Being followed (part 43)

Author’s Notes: Contains minor violence!


Chapter 43

Lee was driving like maniac. Mandy was almost scared so she puts the seatbelt on that she had forgotten in all the commotion. He slows down after an hour. He hadn’t shaved for days so he looked really attractive. He knew she loved feeling that roughness against her soft skin. It could have fooled her before but now it didn’t. He doesn’t say anything until they’re middle of nowhere. He stops the car and turn to her. He caresses her hair that has grown a bit longer.
“Since we didn’t have any breakfast I thought we could get each other off. I go down on you and you go down on me. What do you say?”
She shakes her head. He starts to kiss her ear and biting her earlobe while moving his left hand between her legs. He opens the zip on her jeans. He never wanted her to wear any underwear so he could have access to her any time he was in need. Suddenly she hears a bang. She looks outside but there’s nothing.
“What was that?”
“Nothing” He keeps kissing her neck
In a moment there’s one more.
“There it is again”
“Shut up whore. Now do as I say” He commands her but she manages to take her seatbelt off and opens the door
She quickly gets out of the car just as he tries to grab her. The bang was getting louder. It was coming from the trunk. He’s stepped out of the car and gets to her. He grabs her arm but she gets loose. She stands behind the car and looks at it.
“It’s coming from the car”
“That’s none of your business. Let’s continue our journey” He grabs her arm again
“Open the trunk”
“You can’t afford to disobey me, you know that”
Mandy has picked up her courage. It was like she had woken up from a bad dream but the dream was still real. She gets closer to the trunk and is about to open it herself but he pushes her so she falls on her behind on the sand. He picks her up and slaps her hard on her cheek so it leaves a red mark.
“Get back to the car and stay there. If you get out, you’ll get the strap” He yells angry at her and all she could do is do so

When she’s inside the car, he opens the trunk. Sara has woken up. He hits her until she loses consciousness again. He closes it and gets back in the car. Mandy didn’t dare to ask anything. She knew now the last thing she should do was to piss him off. He starts the engine and speeds up again. She looks out of the window still holding her cheek. Her hatred towards him increased. This was the last straw. Next time he hit her; she would find the nearest phone and call the cops. He thought she was stupid but she could figure out there was a person in the trunk. They drive for hours and hours through the desert. They get out of Utah. She has fallen asleep. When she wakes up it’s already night. There was no sound from the trunk. She was hungry and thirsty but she was too scared to say about it. There was only silence in the car. Lee kept driving but had slowed down. The roads were also quiet. They were driving on an asphalt road. They were arriving to a city but he’s just driving through it. She realized the country wasn’t their destination at all.

She startles when his phone rings. He answers it without stopping.
“I can’t talk right now” He glimpses at her while talking “OK make it quick”
He kept listening and smiled once in a while. He ended the call with a sigh. He puts the phone back in his jacket pocket and keeps concentrating on the driving. She didn’t want to think what the call was about. His actions were strange enough. Her mouth was dry and she could feel weakness from the lack of food. She closes her eyes again. She hears the engine stopping but pretends to sleep. She hears the door open on his side and closing again. She opens her eyes and looks through the mirror above her head. She sees him open the trunk and take out something from it. She slowly opens the door and creeps out and caught him red-handed.

“What have you done?” She covers her hand over her mouth in disbelief
She sees Sara bind on the ground. She was still unconscious and had bruises all over her face.
“Get back in the car or you’ll end up like her” He yells angry
But she doesn’t obey. She keeps standing there puzzled. He unties Sara’s legs and lays her leaning with her back against a tree. He slaps her cheeks to wake her up.
“Wakey wakey”
She slowly opens her eyes. Mandy gasps which make him turn his head to look at her.
“I told you, get back in the car. This is none of your business” He raises his voice
She was in shock but manages to get back inside. She cracks the window open and listens. Sara sat there helpless. Her breathing was slow so she was too weak to get up.
“This is what you get when you tricked me. You know what I do with women who do that. No one seduces me for fun. That’s where you crossed the line. I’m sorry to say but this is the end of your road” He takes something out of his back pocket
Before Mandy has time to stop him, he stabs Sara in the stomach with a folded knife and turns it until her last breath. Mandy screams. She had just seen her new friend get killed in cold blood.

He cleans the knife on Sara’s red dress and folds the knife back to put it in his back pocket. He drags her body further from the road. Still in shock Mandy walks back to the car when he tells her. She tried to hold her tears when they drive away but she couldn’t stop it. He looks her way.
“Don’t worry. If you’ll miss her you can always remember her from the video I took last night”
She’s too sad to listen to his words. She cries in her hands. While driving he puts his hand on her knee and brushes it with his thumb. She calms down herself and takes his hand away, looking upset at him. Instead of getting angry, he just smiles at her and look forward. He had just killed a person and he wasn’t even sorry. Mandy’s sadness became anger. She had to get hold of that knife somehow. She didn’t care what happened to her anymore. All the things he had done to her and others, he needed to be stopped. It was time to put action into words.