Being followed (part 48)


Author’s Note: Last chapter. Thanks for reading.


Chapter 48

The police outside shout in their headphone a few times. Inside the room, Lee is just calm but he knew there was no way out. He wouldn’t give up without a fight. He had lingered there for too long. His plan had failed.
“I see you called your friends” Lee looks at Ben
“You better do as they say”
“Who made you the boss? Shut up I have to think” Lee raises his voice and gets to the window
There were at least 5 police cars outside. The officers were standing behind the car doors with the gun pointed at the motel. Mandy and Ben are sitting on the bed looking at him.

Lee gets to them and grabs Mandy’s arm so she stands up. Ben tries to grab her hand but Lee drags her to the bathroom. He locks the door behind them.
“This is what I want you to do. Go outside and tell to the cops to back off. Say I want to get my car and a free getaway and I’ll promise no one will get hurt. Can you do that?” He lays his hands on her shoulders and looks in her eyes
“You can’t tell me what to do anymore”
He steps back and looks upset at her.
“That’s where you are wrong. Do you really think I wouldn’t keep hurting you? I lied, I love taking you with force. I love the power. The first time I saw you I wanted to make you my sex toy. That’s what you’re doing to me. That’s the reason I killed your friend and Sara. They tried to seduce me so I stopped it. I did it all for you. So you actually own me a favor”
“No I don’t. You only say that because you think it turns me on. But it doesn’t. I want this to be over. Turn yourself in. Do it for me if you really love me” She looks upset at him
He didn’t want to hear none of it.
“So you’re gonna refuse me? You can say goodbye to your precious Ben” He storms out of the bathroom

He’s been hiding a gun inside his jacket pocket and points it at Ben. He quickly gets up and steps back. Mandy gets there quickly but before she can do anything, Lee shoots him in the right knee. Ben collapses on the floor and grunts in pain. The police have heard and they storm in.
“Put the gun down and get slowly down on your knees with your hands behind your head” One of the cops commands Lee and he drops the gun to do so
Mandy gets to Ben and gets down on her knees beside him. He was in terrible pain. The ambulance is called. The cops arrest Lee for murder and kidnapping. Before they take him away, he wanted to give her a last kiss and she lets him.
“I’m sorry” Was his last words to her
She was relived she was finally free.

Later in the hospital Mandy sits by Ben’s bed. Luckily the bullet only injured a small part of his knee. He would be alright again.
“Will you ever forgive me?”
“It wasn’t entirely your fault. I should have listened to you. I’m just glad I got you back. Let’s promise each other we’ll never be part again” She takes his hand in hers
“I promise” He smiles and they kiss
Mandy would never see Lee again. He had been found guilty and sentenced for 15 years of man slaughter and other crimes he had committed. It wasn’t the first time he had got arrested. It turned out he had raped and insulted several women before she met Mandy but he had always got away with it. He was a great manipulator and knew how to exploit his good looks.

Mandy’s hell was over. The only thing that would remind her about it was the child she was expecting. It didn’t matter who the father was. She and Ben were happy about their new family. After 10 years they finally get married. Their experiences made them stronger. Nothing would take that happiness away again.

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