Being followed (part 40)

Chapter 40

After calming down, Mandy got up and started walking. There had to be someone on the road somewhere. She had no water and no shelter. The weather was getting hotter. She thought this was the end of her life. In a way she was relived she had finally got free from her prison of torture. But she was sad she had to die alone. After walking at least two hours, she falls down of exhaustion on the ground. Then it became all a blur.

“I think she’s awake”
Mandy opens her eyes slowly and sees a woman in a white coat in front of her. She felt tired and her feet were aching. She was in a bed with white sheets. She didn’t know where she was.
“Where am I?” She was confused
“You’re in a hospital in Utah. Everything is alright now” The nurse says and checks out the drip in Mandy’s arm
She gets frighten and quickly sits up.
“I have to leave”
“You suffered a mild heat stroke. Please lay back down”
She calmed down. She didn’t remember anything what had happened. She closes her eyes but opens them again.
“How did I get here?”
“A man found you a few miles from here”
“Who?” She panics
The nurse leaves. She shouts after her but she’s gone. She closes her eyes. She could hardly keep them open.
She hears a familiar voice. Opening her eyes she sees Lee and nervously looks around. Her heart was beating faster.
“I’m sorry I left you like that” He caresses her hair “I just got so upset. I apologies”
There he was again apologizing. Did he really think everything was alright? This was probably one of his games again. She could call the nurse but maybe that would just tick him off. He sits down on the chair beside her bed. He looks at his mobile. Why was he still around? If he was in a hurry why didn’t he just leave her there?
“Excuse me, sir. Could I have a word?” The same nurse stands by the door to the room

Lee gets up and gets to her. Mandy doesn’t hear what is said. That wasn’t the most interesting part; it was the way he talked to her. It was obvious he was flirting. He kept touching her arm and she just smiled at him. He did this on purpose in front of Mandy. Once in a while he looked her way. He gives the nurse a piece of paper and then touches her blonde hair. With a smile to each other, he gets back to Mandy. He sits back on the chair to play with his phone a while and then stands up, putting it back in his jacket pocket.
“You should rest here for few hours but we really need to get going. Can you stand up?” He pulls the cover off her
She refused to move before she gets an answer.
“I don’t want to leave” She tries to take the cover from him
“Don’t get difficult now” He was calm “You don’t want to make a scene. We’re in a public hospital. Besides there will be a nurse present where we’re going. Come on now”
If was the nurse he talked to, she was sure and it wasn’t nursing she would do. But she couldn’t afford to make her life more in danger then it was. Her clothes were in a closet where he takes them from and help her dress. He takes the needle from her arm and throws it on the bed. She was still weak so he had to hold her up when they walk the hospital’s hallway. He looks around to see no one would see they were leaving. His car was parked outside on the parking lot. When they get there he opens the door on the passenger’s side and helps her in. He puts the seat belt on her. He crouches down and looks at her. She was tired so she has her eyes closed. He touches her inner thigh and up to her groin. She opens her eyes and sees his smiling face.
“I really missed this. It’s my turn to go down on you” He stands up and gives her a kiss
He closes the car door and gets inside on the other side. He speeds up to the road and about 10 minutes later they arrive to a motel with a big red sign. Mandy was feeling better but she refused to move. The motel looked cheap. It looked like it hadn’t been maintained in years. He opens the door on her side but when she doesn’t come out, he takes a grip of her arm.
“Come on, we don’t got all day” He drags her out
She struggles to get loose from his grip but he’s too strong. It made him angry. They’re room wasn’t far away. After he opens the door, he pushes her on the bed so she lands on her back.

“Never fight against me in public like that again? Do you understand me?” He yells at her
She was about to cry. He gets to the minibar and takes two small bottles of alcohol. He opens them both and drinks them empty in one go. She sits on the bed and looks at him. She had never seen him drink like that. There were a lot of things she didn’t know. He’d never told her about himself. It had all been about sex. Why was he so secretive? How could she ever have fallen for him in the first place? She had ruined her relationship with Ben and all because of this.
“Take off your clothes” He commands her but she doesn’t move “Did you hear me?”
He throws the bottles in the bin and gets closer. He grabs her right arm and forces her to stand up. He opens her jeans with his free hand but then she grabs it.
“Stop it. I don’t want to”
“So now you dare to disobey me. OK, you asked for it” He lets her loose and gets to the nightstand to open the drawer
This was her chance. She runs to the front door and try to open it but it’s locked. Quickly he gets to her and grabs her arm tightly. With the handcuffs in his hand, he locks it around her wrists like a cop arresting a criminal. He was mad as hell.
“You’re gonna get punished for that, whore” He drags her to the bed while she screams
He pulls her jeans down and bends her over the bed. With her arms cuffed behind her back, he opens the zip of his pants and takes her with force. She screams into the bed covers. It doesn’t take long before he withdraws.
“Will you now get undressed?” He breathes heavily and stands up

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