Being followed (part 26)

Author’s Note: Sorry for the delay but life got in the way and I no inspiration to write this story. This chapter contains mature content


Chapter 26

Mandy tries to work but all she could think about was Lee. Maybe 10 minutes was too long. She keeps looking at the time on the computer screen. It felt like time stood still. She looks through the emails for a moment. It had only gone 5 minutes. She couldn’t wait any longer. She looks towards Annette’s office door. She leaves her desk and gets to the elevator. When she’s finally outside, she runs across the street where Lee’s car is parked. He didn’t see her coming. She gets inside on the passenger’s side and gives him a passionate kiss, while unzipping his pants. Surprised by her sudden appearance, he has no time to react. She slides her right hand inside his pants and across the shaft.
“Did you start without me?” She stops kissing
“No” Touching her hair
“Good because I want to make you so hard you’re gonna beg for mercy”
“Oh Mandy, you really know how to turn me on” He sighs
She opens his pants and gets down on the floor. She takes his hardness in her left hand and looks at it. She runs her fingers across the tip and licks it once. It makes him grunt. She didn’t have to do much until he was already dripping. She takes him in her mouth and sucks him slowly. She could taste his juices. She moans louder letting him know how much she enjoyed it. He keeps his eyes on her. His breathing is getting heavier. She takes him deeper into her mouth. She could feel him grow inside her. The cars driving by and the people walking pass didn’t interrupt their passion. She takes him faster. He leans his head against his seat and closes his eyes. His grunts are getting louder. He grabs her hair. She takes him in and out of her mouth. Her moans make him call out her name over and over again. She takes him out of her mouth and teases the shaft with her wet tongue. It makes him come like a volcano and shooting his load all over her face and to her mouth.
“Oh baby you taste good. Mm” She moans and swallows all she can
He takes a grip of the handle above the car door. She licks the head which makes him go over the edge.
“Oh Mandy” He’s out of breath and opens his eyes “You should get paid for this”
She licks him dry and sits up to kiss his lips once.
“Your big and juicy” She says but he interrupts her
“Don’t say it unless you want another round” He caresses her hair
“I should get back to work” She gives him a kiss but he forces his tongue inside her mouth
She lays her hand on his chest and tries to make him stop. He molds her right breast in his palm. His member was still erected. She tries to touch it but he notices.
“Na-a wait for your turn” He stops kissing her
“Please Lee, I really need to go. I’ll meet you later” She’s about to open the car door
“Wait a minute, what’s the hurry?” He grabs her arm
“Annette will wonder where I am”
“You’re not gonna leave until I say so” He commands her
Once again he became aggressive. Usually she wasn’t afraid to be forward but with Lee she didn’t want to take that risk. He takes her right hand and makes her grab his member.
“You want more?”
“Rub it. I want you to give me the same treatment you gave me a moment ago. But now I want you to look at me when I come”
They look at each other while she moves her right hand slowly up and down the shaft. With the left she runs her fingers in his hair. She increases the speed instantly. His breathing gets heavier. She didn’t take her eyes of him even if he closes his. Seeing his facial expressions made her feel aroused even more. After a few minutes he reaches his climax and he opens his eyes.
“That’s better” He looks at her exhausted and then kisses her lips
As much as she loved taking him, it was time to leave. She opens the car door and before he can say anything, she’s already gone. She gets back to the building and straight to the bathroom to clean up. Luckily no customers were around.
When she gets from the bathroom she sees a female police standing by her desk, talking to Annette. Had she been gone this long? Mandy thought. She gets to her desk and the police leave.
“There you are. Could I see you in the office?” Annette says and gets to her room
Boy was she in trouble now.