Being followed (part 47)

Chapter 47

Lee drives all night long. Mandy hadn’t woken up once. They were getting to the border. It was only 10 miles away. He had to make a final stop and then it was time for goodbyes. He would meet his partner in crime in a motel close to the border at 9 am. The motel was situated in a quiet place where not many people were moving around. The sun was shining and it was a little windy. Mandy wakes up when he opens the door on the passenger’s side.
“We’re here” He opens the door wider
She was still disorientated when she steps out of the car. She wipes her eyes with her left hand and leans against the car a while. He closes the door. When she moves her fingers away, she sees a man standing at a front door to the motel. At first she doesn’t see who it is. It couldn’t be? He was still in London. When she finally opens her eyes completely, she sees a familiar face.

Happy she runs to him. She wraps her arms around his waist.
“Ben, am I happy to see you” She hugs him tightly, tears running down her cheeks “What are you doing here?” She sobs
Lee has walked after her and stops on the porch. He keeps looking around.
“I came to take you home” Ben hugs back
“You can say your hello’s inside” Lee hurries them
Mandy didn’t want to let Ben go so he carries her over the doorstep. Lee closes the door.
“Where is my passport? I should be leaving”
Mandy couldn’t believe what she heard. She was finally free? Ben takes her arms away.
“Um about that” He pauses and looks down
“I’ve thought about what you said and I can’t let you get away with it. You killed two people for crying out loud” He looks up again
“What are you saying? You’re not gonna help me?” Lee was surprised
Mandy didn’t understand a thing. Now when Ben was there, she was free to talk again.
“Wait a minute, two people?” She’s puzzled
“Should I tell her or should you?” Ben looks at Lee
He looks angry at Ben. When no one says anything she turns to Ben.
“Ben, care to tell me what this is about?”
“What do you say now, jerk” Lee interrupts and looks his way
“Mandy, he killed Annette” Ben looks in her eyes

Shocked she looks at Lee and anger was growing inside her.
“No, I don’t believe it. I refuse to” She looks at Ben again
“It’s true” He replies
She looks angry at Lee and gets closer to him.
“You killed my best friend. How could you? You let me believe it was some homeless guy. After all you’ve done to me. All those disgusting men you forced me to have sex with. All the confidence you took away from me. It was all because you wanted to get away with murder. You bastard” She slaps his face with her hand with all the force she has and he just takes it
She gets back to Ben. All the anger she had built inside her was now coming out.
“If you really want someone to blame look to your left” Lee says in a minute
She does and Ben looks away. She steps back from him.
“You?” She was even more confused
“It was all his idea so why don’t you scream at him” Lee gets upset

The truth was finally coming out. She couldn’t trust anyone. What had she done to deserve this treatment? The only person she could fully trust had betrayed her. She wanted to run away but she wanted to know the truth.
“What is he talking about?” She waits for Ben’s reply “Ben?”
He really was embarrassed. Lee was getting agitated. He should have been in Canada right now but he was stuck.
“Sorry for interrupting but I really have to go so could you hand that passport, please?”
“Shut up” Both Ben and Mandy yells at him
“OK” He gets to the window to look outside to see no cops were around
“The things is, I didn’t think it would go this far. I just wanted to have a change to our relationship” Ben tells her and sits on the bed
“So you hired this sex expert to spoil it all” She points at Lee
“I didn’t know at the time what kind person he was. I’m not responsible of his actions. I just wanted proof you would be faithful to me and as it turned out, you weren’t but I didn’t stop you either. It did prove our sex life, didn’t it?”
“You knew he was following me. You knew he raped me several times. You knew everything and you did nothing to stop it. How can I ever trust you ever again? I’m disappointed in you Ben” She sits down on a chair near the wall and starts crying
“I didn’t think it would go this far. How would I have known he’s a sick bastard?”
“Hey that’s an insult” Lee yells by the window
“But you are. I can’t believe I ever made a deal with you in the first place. I really hope the cop gets you” Ben yells angry at him and then get down on his knees beside Mandy
She looks at him but she was still not convinced. She didn’t know him anymore. She had been totally heartbroken when he left her.
“Were you even in London or was that a lie too?” She stops crying and dries her eyes
“I really was. That’s the truth but I was only there a few days. The day I met him was when I was waiting for you in the bar after work”
“Wait a minute. I was waiting for you. You were late and Annette said maybe you were stuck in traffic” She was confused
“No I came there before you but left and then came back again”
It confused her even more. Lee was impatient so he gets to them.

“Is this gonna take long? I don’t want to hear some history lesson here”
“Just leave then” Ben got upset which he didn’t do very often
“Give me my passport and I will”
“There is no passport. I lied to you” Ben stands up
The guys stood face to face, Lee being about one head taller.
“Is that so?” There was anger in his eyes
“Yeah what are you gonna do about it?” Ben pushes him a little
“You want to test me, huh? Keep trying and you will”
“You think you’re tough because you’re taller than most people. But in fact you’re nothing. You just beat woman when they don’t do what you want. Rape them; force them to do things they don’t want to”
“What do you know about it? You can’t even please your own woman. You need someone like me to do it. Mandy really was a good lay. I doubt you’ll never be as good as me. She will always compare you with me”

Mandy felt there would be a fist fight in a minute and she just wanted this to be over. She stands up.
“Will you two stop it? I’ve had with you testosterone filled crap. I just want to go home. I’m been through hell and I just want it to stop” She was upset
“You heard the lady” Ben steps away
“What a coward you are but what to expect”
Just when Lee is about to turn around, Ben tries to punch his face but misses by one inch. Lee just laughs and is about to walk away when Ben tries again. He succeeds but it makes Lee furious. Suddenly there are sirens outside.
“This is the police. Come out with your hands above your head!”
The cops had arrived. Ben smiles.