Being followed (part 39)

Chapter 39

The next morning Mandy wakes up from a bad dream. She sees Lee sleeping beside her in the bed. It was only 5 am but she couldn’t sleep. She slowly gets out of bed and gets to the bathroom closing the door. She had to make a plan. After the shower the night before, she had to find a towel herself. He didn’t talk to the rest of the night. She knew as soon as he would wake up, he would use her again. Running away wouldn’t help. Getting his phone would also be risky. The only way was to get attention from a stranger. She uses the toilet without flushing it. After washing her hands and face, she slowly unlocks the bathroom door. He’s lying on his back with the sheet only covering his lower body. She stands a little further from the bed to look at him. There was a time when she really had fallen in love with him but now she could only feel disgust. How could things go so wrong? She gets to the closet where her clothes were. She tries to be as quiet as possible. Fully clothed she gets to the front door and carefully opens it. Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
She closes her eyes while standing facing the door. She’s about to cry.
“Nowhere” She manage to say
He wraps his arms around her waist from behind and kisses her ear.
“Then come back to bed” He whispers
She’s about to give in but then snaps out of it. If he wanted to continue to play she could do it too. She turns around and looks up at him.
“Let’s get some breakfast first” She smiles while touching his left ear
“That can wait” He tries to open her jeans but she takes his hand
“I’m really hungry”
“Then get down on your knees” He tries to drag her down but she refuses
“I mean real food”
“Are you trying to get difficult again because then you’re going to be tied down” He gets upset and grabs her left wrist
She wouldn’t let this intimidate her.
“Let go of me. I’m not afraid of your threats” She wriggle herself out
When she’s about to walk pass him, he violently grabs her arm. He forces her against the wall and kisses her hard. Even if she tries to get loose, his grip tightens. He’s so furious, he could hurt her badly.
“You are my whore and you can’t afford to trick me” He raises his voice while banging her head against the wall

She starts to cry. Her plan had failed once again. He forces her to turn around while pulling her jeans down. There was nothing she could do. He takes her quickly from behind and then withdraws. She collapses on the floor.
“That’s my whore” He pants and then goes to the bathroom, leaving her there
Her confident is short-lived. She was too afraid to stand against him. Her crying doesn’t stop for a while. She sits on the floor with her knees bent to her chest. Her face is covered with her palms and the tears running down her cheeks. She startles when he gets back from the bathroom.
“Get up” He stands in front of her with a towel around his waist
When she doesn’t he grabs her arm and makes her stand up. He runs his thumb across her face to dry her eyes.
“You know what’s gonna happen if you don’t obey me” He looks in her eyes “If I tell you to get on your knees, you do it straight away. If you don’t I swear I hurt you so bad you’ll wish you’ll never disobeyed me”
She was scared and he notices but that just made him even more aroused. Something had happened during the night but she didn’t know what. He presses his body closer to hers and kisses her passionately. She could feel his bulge against her which meant it was time to pleasure him again. But by her surprise he moves away from her.
“We should get out of here. We still have a long way to go” He walks to the closet and takes out the suitcase to back their things

20 minutes later they’re on the road again. She was tired but was too nervous to sleep. She wanted to know where they were heading. It was all quiet in the car. He concentrated on the driving and she on him. They had left in quite a hurry which made her wonder what was really going on. How could she have been so stupid to believe what he had said to her during their affair? They had all been lies from the start. Maybe that was his plan all along, to flirt and allure her to his sick games. Her thinking about all of this, he notices she’s looking at him. She startles when he starts talking.
“You can’t take your eyes of me, can you?” He smiles at her but she looks away
She looks out of the window. He lays his hand on her left knee and up her thigh. They were driving through the desert so there was no traffic. With one hand on the steering wheel and the other on her thigh, she could hear his heavy breathing. Suddenly he puts on the brakes so she has to look his way. He starts to laugh. She didn’t find it amusing at all but she was too scared to show motion. What was wrong with him? She was familiar with his mood changes but they seemed to gotten worse.
“Sorry about that. You’re just too easy to fool”
She was even more confused.
“Oh lighten up” He was upset and starts the engine to continue driving
She had enough. She picks up the courage.
“What’s wrong with you?” She looks at him upset
“Shut up whore. You’re not allowed to talk” He looks her way
They were a middle of nowhere so she couldn’t run nor could she be safe but enough was enough. He could kill her even.
“I’m not gonna shut. You hurt me so many times and I’m not gonna take it anymore” She yells at him
He doesn’t say anything. He just keeps driving. Once in a while he looks at her in anger. They drive a while and then he stops.
“Get the hell out of my car or I’ll kill you” He was furious
She looks at him in shock.
“Did you hear me? Get out” He continues
They were in a middle of a sandy road and nothing in sight. Was he gonna leave her without water? When she doesn’t, he gets out of the car and gets to the passenger’s side to open the door. He grabs her arm and pulls her out. Still in shock she sits on the ground without reacting to what just happened. He gets back to his car and speeds away. Before she even realizes, he’s gone. She starts to cry hysterically. If this was his way of saying, you’re history, then that message had gone through.