Being followed (part 41)

Author’s Notes: Mature content


Chapter 41

It was then Mandy knew her situation was hopeless. She was back in her shell. She undresses and let Lee do anything he wanted. He kept drinking empty every bottle in the minibar and soon he was drunk. But that didn’t stop him from using her. It was already dark outside when he finally stops. She was aching all over but she was tied to the bed so she couldn’t move. She was tired so she closes her eyes. She wakes up when she hears him opening the cuffs.
“We are getting company soon so we better get ready”
He had put his clothes back on. He takes a grip of her wrists and pulls her so she sits up. He stumbles so he almost lands on her but he just laughs.
“I think I’m drunk”
She only looks at him spitefully. Even his touched made her feel nauseated. He gets on his feet and pulls her up on hers. He looks down at her and caresses her hair. When she looks away he takes a grip of her chin and kisses her. But he wasn’t upset.
“Be a good girl and play nice. We don’t want our guest to get the wrong impression. Now get into the shower and clean yourself up. I want you to smell nice”
She walks pass him while he looks at her. She could hear him grunt. She gets to the bathroom and locks the door. She didn’t want any surprises. She gets under the shower and cries. The warm water running across her body flushed her tears away. She didn’t want to leave this place. The bathroom was her safe haven. As long as she was there, things were alright. She startles when he bangs on the door. He had become impatient. She was shaking inside. Staying there would make things worse. She switches off the shower and takes the towel hanging on the wall. She dries herself and then gets to the door with the towel around her. After taking a deep breath, she unlocks the door.
“I didn’t mean you should stay there all evening” He was angry again
He grabs her left wrist and pulls her close to him. He takes the towel of her and lays both of his hands on her naked breasts. He looks down at them and starts to breathe heavily. She looks away but it doesn’t bother him. He gets down on his knees in front of her and begins to lick her nipples. While doing so he thrusts his two fingers inside her. He looks up and smiles.
“You’re more willing than you think. Otherwise you wouldn’t be so wet. Lay down on the bed with your legs spread” He stands up “I thought I could wait until our guest arrived but I guess I can’t. Do it”
All she could do was to do so. Her head on the pillow and her legs spread, he lies between them and pleasures her with his tongue. She keeps her arms on the bed and looking up in the ceiling. He doesn’t stop until her climax. He gets on top of her and kisses her so she tastes herself. Without saying anything he gets up and gets to the bathroom without closing the door. He wanted her to watch him pleasuring himself. Before she can sit up, he gets back.
“That’s better” He gets to the closet and takes out a black dress with straps “Put this on. You want to look nice” He throws it on the bed
She takes it and does so. The dress was tight but it fit her figure perfectly. He looks at her and gets closer. He runs his hands from her shoulders to her hands while looking closely at her.
“Damn you look sexy. I hope our guest will think so too” He gives her a kiss and then there’s a knock on the door “Finally”

He gets to the door to open it. Mandy sits down on the bed. It was the nurse.
“Did you bring it with you?” He asks her
“Yeah” The nurse smiles
“Good. Come in. Let me introduce you to my girlfriend. You already know her” He opens the door wider and lets her in
In steps a beautiful woman in a dark red dress and black high heels. She looked different then at the hospital. Her blonde hair was curly and she wore a silver necklace around her neck. She also had a black purse hanging on her shoulder. She puts it down on the chair beside the bed before getting to where Mandy is sitting.
“Hi Mandy. I’m Sara” She offers her hand and they shake “How are you feeling?”
Mandy looked at Lee who stood just step away from them.
“Fine” She quickly replies
“Please sit down beside her” He says to Sara and she does
With a shy smile the girls look at each other. He just looks at them a while. The situation was awkward and Mandy could see Sara wasn’t comfortable.
“So why am I here?” She was much braver
“Indeed” He just smiles
Mandy wanted to reach down to her and tell her to run. She was in a dangerous place. But Lee knew exactly what she thought.
“You tell me to bring the nurse outfit and now we’re just sitting here. I’m leaving if nothing will happen” Sara says and is about to get up
“Sit down” He commands her and pushes her down “You’re not going anywhere”
Sara looks frighten at him. She was only 5’6” and he could snap her like a twig. She looks at Mandy who looked as nervous as she was. He looks at them up and down. He was aroused and he didn’t hide it. Sara who was a curious person so she couldn’t stop noticing which made him even more excited. But then he suddenly heads to the door to open it.
“You get to know each other while I get some more alcohol” He turns to say to them and then locks the door from outside

The girls look at each other puzzled.
“Nice boyfriend you got there” Sara was sarcastic and stands up
Now it was time to put brave face. Mandy who’s been looking away had to tell her.
“Please run away from here. You don’t want to be here. Run before he gets back. Please” She begs her
“What is it, darling? What’s wrong?” Sara puts her hand on her shoulder
“Leave. He’s dangerous” She’s panicking
“What do you mean? He was really nice to me”
“That’s how it starts. Please go before it’s too late. Please” She starts crying
“Shh, it’s OK. Tell me what has happened”
“There’s no time. Please” She pleads
“Alright. How about you?” Sara takes her purse on the chair
“Save yourself. Call the cops. I begging you, please”
But then the door opens. They both gets frighten and look at each other. It was too late. He steps inside with a bottle of tequila in his hand. He had been drinking of it quite a lot already. He puts it down on the table in the living room and looks up to see the girls. He smiles and gets closer.
“Here are my sexy kittens. Ready for some fun?” He was in a funny mood
Sara was familiar with this of kind of behavior. Seeing how drunk he was she knew how to handle it.
“Shouldn’t you take a rest? I’m surprised you’re still up”
Mandy was nervous seeing her approaching him.
“Then put that nurse outfit on and nurse me” He’s about to kiss her but she push him gently away
He tries to kiss her again but she refuses him. It’s then he shows his true colors. He pushes her so hard so she falls on her back on the floor. Luckily there was nothing in the way.
“Shut up whore” He yells angry and gets to her “You’re gonna put that outfit on and do what you came here to do”
Sara was stronger mentally and wouldn’t be pushed like this. She stands up.
“So you’re calling me names in front of your girlfriend? Some boyfriend you are” She was angry
“That’s not the worst thing. I’m gonna take you from behind in front of her. She loves that. Do you whore?” He grabs her hair and pulls it

Mandy just froze. He pushes Sara towards the wall while opening his pants with one hand. He pulls her hair so hard so she screams.
“Lean against the wall with your hands” He commands her and pulls her skirt up
She didn’t wear anything underneath so it was easy for him to get inside her from behind. He takes her fast while she keeps screaming.
“Yes keep screaming. No one will notice” He pushes inside her while pulling her hair
Mandy didn’t want to see so she closes her eyes and covering her ears with her palms. When he’s finished he withdraws and Sara collapses on the floor. She cries her eyes out. He gets to the table where the bottle is and drinks some more. He notices Mandy and gets to her. She has opened her eyes again.
“Did you enjoy that, my little whore? Want to see more?”
She carefully shakes her head. Sara sits on the floor, leaning her back against the wall with her knees bent to her chest. She’s still sobbing in her hands. Mandy looks her way to see if she’s alright which he notices.
“You want to try? Like you did once before but this time I’m gonna join you. You going down on that girl make me so hard” He was getting excited, closing his eyes for a moment
Quickly Mandy looks away. This was getting weird. The only time she touched a girl was when she was drunk but now she was sober and the whole idea was unpleasant. He takes one more sip from the bottle and put it back on the table.
“Now my little whores, it’s your turn. Come Mandy” He takes her hand and they get to Sara who’s drying her eyes and tries to stand up “Sit down beside her”
But she refuses so he has to push her down. The girls don’t look at each other. They would rather be somewhere else. He takes a chair and sits down in front of them, looking at them.
“Don’t be shy. I know you’re tempted to touch each other. Don’t make me come over there” He waits but nothing is happening “What’s wrong? Don’t you fancy each other?”
The girls still look away. He’s getting more irritated. He stands up and gets the bottle from the table.
“Here” He gets to them to give the bottle “I won’t wait all night”
Sara takes the bottle and drinks as much as she can. She offers it to Mandy but she doesn’t take it. She didn’t care if he would punish her later. She was tired of his sick games.
“If you don’t drink I’m gonna tie you up and let you watch when I take our new friend. You’re choice” He gets upset and she quickly gets the bottle “Good girl. Now touch each other”
The strong alcohol has gone through their heads. They do as he says. He sits down on the chair to watch. They would regret it all the next morning.

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