Being followed (part 24)

Chapter 24

When Mandy gets up to her floor, Annette meets her by her desk. She looked upset. Mandy apologizes for being late but that didn’t calm her friend down.
“If you’re gonna be late, you should call at once. I was supposed to give you a lift but you weren’t home. I tried to call but you didn’t answer. You must have good explanation” Annette says angry
“Calm down. I just wasn’t home. I overslept at a friend’s house”
“At Max?”
“No, why?” Mandy was surprised
“Apparently he overslept too. But he didn’t say you were there” Annette calms down
“With Max? Come on. He got a family. I would never” She was appalled
“He’s your friend. I didn’t mean it that way”
“Where is he?” Mandy sits by her desk
“At home. He said he didn’t feel well”
“Mr. Healthy is ill? That’s new”
“So where were you if you weren’t at Max?”
“I went to a restaurant last night and I got drunk. I don’t remember much” Mandy puts her purse in her drawer in her desk
“No with a friend” She close the drawer and look up at Annette
“You never drink that much. I know what you become. Is this friend a guy and does Ben know him?”
“Yeah your boyfriend”
“I know who. Apparently I’ve left him”
“When?” Annette is surprised
“A week ago but I don’t remember I did”
Annette was puzzled. Had it really happened? She couldn’t believe it.
“Who said that?”
“My friend”
Doubting she looks at Mandy.
“Is this friend called Lee by any chance?”
“Could be” Mandy looks away
“Mandy, he’s your stalker. He’s lying to you. Can’t you see?” She sits down on the edge of the desk
She’s confused.
“I don’t understand”
“He gets you drunk and then makes up a story that you left Ben. Do you even know where he is?”
“No I don’t”
“He’s in London for a month” She looks at her thinking “You really don’t remember”
“No” Mandy shakes her head
“Awe poor you. I knew things like this would happen” She hugs her friend
“You mean he’s lying? I had a feeling something was up”
“If Ben hears about this he’s gonna be so mad. We must do something before he gets back. We need a plan”
“No plan. I’m gonna confront that bastard” Mandy says angry and stands up
“No, he should not find out you know. Who knows what he’ll do. You have to make him believe you don’t know anything” Annette stands up and touches Mandy’s right shoulder

Calmed down she sits back in her chair.
“I can’t believe I slept with this guy but he was so gently. Especially after he forced me twice. After that he was so nice to me. And boy he’s good” Mandy kept babbling and doesn’t see the shock on Annette’s face “And then he pays me by telling me these lies. I could just strangle him” She gets angry again
“Wait a minute. He raped you? And then you sleep with him? Just hold your horses. I can’t believe what I’m hearing” She’s appalled and sits back on the desk
Mandy realized what she just had confessed and looks at her.
“I said too much” She opens her computer
“No no, this should not be pushed a side. He should pay for his crimes. He should not get away with it. You need to tell the police” Annette puts her hand on her shoulder again
“Let’s not be hasty. There’s no proof. Come to think of it, maybe I did like it. I admit it did hurt but not as much as I thought”
“Do you know what you’re saying? He has got you Mandy. You don’t even realize it yourself. He lies to you and you get angry. But then you take it back” She says in disbelief
“I’m still upset. I hate liars. Even if they’re as sexy as he is”
They’re so busy talking they don’t realize they have been overheard.
“What do I see, two beautiful woman by a desk. I must have died and gone to heaven. One of them I’ve had and one I could try”