Being followed (part 25)

Chapter 25

Lee has just stepped out of the elevator and have heard Mandy’s last sentence. He gets closer to her and kisses her neck from behind. Annette look despised at him. She didn’t like this situation at all. What was even worse, Mandy seemed to like it. He stops and looks at Annette.

“Hi, you must be Mandy’s boss and friend. Hi I’m…” He’s about to shake her hand but she interrupts him

“I know who you are” She quickly looks at him “Mandy, remember what to do” She’s about to get to her room

“Leaving already? What a shame. I don’t even know your name. Mandy never tells me these things” He says to her and then smiles at Mandy

“Annette” She gives him a fake smile and then leaves

“Nice to meet you” He shouts after her “Wow she’s serious”

Mandy is looking in her computer. She really had to start working. Since Max was away, she had to do some of his work too. Lee bends back down and breathe warm air from his mouth into her neck. He opens her blouse and lays his hand inside it and inside the right side of her bra. He massages her breast.

“I missed this. Your beautiful and erotic breasts” He whispers aroused in her right ear

She didn’t have time for this.

“What are you doing here anyway? Weren’t you supposed to be somewhere?” She tries not be affected by his touch

“That’s done. I want you” He continues

“For what? It’s only 9.30 and I got work to do” She tries to wiggle her out of it

“It’s never too early for sex. Just a quick one in the bathroom” He licks her ear while stimulating her nipple

“Oh Lee” She moans “I would but there’s people here”

“Let them watch” He grunts in her ear

She grabs his hand away from her breast and turns her chair so she faces his groin. For a moment she forgets where she is. The bulge in his pants is distracting her. She keeps looking at it.

“Tempting, isn’t it?” He looks down at her for a moment and looks up again “Ah Annette she was just about to start”

Startled she turns around but no one is there. He just laughs.

“Damn you. Don’t you dare” She looks upset at him

“Can’t you get a joke?”

“That’s not funny”

“Speaking of her. Do you think the reason she’s so serious is because she hasn’t got any in a while” He looks to the door to her room that is closed

“You leave her alone. I know what you’re thinking”

“No you don’t. I didn’t mean me you naughty girl” He smiles at her and sits down on the edge of her desk “I meant someone else. I have this friend that is desperate to get laid”

“As desperate as you then” She smiles but he didn’t find it amusing

He was getting serious again. Like she wasn’t allowed to joke.

“Not as desperate as you were last night. Do you even remember what you did?”

At this rate she wouldn’t get any work done. She remembered what Annette had said earlier about not telling him she knew he had lied. She wouldn’t but she was curious of how he would react if she did.

“Will it affect my future?”

“In what way?”

“Let’s say, if I go back to Ben, would he still see me as the same person?”

“But you’re not. You’re with me and it will stay that way” He looks seriously at her

“Theoretically, would he?”

“What game is this?” He says upset

“Just asking”

“All right. If you did, which is a big if, then no. Because I got evidence and when I’ll show it, he’ll never want to see you again”

“What evidence is this?”

He stands up. He takes his mobile from his jacket pocket and sits back again. He looks through it and shows her a few photos.

“You took photos of us” She looks upset at him

“No just you. So if you go back to him, I’ll send him these”

“That’s blackmail”

“Not if you stay with me”

“What if I don’t?”

“Then I’m gonna be very disappointed. Why would you want to leave anyway? I’ll give you everything you need and best of all, hot and steamy sex. You can do what you do on the photos and in whatever place you want. Beside there’s a lot of positions were haven’t tried yet. And let’s face it, no one goes down on me like you do” He licks his lips while touching hers

She moves her chair closer to him and he spreads his legs so she can come between them. She takes his hand and licks his fingertips one by one while they look at each other. Luckily no one was coming or going to the floor. His fingers in her mouth, she moves both of her hands across his inner thighs and up to his groin. It makes him take a deep breath. The moist in his pants was coming through the thin fabric of his pants. Soon he would come on her desk if she didn’t stop. What was with him and underwear? On the date he insisted to wear them but on other times he didn’t. She moves her hands away and stands up. She wraps her arms around his neck and looks in his eyes. His arms around her waist they kiss passionately.

“If you wait outside your car, I’m gonna give you the suck of your life” She breaks the kiss and whispers in his ear “And I swallow”

He sighs.

“How long must I wait?” He looks in her eyes

“In 30 minutes” She gives him a kiss

“Or we could do it right here” He tries to opens his zip on his pants

“OK 10 minutes. But in your car” She takes his hand away before he does

“Not a minute longer” He gives her a kiss

She moves away from him and he steps down from her desk. He covers his bulge with his jacket as much as he can. While he walks to the elevator she looks at him. She realized what a mess she was in. The photo proved how far he would go. Maybe it was for the best that she would break up with Ben for good. After this he would definitely end it himself. At the elevator Lee looks at her and smiles. She bites her lower lip. She was aroused and he knew it too.