Being followed (part 46)

Chapter 46

Mandy wakes up not knowing where she was. It was dark outside. She sees Lee beside her in a car. Her seatbelt was on. She had no idea how she ended up there. He notices she’s awake. He looks at her and smiles. A panic started to build inside her. Where was he taking her? All she could remember was that coffee she drank.
“Don’t be afraid. I won’t do anything to you. From now on I’ll treat you right, I promise” He glimpses at her while driving
She didn’t want to believe him. He had lied to her so many times. Seeing him kill Sara was still fresh in her memory.
“What do you want from me?” She looks at him nervously
“Want? I only want you to relax. You’ve given me a lot already and that is coming to an end”

What did he mean? Was he gonna kill her as well? Her heart was pounding faster. She had to get out of this car. He was driving quite fast so she could jump out either. She had to make up an excuse. The road was empty since it was already quite late. They were driving on the highway and some trees here and there. He concentrates on the driving so he doesn’t notice she’s looking at him. He had shaved and changed to blue jeans from his black pants. In a way he did look quite attractive in her eyes even if had treated her the way he had. She knew she couldn’t trick him or she would be in a gutter somewhere.
“I need to go to the loo” She manages to say
He looks at her but doesn’t reply.
“Please Lee” She lays her hand on his hand on the steering wheel
“We can’t stop right now” He glimpse at her
“I really have to go, please” She stomps her feet on the floor to indicate she really did
He thinks a while and then pulls over.
“OK make it quickly” He stops the engine
She gets out and walks slowly forward, looking over her shoulder to see if he was following her. He had stepped out of the car and looks quickly around. It was time to run but when she does, he’s suddenly close to her. She’s been looking forward for a second so he had time to get to her.
“Stop right there. Do it here”
She was about to cry.
“I can’t do it while you’re watching” Holding her tears
“Do you want to go or not?” He raises his voice but then calms down “I’m sorry”

Something strange was going on. He could burst in anger but now he calmed down in a second. She takes her jeans down and crouches down. While doing so she notices the folded knife in his back pocket. He looks away and after she pulled her jeans back on, she quickly snatches the knife from his pocket and points it at him. But he’s calm and smiles.
“So you found it like I thought you would. If you think you’re gonna make me angry, it’s gonna be a long wait”
“Stand back” She waves the knife in front of him
“Just think before you act” He steps one step closer to her “You don’t want to go to jail for this. Prison is gonna be hell for you. They love pretty things like you”
“Nothing you say will have any effect on me” She starts sobbing but he gets closer
“Mandy I’m not gonna hurt you. I’ve done enough of that already. Now give me the knife” He reaches his hand
“I swear I’ll kill you if you come any closer” She was getting angry between her sobs
“Hey come on. I’m much taller and stronger than you. Beside you already killed someone. Your finger prints are all over that knife. You don’t want to go to jail of something I did, do you?”
Her eyes are covered with tears. He looks at her in pity. She drops the knife on the ground and fall on her knees, crying her eyes out.
“That’s a good girl. Let’s continue” He folds the knife back in his pocket and helps her up

She was mentally tired. She gets back to the car and they drive away. That was her last chance. She would be his prisoner forever and that made her even more depressed. She falls asleep. On the way he stops and gets out. There’s a big lake where he throws the knife as further as he can. He should have got rid of it ages ago. He gets back to the car. Mandy was so tired she didn’t even notice they had stopped. He takes a look at her once and concentrates on the driving. Soon this journey would come to an end.

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