Being followed (part 31)

Summary: Mandy’s life is about to change.


Chapter 31

Mandy called the police and they got there in 20 minutes. Lee had waited in the car that seemed for ages so he gets upstairs to get her. She was being questioned by the police. There were a lot of them. There were taking fingerprints and looking for clues. He gets to her when they’re finished with her.
“What is going on?” He says when he gets there
Mandy turns around to look at him.
“Annette is missing. I found blood. Something must have happened”
“There’s nothing we can do. Let’s go” He says and takes her hand
“Excuse me” A police man says “What’s your name, sir?”
Calmly he replies. They want to ask him questions but he refuses to answer them. He just claims he didn’t know anything. For Mandy it seemed strange. She didn’t trust him after all he’s done. Even going home with him made her nervous. The police asked him if he knew Annette but he only met her once. Then the police let them go. The police would call if they had made any progress in the investigations. They get to the elevator, Lee still holding her hand. They don’t speak. Mandy looked at him, thinking how to handle this. He had acted strangely lately. Especially during the questioning by the police. They get into his car which is parked on the other side of the street. But he doesn’t start the engine. He just looks forward. In a moment he turns to look at her.

“Why did you call the cops?”
“I found blood on her desk” She looks back at him
“That’s it?”
“Yeah that’s it” She was puzzled
“That could have been anything. No need for a cop to come and snoop around”
He was too calm. She expected him to erupt in rage but there was no sign of that.
“I haven’t seen her all day. She never skips work without a reason”
“Maybe she has a boyfriend” Is his reply
“I know she doesn’t”
“How about Ben?”
“What about him?” She thought it was weird he mentioned him
“You didn’t know?”
“Know what?” She’s confused
“She kept in touch with him when you didn’t. She’s in love with him”
“What do you mean? They’re just friends”
“They’re probably doing it right now” He looks away

Why was he acting this way? Was he trying to wind her up? Ben had just broken up after 10 years and she was hurt. This wouldn’t help her recover.
“You made that up”
“No I didn’t” He looks at her
“Why do you want to hurt me? I haven’t done anything to you”
“Except cheating on me” His calm was gone
“All the time. Every time I’m not around”
“I haven’t done anything” She was upset
“Stop lying” He raises his voice “Even with Max, who’s quite a whiner”
“So every guy I talk to is cheating?”
“Exactly. You’re an attention whore. That’s the reason you dress like that. I’m surprised you don’t sleep around more often” He looks at her clothing
He could call her anything but this was the last thing she wanted to be called. She was close to leave.
“So you’re gonna tell me how to dress as well?” She gets angry
“No I like that” He lays his left hand under her skirt and up to her panties and gets closer to her ear “I want you to be my whore” He whispers and then looks in her eyes

But she wouldn’t take this. She takes his hand away and opens the car door. She’s about to step out, when he drags her back inside. He wasn’t furious though. It just made him more aroused.
“You need to be punished for trying to leave” He opens his jeans, revealing his erection
He tries to push her head down but she refuses.
“I’ve just lost my friend and all you can think about is your pleasure” She was upset
“Come one Mandy just take it in your mouth and do it. I promise to come quickly” He was already taking it out
If she didn’t do it now, she had to do it later. She gets down and does what he’s said. When she’s finished she wipes her wet lips on a napkin from her purse.
“Good girl” He smiles and zipper up his jeans “Be ready in an hour”
What was this man doing to her? She couldn’t stop herself. There was something about him she couldn’t resist. Even if Annette was missing, she still did everything he said. He made her forget everything. So far she had been lucky not to get pregnant or get some sexual decease. With so much unprotected sex, her luck could end any day.
He starts the engine and they drive home. Just when they’re about to enter the building, a police car drives to the driveway. They want them for questioning to the station. They had found evidence in the office. It was now a crime scene.

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