Being followed (part 33)

Chapter 33

The next day Lee and Mandy returns to LA. Even if it was a sunny and hot day, they stayed inside the flat. They never went anywhere. She didn’t complain about it in case he got upset. Her personality had totally changed because of him. She always smiled before and was talkative. Now she was a nervous wreck. He had put down her spirit completely. All she was good for was sex. Even that had become weirder. It wasn’t just between them anymore. He had some strange friends who paid a visit. One time a man came who just wanted to watch. He was in command and told them what to do. A lot of alcohol was consumed and maybe drugs even though none of that was seen in the flat. She was the only one sober. That was the worst part. She remembered everything she did and saw. It made her sick to her stomach. This happened almost every night and this one wasn’t different.

“A few friends are coming over. Make sure you’re ready”
They had just eaten a take-out like they always did and they’re sitting by the counter. She sees his mobile further away from him. If she only could get it and call for help. This was getting too much. There had to be a way to get out. She hadn’t confronted him for months.
“Can’t we be alone?” She manages to say and steps down from her bar stool to get closer to him
“No, it’s too late to back down”
She caresses the back of his neck and looks closely at him. She tries to change his mind. While doing so, she tries to reach for his phone. But he notice and takes it from her hand.
“I know what you’re trying to do”
She moves away from him and sits down on the bar stool to cry.
“Why are you treating me this way?” Tears running down her cheeks
“Stop crying or you’ll be tied down. You don’t want that, do you?”

But she’s too sad to stop. He stands up and takes a grip of her wrist, pulling her up. It was the first time he used real physical force on her. She tries to get lose but his grip is too tight. He drags her to the bedroom and pushes her on the bed. He pulls her arms up to the headboard and ties her down with handcuffs that are placed there on each side. Her screams are echoing in the room so he gags her mouth with a scarf.
“You’re a really bad girl and this is your punishment for not obeying orders. You wait here until my friends arrive. Tonight I’ll be your audience” He licks her ear and then leaves the room
Her cries don’t stop until she’s all cried out. She knew a night of terror was ahead.

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