Being followed (part 32)

Chapter 32

Mandy’s life changed in a heartbeat. Annette had been found in the ally badly beaten. She was barely alive when a drifter had found her. They had done everything they could but they couldn’t save her. Mandy’s life fell apart. Her best friend was dead and she was in an abusive relationship. The only person she could truly trust was Ben but she wasn’t allowed to meet him. If she did, Lee would punish her sexually. Overnight she became depressed. She had to quit her job which was now managed by total strangers. Even Max wasn’t working there anymore. She was all alone. Even worse was that Lee was always around. He never hit her but always calling her names. He had totally changed. The police had asked him about the finger prints they had found of him. He admitted he had met Annette and they had an intimate moment but she was alive when he left. Mandy didn’t know anything about it. There had been surveillance cameras but they had been shut down for an hour. The reason was unknown. They had to let him go. That experience changed him for the worse. Even if Mandy cried of her friend’s death, he didn’t care. All he wanted was to make her suffer. She was a prisoner.

A month after Annette’s funeral, Mandy gets a call from one of her friend’s relatives. They lived in New York and they invited her to live with them for a while. They knew her parents had passed away when she was a 15 years old and she was the only child. There was a way out; she thought. But that’s where she was wrong. Lee wanted to tag along. She was his property and she wasn’t going alone anywhere. They flew to the city and settled at a hotel. He didn’t want to take the risk to live anywhere else. He didn’t trust anyone. He was always on alert. When they went to Annette’s relatives, Mandy wasn’t allowed to speak until he said so. They would act as normal as possible.

“It’s just awful what happened to poor Annette. She was such a lovely girl”
Greta was her aunt. Since they lived across the country, they hadn’t kept in touch that often. Her husband, Bill was an accountant while Greta was a home wife. They were happy to meet Mandy who Annette had talked a lot about when they called each other. They didn’t notice she wasn’t saying much. They just thought she was just quiet. When they asked her a question, she looked at Lee first. She played her part well. They left after an hour. The suggestion of her living there didn’t come up. He made sure of that. They got back to the hotel.
“Good girl. You did well” He says when they’re up in their room
He rewarded her by taking her from behind. It was more of a reward to him for succeeding to make her feel worthless. He didn’t let her wear anything revealing or use make-up. She wasn’t allowed to attract anyone but him. Her life had become a living hell.

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