being followed (part 45)

Chapter 45

Mandy wakes up when she smells coffee. The weather outside was sunny and warmth felt inside the room. The bed was empty beside her. She sits up and looks around the room but she was alone. She sees a coffee mug on the table. She wraps the sheets around her and gets to the table. She was so thirsty so she drinks it all without even thinking something was in it. When she gets to the bathroom her eyes become blurry. She loses her balance and ends up on the floor.

Lee has come back and gets to the bathroom. He lifts her from the floor and lays her on the bed on her back. He covers her naked body. He had drugged her coffee with strong sleeping pills. He couldn’t do this anymore. It was better if she wasn’t awake or he would spill the beans. He sits down by the chair close to the bed to watch her sleep. He had time to think about everything he had done. Deep inside he wasn’t an evil person but there was something about her that made him act crazy. Even if he did love her, his weaknesses towards other woman was so strong. He hated rejections which was the reason he acted the way he did. He was used to get what he wanted and when someone tricked him, he felt betrayed. He didn’t mean to kill those women. It wasn’t planned and now he had to run from the law. Canada would be his savior. He couldn’t leave just yet though. His partner in crime had to make the arrangements first before he could flee the country.

Looking at Mandy sleeping woke up his urges again but he didn’t want to take advantage of her. He takes his mobile and looks through the photos he took of her. He opens his pants and begins to touch himself. He takes a grip of his member and moves his hand across the shaft until fully erected. He changes the photos to the video where Mandy and Sara were doing each other. Was he really this addicted to sex that he had to do this all the time? Even watching her doing it with other men turned him on. He never looked at the men. He wasn’t that interested in them. Moving his hand up and down the shaft, he watches another video where both of the girls are pleasing him. He looks up at Mandy on the bed to make sure she was still fast asleep. Then puts up the volume.
“Come here my little sluts. Daddy wants to feed you” He says on the video
In the video the girls are on all four on the bed and they get closer to him. They keep looking at his erected member and take a grip of it. They pleasure him with their tongues. They all moan and grunt in rhythm. In a moment he commands them to stop. The video continues where one of the girls are filming while he takes the other from behind. Watching all of this makes him reach to climax. He puts the phone on the table and closes his eyes to calm down. After a moment he stands up and gets to the bathroom to clean up.

Meanwhile his mobile rings but he doesn’t hear it. He’s taking a shower and stands there a while. When he’s finished, he takes a towel to dry him and wrap it around his waist. He gets to the bed where Mandy was still sleeping. He looks at her and then notice his phone was blinking. There was a message so he gets it. His partner in crime tells him to call straight away.
“You called”
“What have you done? It’s all over the place. You put her in danger. That was not our deal” The person on the other end rants
“Calm down. What is it?”
“You killed two women now. Explain yourself” The person was still upset
“OK I made a mistake. Sorry I’m human” He was calm
“Some mistake. What were you thinking?”
“It’s their own fault”
“You blame the victims for your crime? I should have known”
“Listen prick, you knew what you were up against. It was you who suggested I would seduce Mandy but that was only because of your boring relationship. Wanted to spice up your sex life, you said. Well here it is. Deal with it” He was angry and raises his voice a little
There was silence on the other end. The person takes a deep breath.
“OK what’s done is done. It’s my entire fault. She’s gonna hate me when she finds out”
“She already hates me I can feel it. So we’re even. You keep the end of your bargain and I keep mine, OK?”
“I’m not sure I want to help a criminal”
“I keep your name out of it if you promise to help me or I tell the press who’s the real criminal here”
“Alright. You better leave before the police get there. They’re already close. Where is Mandy anyway?”
“She’s sleeping. She’s been working on me all night” He smiles to himself and looks her way
“See you tomorrow at the border and give your new passport. Good luck” The person on the other says and ends the call quickly

Lee lays the phone back on the table and put his clothes back on. He gets to the bed and lifts her up so she sits. He slaps her cheeks gently to wake her up.
“Time to wake up babe. We’re leaving”
She opens her eyes but closes them again. He lays her down again and tries to find her clothes to put them on her. He lifts her up in his arms when he’s finished and puts her in the car in her seat. He gets back to their room to take they’re things. He leaves the keys on the table and gets to the car. She’s sleeping so she had no idea what was going on. He drives to the road. It would take at least 13 hours before they would reach the border. Before he started the engine he looked on his phone about the news he heard. He was on the most wanted list. Sara’s body had been found and there were enough of evidence to get him arrested for Annette’s murder as well. This was the consequences of what he had done. He would rather get killed then be put to jail. That was a risk he was ready to take. He would lose the love of his life but what good would that be if he couldn’t be free?

Being followed (part 44)


Chapter 44

After hours of driving Lee finds the motel he was looking for. They had been without drink and food all day so they finally got something. After they’ve eaten, Mandy had fallen asleep straight away. He had no regrets about what had happened. The only regret he had was not getting rid of Mandy earlier. But he was too deep. He didn’t want to fall in love with her but he did. His plan had changed rapidly. Maybe it was time to tell her the truth. He sits by a chair close to the bed watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful and beautiful so he could just watch her. It was midnight but all he could think about was her naked body. He stands up and gets to bed beside her. She’s sleeping on her back. She had no clothes on under the sheets so he slowly takes it off her. It doesn’t wake her up. He runs his fingers across her groin and blows warm air from his mouth. He begins to touch her with his fore and index finger for a while and then gets out of bed. He stands in front of the edge of the bed and undresses himself. He gets closer and spreads her legs. He gets on top of her naked body without touching with his. He looks down at her face and slowly gets inside her. It wakes her up. He smiles and begins to move back and forth, still not touching her. She gasps.
“You like that, do you? Waking up with a hard shaft between your legs, huh” He thrust inside her and pulls out a bit
His arms were getting tired so he lies on top of her. He tries to kiss her but she turns her head on the side. He lifts him up again and takes her harder. It makes her scream slightly.
“Mm I love it when you scream” He pushes inside her “Some more”
He thrust inside her even harder until her screams gets louder. It excites him even more. He was hurting her on purpose to make her suffer. She grabs the sheets just to grab something. She refused to touch him. His resistance had become shorter. He used to last longer but it was over in a few minutes. It proved he was getting tired of doing this. Having to use women for sex was taking its toll. When he reaches his peak he gets off her immediately. He lays himself beside her exhausted. She turns on her left side so she didn’t have to see him. She wanted to sleep and not be taken over and over again. In a moment he gets up and gets to the bathroom. She’s fallen asleep again under the sheets. He puts his clothes back on and takes his phone. He makes sure she doesn’t wake up and is out of the door.

As soon as he’s outside, he calls someone. It takes a while before anyone replies.
“Oh good. I don’t know how long I can keep up with this. You have to take me out of this misery”
“Just hold on. Only a few days and I promise everything will be over” The person on the other end says
“A few days? Oh man that feels like ages. I have to tell her” He runs his fingers through his hair
“Not yet or you’ll spoil everything”
“OK but if you don’t get in touch when you say you would. I give myself in”
“Lee stop worrying. I know you love her but you have to stop hurting her. I didn’t exactly keep her safe when I turned her in to you”
“Thanks anyway” He smiles and ends the call
He takes a deep breath and gets back inside. He takes his clothes off and gets to bed. The next few days would be long so he needed the rest.

Being followed (part 43)

Author’s Notes: Contains minor violence!


Chapter 43

Lee was driving like maniac. Mandy was almost scared so she puts the seatbelt on that she had forgotten in all the commotion. He slows down after an hour. He hadn’t shaved for days so he looked really attractive. He knew she loved feeling that roughness against her soft skin. It could have fooled her before but now it didn’t. He doesn’t say anything until they’re middle of nowhere. He stops the car and turn to her. He caresses her hair that has grown a bit longer.
“Since we didn’t have any breakfast I thought we could get each other off. I go down on you and you go down on me. What do you say?”
She shakes her head. He starts to kiss her ear and biting her earlobe while moving his left hand between her legs. He opens the zip on her jeans. He never wanted her to wear any underwear so he could have access to her any time he was in need. Suddenly she hears a bang. She looks outside but there’s nothing.
“What was that?”
“Nothing” He keeps kissing her neck
In a moment there’s one more.
“There it is again”
“Shut up whore. Now do as I say” He commands her but she manages to take her seatbelt off and opens the door
She quickly gets out of the car just as he tries to grab her. The bang was getting louder. It was coming from the trunk. He’s stepped out of the car and gets to her. He grabs her arm but she gets loose. She stands behind the car and looks at it.
“It’s coming from the car”
“That’s none of your business. Let’s continue our journey” He grabs her arm again
“Open the trunk”
“You can’t afford to disobey me, you know that”
Mandy has picked up her courage. It was like she had woken up from a bad dream but the dream was still real. She gets closer to the trunk and is about to open it herself but he pushes her so she falls on her behind on the sand. He picks her up and slaps her hard on her cheek so it leaves a red mark.
“Get back to the car and stay there. If you get out, you’ll get the strap” He yells angry at her and all she could do is do so

When she’s inside the car, he opens the trunk. Sara has woken up. He hits her until she loses consciousness again. He closes it and gets back in the car. Mandy didn’t dare to ask anything. She knew now the last thing she should do was to piss him off. He starts the engine and speeds up again. She looks out of the window still holding her cheek. Her hatred towards him increased. This was the last straw. Next time he hit her; she would find the nearest phone and call the cops. He thought she was stupid but she could figure out there was a person in the trunk. They drive for hours and hours through the desert. They get out of Utah. She has fallen asleep. When she wakes up it’s already night. There was no sound from the trunk. She was hungry and thirsty but she was too scared to say about it. There was only silence in the car. Lee kept driving but had slowed down. The roads were also quiet. They were driving on an asphalt road. They were arriving to a city but he’s just driving through it. She realized the country wasn’t their destination at all.

She startles when his phone rings. He answers it without stopping.
“I can’t talk right now” He glimpses at her while talking “OK make it quick”
He kept listening and smiled once in a while. He ended the call with a sigh. He puts the phone back in his jacket pocket and keeps concentrating on the driving. She didn’t want to think what the call was about. His actions were strange enough. Her mouth was dry and she could feel weakness from the lack of food. She closes her eyes again. She hears the engine stopping but pretends to sleep. She hears the door open on his side and closing again. She opens her eyes and looks through the mirror above her head. She sees him open the trunk and take out something from it. She slowly opens the door and creeps out and caught him red-handed.

“What have you done?” She covers her hand over her mouth in disbelief
She sees Sara bind on the ground. She was still unconscious and had bruises all over her face.
“Get back in the car or you’ll end up like her” He yells angry
But she doesn’t obey. She keeps standing there puzzled. He unties Sara’s legs and lays her leaning with her back against a tree. He slaps her cheeks to wake her up.
“Wakey wakey”
She slowly opens her eyes. Mandy gasps which make him turn his head to look at her.
“I told you, get back in the car. This is none of your business” He raises his voice
She was in shock but manages to get back inside. She cracks the window open and listens. Sara sat there helpless. Her breathing was slow so she was too weak to get up.
“This is what you get when you tricked me. You know what I do with women who do that. No one seduces me for fun. That’s where you crossed the line. I’m sorry to say but this is the end of your road” He takes something out of his back pocket
Before Mandy has time to stop him, he stabs Sara in the stomach with a folded knife and turns it until her last breath. Mandy screams. She had just seen her new friend get killed in cold blood.

He cleans the knife on Sara’s red dress and folds the knife back to put it in his back pocket. He drags her body further from the road. Still in shock Mandy walks back to the car when he tells her. She tried to hold her tears when they drive away but she couldn’t stop it. He looks her way.
“Don’t worry. If you’ll miss her you can always remember her from the video I took last night”
She’s too sad to listen to his words. She cries in her hands. While driving he puts his hand on her knee and brushes it with his thumb. She calms down herself and takes his hand away, looking upset at him. Instead of getting angry, he just smiles at her and look forward. He had just killed a person and he wasn’t even sorry. Mandy’s sadness became anger. She had to get hold of that knife somehow. She didn’t care what happened to her anymore. All the things he had done to her and others, he needed to be stopped. It was time to put action into words.

Being followed (part 42)

Chapter 42

Mandy wakes up with a terrible headache. It was early morning and the sun was shining through the curtains. She sees a blonde woman lying beside her. She had no memory of where she was. It was like it happened when she was still with Benedict. The light was hurting her eyes so she had to squint. She slowly sits up in the bed. She had no clothes on. She looks around the room but she doesn’t see Lee anywhere. The woman was sleeping tightly on her back. What had happened during the night? Mandy gets out of bed and tries to find something to wear. She finds a bathrobe in the closet close to the bed. An empty tequila bottle is on the floor and her black dress beside it. The blonde woman in the bed is waking up. When she opens her eyes, she sits up in panic and then holds her head with her left hand.
“Where am I?”
Mandy stands by the bathroom door and is about to get inside.
“You’re in a motel room. I have no idea why”
“Who are you? I have no memory of anything” The woman looks at her
“I’m Mandy” She gets to her
“Sara. I have a terrible headache”
“Me too. What do you remember?” Mandy sits on the bed
“I came here in the evening. Then some guy told me to dress up in a nurse outfit and then. That’s about it”
“I’m sorry you had to get dragged to his sick games”
“Lee, my so-called boyfriend”
Sara was confused a while but then remembers.
“Oh I see. I don’t want to panic you but he’s bad news” She whispers and looks nervously around
“I know” Mandy looks down on her hands
“What’s wrong?” Sara looks worried at her
“Oh nothing” She smiles and stands up “I have to take a shower”
“Wait” Sara takes her hand “Where is he now?”
“I don’t know” She tries to leave but Sara holds her hand tighter
“I have to get out of here. Are you with me? We have to leave. Now”
She panics like Mandy did the night before but now she was somewhat calm. In a way she had given up to get away. She thought Sara could help her but now she had become a victim herself.
“I’m sorry but I’ve tried but he’s always a step ahead”

Sara wraps the sheet around her and gets out of bed. She had to find her clothes. She had never been this scared in her life. Her hands were shaking so she could hardly keep the sheet around her. She finds her dress under the bed and put it on. Mandy has gone to the bathroom to take a shower. Sara had to leave her behind. She notices her necklace was gone but she didn’t have time to find it. She gets to the door but it’s too late.
“Well, well what do we have here? A runaway” Lee was back
She felt like a small mouse. His height scared her even more. There was no doubt why she had fallen for his charm. He was even more gorgeous in the daylight but knowing what kind a man he was, she shuddered to think anything else. She steps back.
“I have to get to work” She manages to say but he doesn’t listen
He makes her walk backwards while looking at her. He lays the brown paper bag he carries on the bed. He caresses her hair and is about to kiss her when Mandy gets from the bathroom. As soon as she does, he forgets all about Sara.
“Did you sleep well babe?” He wraps his arms around Mandy’s waist
Sara slowly walks closer to the door but he notice she does.
“Stop right there” He says to her while looking at Mandy and then turns around “Do stay for breakfast”
“I really have to go or my boss will yell at me”
“Sit down!” He commands and frighten she does on the couch “Good girl. That’s how to obey me. Take notice Mandy”

Mandy had the bathrobe on so he opens the belt and opens the robe. He lays his hands on her waist and kisses her passionately. She didn’t want to touch him. He moves his kisses to her neck. Sara kept looking at them and he felt it.
“Nothing is better than sex before breakfast, don’t you think Sara?” He kept kissing Mandy’s neck
He made her walks backwards while opening his pants. Mandy had learned just to take it. They end up against the wall. He gets back to her lips and he keeps his eyes opened while she closes hers. His breathing is getting heavier. Knowing someone is watching turned him on even more. Sara looked away but her eyes wandered to their love-making. He was now taking Mandy against the wall with force with her legs around his waist. He came quickly and let her back on her feet. He turns his head to look at Sara. He could see she had her hand close to her groin so he smiles. He let’s go of Mandy and pulls his pants back on. He gets closer to Sara and stands in front of her.
“So you like watching, do you?” He takes her hand and lays it on the bulge on his pants but she takes her hand away “OK maybe later”
Mandy has gone back to the bathroom so she doesn’t see what would happen next. Lee gets to the bed to get the paper bag with the breakfast and doesn’t notice Sara has got up from the couch to approach him. She stands behind him and suddenly puts her hand on his groin from behind. Without turning around he smiles.
“So you’re just playing to be scared and want to run away. When you actually want to do things to me”
“That’s right sexy. We should leave her here and start a new life somewhere else” She looks up at him
He slowly turns around and moves her hand away.
“There’s a problem in your plan”
“What’s that babe?” She touches his chest
“I love Mandy and I rather not leave her”
“What does she have that I don’t? Except an appetite for sex” She touches his lower lip
“She’s my getaway”
“What do you mean?” She’s puzzled
“I tell you a secret. I killed her best friend and do you know why?” He gets serious
She was too afraid to answer but she wanted to know.
“No” With a lump in her throat
“Because she did exactly what you did. Tried to seduce me but it was all a lie. Just like you do right now” He’s so angry he pushes her hard so she ends on the floor, only missing an inch from the table

Mandy has taken another shower so she doesn’t hear a thud. Lee has hit Sara so she has become unconscious. He ties down her hands and feet with ropes from his car and gagged her mouth with a scarf. He puts her in the trunk in his car. Fortunately the motel yard is empty. There was a reason why he had chosen this one. It’s was in the middle of nowhere and there weren’t many residents there. It also had the highest crime rate in the county so he had a better chance to get away. He gets this all done before Mandy notices anything.
“We should leave so put your clothes on”
“Where did Sara go?” She stands by the bathroom door with the robe on
“She went to work. No worries. Let’s just get out of here. We’ve been here long enough” He empties the closet and packs their things in a suitcase
She didn’t dare to ask any more questions. She has her jeans and shirt back on. Everything goes smoothly. They were back on the road. But in all that hurry, he forgets one thing. The cleaner of the motel finds Sara’s purse under the bed with her ID card in it. The manager counts one to one and calls the police.