Being followed (part 34)

Author’s Note: This chapter contains mature content!

Chapter 34

At 10 pm Mandy hears male voices in the hall. She dreaded what was coming up. She didn’t hear what was said. The voices didn’t sound familiar. Some nights she could hear moans from the living room but she never saw women there. She was always alone in the bedroom while it happened. One thing was for sure, Lee was the one who called the shots. No one was allowed to hurt her unless he said so. Was that supposed to make her feel loved?

A dark haired man stands by the door post, looking at her. His shirt was open and she could see the bulge through his greyish pants. He looked like a business man. A little older than usual. He was quite attractive. He gets closer to her and stands beside the bed. He smiles which didn’t happened often.
“Lee is right, you are sexy. Hi, I’m Jordan and you’re my slave tonight” He laid himself beside her while opening his pants
He gets above her face with his member peeking out of his fly. He didn’t wear anything underneath. He takes the scarf off and directs his erection in her mouth. But instead of wanting her to take him, he shoots his load in her mouth. When he’s finished her face is full of it. He gets off her and lies beside her to lick her dry.
“Mm, taste good doesn’t it? Want some more inside you?” He opens her jeans and pulls them down “You sure are fine here too” He looks at her groin
She’s closed her eyes. She refused to watch. Suddenly another man approaches the bed. He was blonde but he was totally nude.
“Get off. My turn” He commands him and he gets off the bed
Soon the blonde thrust inside her as hard as he can. He showed no mercy. He made her scream. The whole bed shook as he pushed inside her. It didn’t take long before he peaked and as quickly as he came to the room, he was gone”
“Sorry about that” Jordan got back on the bed “He’s young and doesn’t know how to take slow”
She couldn’t even cry anymore. Her eyes opened she wished it was over but he continued to fondle her lower body. He kept looking at her groin. It took 15 minutes until he got inside her and took her slowly. He was quite big and it hurt a little.

It was already midnight when Lee finally gets to the bedroom. The men had left. He gets on top her and kisses her passionately.
“Now we’re are alone” He uncuffing her while doing so
She looks away. He could do anything to her but why did other men have to get involved? They were revolting. Where did he find these creeps were beyond her? She wanted to sleep but he had other things on his mind. He gets out of the bed and drags her up.
“Come on let’s take a shower. You’re dirty”
“I’m tired” She was drowsy like she had a high fever
“No wonder. Those guys really know what they’re doing. Now it’s my turn”
They get to the bathroom and he puts the shower on. She sits on the toilet lid almost falling asleep. She felt like a ragdoll. He takes his clothes off and makes her stand up. Without taking her white tee off, he pushes her carefully under the mild shower. He starts to kiss her under the pouring water. Slowly he pushes her against the shower wall. Her tee is soaking wet and her nipples are hardening. He massages them with his fingers. It makes her moan louder. He stops and turns off the shower. Both wet from the water, they get to the bedroom. He makes her turn around.
“Bend down” He pushes her down from her neck so she leans with her hands against the bed
He gets inside her from behind and thrusts inside her slowly.
“You gave a great performance there. Now do it again, scream my name” He grunts while entering
“Lee” She pleads
He takes a grip of her behind with both hands and squeezes it while he thrusts faster. They’re both panting and grunting in rhythm. She calls out his name over and over. This was the only thing she was willing to do. It was the other things she didn’t like. He thrusts a few times and withdraws.
“Lay on your back on the bed” He pants and she does so
He gets on top of her and get inside her. He takes her as hard as the blonde did but with less force. Her eyes opened, they look at each other. Even if he’d been harsh on her lately, there was still love in his eyes. He reaches his peak and exhausted lays on the bed beside her. She could finally close her eyes to sleep.