Being followed (part 37)

Author’s Warning: Mature content


Chapter 37

Early in the morning, Lee and Mandy leave for the country. She was completely in his mercy. He didn’t even let her pack her own things. He did everything. Anyone could suspect something was going on. Her long hair was cut shorter but at least she could brush her own hair. Even the clothes she wore were chosen by him. It was just baggy jeans and a long-sleeved shirts so there was nothing much to choose from. Before she woke up, she had heard him talk on the phone with someone. She didn’t hear what was said but it had taken at least 15 minutes. Were they really gonna be alone? She didn’t trust him one bit. She had decided to be strong and not let her cries spoil her safety.
The trip took hours. He didn’t say anything until they reach the borders to Utah. He looks at her a while before waking her up from her dream. She startles and sees him smile at her but she just looks outside. He takes a firm grip of her chin and turns her head so he can kiss her. They were in the middle of nowhere. Only the mountains and an open road were seen. The weather was sunny and warm.

“Are you getting difficult this early?” He grit his teeth in fury
She shakes her head and he loses his grip. He seemed angrier than before. It came clearer every day that something was bothering him. The trip to another town proved he was running from something. She didn’t understand why she had to become a victim because of that. It wasn’t her fault. She should have seen it coming. Like Ben had said, a stalker just doesn’t stop there. Thinking about him made her miss him even more.
“Good because I’m in a very bad mood and you don’t want to piss me off” He starts the engine and they continue their journey
They drive for miles and miles without meeting a single car. It takes all day until they reach a small town. It was getting dark outside so they find a motel. They were near the countryside but not even close to a place that could be a good getaway. They hadn’t eaten all day. After they’ve settled they finally do but in their room. He didn’t allow her to leave so they ordered something from the motel bar. There were a small TV in their room but he forbids her to switch it on.

“Time for desert” He gets closer to her while opening his pants
She sits on the bed with her hands between her knees and looks down. He stands in front of her and lifts her chin up so she looks up at him.
“Be a good girl and pleasure me with your wet tongue” He takes her hand and makes her take a grip of his member
If she refused he would punish her with something worse. The night of terror crept into her mind where the man who told them what to do. That was the worst. He told Lee to spank her with a whip which he did. It really had turned him on too. There were no boundaries of what he wouldn’t do. It came clear in the note he once wrote in her mobile. They’ve done almost everything he said he wanted.
She takes him in her mouth and start to suck him. Suddenly he wants her to stop. He commands her to take off her clothes. He turns her quickly around, bending her down so she lies with her right cheek on the end of the bed and takes her from behind with force. He calls her names in a ruthless manner. This was a good example of how he treated her. For him she was just a useless woman that he could control the way he wanted. When he’s finished, he withdraws and gets to the bathroom not saying a word. She lies on her stomach with her arms bent beside her. From past experiences, he wasn’t finished with her yet. He gets back without his clothes. He gets on the bed beside her and runs his right hand across her back and to her behind. She closes her eyes. He inserts his index and middle fingers inside her from behind. He begins to thrust slowly while his breathing is getting heavier.

“You really are tight. I love that” He thrusts deeper
He was hurting her but crying wouldn’t help. He keeps looking at her face. In her mind she wished she was somewhere else. He withdraws his fingers and get on top of her. He kisses her ear while touching her hair. He doesn’t get inside her yet. She could feel his hardness against her. Just when she thinks he’s about to take her from behind, he gets off her.
“Get on all four on the bed” He gets out of bed
Reluctantly she gets on her knees and on her hands. He gets closer. His breathing is getting heavier. He stands on the floor while taking a grip of her hips. Before she knows it, he thrusts inside her. His grunts are getting louder the faster he enters. The force of his thrusting makes the bed shake. She wanted him to stop but she couldn’t say it. As he gets closer to climax, he calls her rude names like he recently had done. When he’s finally finished, she can finally relax. He gets to the bathroom and closes the door. Instead of crying, she gets out of bed. She had looked at his mobile on the night table while being used. She had to call for help. There was only one person who could. She dials the number and waits for an answer.
“Who are you calling?”
Frighten she turns around and throws the phone on the bed. He had got back from the bathroom.

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