Being followed (part 44)


Chapter 44

After hours of driving Lee finds the motel he was looking for. They had been without drink and food all day so they finally got something. After they’ve eaten, Mandy had fallen asleep straight away. He had no regrets about what had happened. The only regret he had was not getting rid of Mandy earlier. But he was too deep. He didn’t want to fall in love with her but he did. His plan had changed rapidly. Maybe it was time to tell her the truth. He sits by a chair close to the bed watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful and beautiful so he could just watch her. It was midnight but all he could think about was her naked body. He stands up and gets to bed beside her. She’s sleeping on her back. She had no clothes on under the sheets so he slowly takes it off her. It doesn’t wake her up. He runs his fingers across her groin and blows warm air from his mouth. He begins to touch her with his fore and index finger for a while and then gets out of bed. He stands in front of the edge of the bed and undresses himself. He gets closer and spreads her legs. He gets on top of her naked body without touching with his. He looks down at her face and slowly gets inside her. It wakes her up. He smiles and begins to move back and forth, still not touching her. She gasps.
“You like that, do you? Waking up with a hard shaft between your legs, huh” He thrust inside her and pulls out a bit
His arms were getting tired so he lies on top of her. He tries to kiss her but she turns her head on the side. He lifts him up again and takes her harder. It makes her scream slightly.
“Mm I love it when you scream” He pushes inside her “Some more”
He thrust inside her even harder until her screams gets louder. It excites him even more. He was hurting her on purpose to make her suffer. She grabs the sheets just to grab something. She refused to touch him. His resistance had become shorter. He used to last longer but it was over in a few minutes. It proved he was getting tired of doing this. Having to use women for sex was taking its toll. When he reaches his peak he gets off her immediately. He lays himself beside her exhausted. She turns on her left side so she didn’t have to see him. She wanted to sleep and not be taken over and over again. In a moment he gets up and gets to the bathroom. She’s fallen asleep again under the sheets. He puts his clothes back on and takes his phone. He makes sure she doesn’t wake up and is out of the door.

As soon as he’s outside, he calls someone. It takes a while before anyone replies.
“Oh good. I don’t know how long I can keep up with this. You have to take me out of this misery”
“Just hold on. Only a few days and I promise everything will be over” The person on the other end says
“A few days? Oh man that feels like ages. I have to tell her” He runs his fingers through his hair
“Not yet or you’ll spoil everything”
“OK but if you don’t get in touch when you say you would. I give myself in”
“Lee stop worrying. I know you love her but you have to stop hurting her. I didn’t exactly keep her safe when I turned her in to you”
“Thanks anyway” He smiles and ends the call
He takes a deep breath and gets back inside. He takes his clothes off and gets to bed. The next few days would be long so he needed the rest.