Being followed (part 36)

Chapter 36

Lee didn’t come back to the room until night fall. Mandy had fallen asleep, when he stands by the doorway, looking at her. He wasn’t sure he wanted to tell the truth about what happened in the office with Annette. Things went terribly wrong when he was lied to. He truly had been attracted to her. That was his weakness, beautiful woman. Another one was kinky sex. He loved taking control. Looking at Mandy laying there helpless turned him on. He gets on the bed beside her and kisses her lips tenderly. It frightens her and she tries to scream.
“Sh everything is alright” He caresses her hair while looking at her closely
She twists and turns in the bed but then calms down. She looks away. The light beside the bed is on. He uncuffs her other hand and moves himself off the bed. He drags her up so she sits on the edge of it while he stands up between her legs, looking down at her. He gets down on his knees.
“OK, you’ll get two choices. You come with me to the country or stay here tide up. If you stay here my friend will keep your company. If you come with me, you’ll be safer. So what do you say, babe?” He moves her hair away from her face
“I’ll stay here” She answers quickly
“Are you sure? It’s not gonna be pleasant. Let’s just say, my friend is really impatient. He doesn’t hesitate. He hurts you if he likes and when he does, you wish you were with me instead”
She’s about to cry. Her life was in danger no matter what she chose. There was no turn back. Her life used to be happy until she met Lee. If she only had listened to Ben. He was right all along. Now she was stuck. Maybe the country could be another root for freedom.
“The country “
“Good” He smiles and gives her a kiss “We leave at dawn” He stands up
He leaves the bedroom for a while and then comes back. He gets back to the bed and uncuff her other hand. He lifts her up on her feet and starts to undress her. Only her white tee on her, he runs his hands across her body. She knew it was sex he wanted. He didn’t say anything. He looks at her lustfully.
“You are beautiful. Seeing you with other men wanted me to join you” He looks in her eyes but she looks away
He starts to kiss her neck and while doing so, he lifts her tee up to uncover her breasts. He looks down at them. He runs his fingertips across her nipples and starts to breathe heavily. He was becoming aroused. He didn’t pay attention to her disgust. She hated his touch but she was too afraid to make him stop. He was strong and could hurt her badly. Her arms on her side, she closes her eyes wishing he would stop. He opens his jeans and pulls them down. He makes her lie down on her back on the bed. He plunges inside her while moving back and forth. He takes her quickly and then withdraws. Exhausted he lays him beside her. She hated being used like this. She dreaded the weekend but she also had hope to get free. It would be more difficult than she thought.

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