Being followed (part 27)

Chapter 27

“Close the door” Annette get to the her desk and sits down
“What is it?” Mandy is puzzled and nervous while doing so
She had left her desk and leaving everything is sight.
“Where were you? I was looking for you” Annette looks at her while crossing her fingers together
“I went for some fresh air. Is something going on? I mean the police and all” Mandy sits down on the chair across the desk
“Something has. Why didn’t you say you were going out?”
“Sorry about that” Mandy smiles a little
“That was not the reason. They have found the guy that bumped into to me the other day”
“That’s great”
“It was but I could have told you that in the hall. I just wanted to tell you that the guy had been paid to cause that accident”
“Oh that’s awful” She was surprised
“It got me thinking, why me? I haven’t done anything that could have upset somebody. When the police had a description of the man who paid him, it sounded familiar”
“Oh yeah”
Annette looks at her in silence for a while.
“Do you want to know who it is?”
“Of course”
“Your so perfect new boyfriend, Lee”
“What? No it can’t be” Mandy was shocked
“You don’t know?”
She couldn’t believe it. He was a lot of things but he would never do things like that.
“I don’t believe you. You don’t like him so you make up things like this. How dare you?” Mandy was upset
“That’s not all. I called Max and he said he’ll quit. What does that tell you?”
“That doesn’t mean anything” She’s still upset
“Lee has probably threatened him as well. Who knows what else he’s done to other people”
“You’re just making up excuses”
“Mandy, you think he’s innocent but he’s not. He hurts people, just like he has you”
“He hasn’t. You don’t know anything” Mandy was getting really mad and stands up from her chair
“He lied to you about Ben too. Stop defending him. You’ll get hurt”
She didn’t want to hear anymore. She gets out of the room and to her desk. It was lunch time soon anyway. She closes the computer and takes her purse. Annette gets to her.
“Listen Mandy. I would never hurt your feeling just out of spite. I’m worried about you”
“I don’t want to hear it. I’m going out to lunch” She says and gets to the elevator and press the button
Annette follows her.
“Sorry to say this but if you leave; you have to leave for good. I mean it”
“You’re gonna fire me?” Mandy looks at her
“That’s right. I know you need this job but if you want to spoil it for some fling just go ahead”
“Then fire me, I don’t care” She looks up to the numbers above the elevator door
The elevator arrives and she steps inside without looking at Annette. Doors closes and Mandy is gone.

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