Being followed (part 22)

Author’s Note: Contains mature content

Chapter 22

When Mandy and Lee is back on the road, the streets are empty. She kept looking at him. The wine had gone to her head. She didn’t even remember where she lived. She strokes his hair and turns around in her seat. He keeps his eyes on the road. She takes her seat belt off and gets on her knees on her seat to lick his ear. He nearly runs off the road.
“Mandy sit back on your seat. We could have an accident” He says upset
She does so but she doesn’t stop there. She runs her finger across the gear shift and moans. He takes a quick look and takes her hand away. She continues to tease him. She keeps looking at him. She lays her hand on his right thigh and moves it to his inner thigh.
“Must you do that?” He quickly glimpse at her
“Yeah” She smiles “I love you”
“I’m sure you would say that to everybody right now. You’re home soon and you can get some sleep”
“I don’t want to go home and I’m not sleepy. Where do you live?” She’s moved her hand up to his chest where the shirt is undone
“Your house is nearer”
“But I want to see where you live” She runs her finger across his shirt and tries to open the next button
“It’s getting late and I have to get up early” He takes her hand away
“We can wake up early together” She lays her hand back on the gear shift “I want to see how you live and maybe see your”
She pauses and moves her fingers across the gear shift in a seductive way. He lifts his foot off the speed pedal for a second. He was turned on and she noticed. He was about to do something he probably would regret later. She was drunk and he’s about to exploit the opportunity.
“Alright” He says and makes an U-turn

She just smiles. He speeds up. It doesn’t take long before they arrive to a high-rise area. They get inside a building with at least 12 floors. They get to the elevator and to the highest floor. He takes out his key from his jacket pocket to open the front door to his flat. They get in and he closes the door behind them. It was a wide open flat with a big window where the ocean could be seen even if it was dark outside. It’s a 2 room flat with an open kitchen. It had a counter with 3 bar stools. There wasn’t much furniture. Just a living room table, 2 chairs and a couch. There was no door to the bedroom. Only a thin wall that separated the living room. She has her shoes back on but she didn’t take them off even if she could barely balance herself. She turns around and looks at Lee who gets closer to her. He takes his jacket off and throws it on the couch that was close by. She drops her purse on the floor and wraps her arms around his neck. With her legs around his waist, they start to kiss passionately. Her in his arms he gets down on the floor. He lays her on her back and she unwrap her legs. Still kissing, he opens his shirt while she opens his pants. He takes the shirt off revealing his torso. Their lips part and he gets down to her hips to lift the hem of her dress to her waist. He pulls her panties down slowly while kissing her stomach and to her groin on the way down. He removes them down her legs and tosses them on the side.
“Come here baby” She moans and he does
He lies beside her on the floor and they start kissing. She moves her left hand across his neck and down to his arm. She stops by his waist and tries to pull his pants down but it’s difficult with one hand. She cursed him he had decided to wear something underneath this time. She just wanted him inside her as soon as possible. Since they went to that restaurant she wanted him. She just didn’t want to admit it until she started to drink. It made her feel numb. She wanted him to take her hard. Nothing else mattered.
“Now it’s my turn” She sits up and gets him to lie on the floor on his back
She gets down to his waist and pulls his pants down without hesitation.
“You’re eager” He smiles

She pulls his boxer shorts and she meets her price. She directs him inside her. She lays both of his hands under her dress on her hips and she slowly starts to move back and forth. They look at each other a while and then she closes her eyes. She increases the speed and her moans get louder. She calls out his name over and over again. His grunts and heavy breathing makes her crazy. She lays her hands on his chest and opens her eyes. The alcohol in her system was tiring her out. He opens his eyes when she stops.
“Should I take over?” He says between breaths
She nods and withdraws.
“Your dress first”
She stands up and turns around. The zip is on the back so he gets on his knees to help her. He pulls it down while she takes her bra off. He turns her around and gasps. He had never seen her completely naked. Her almost perfectly formed medium-sized breasts made him even more excited. He stands up mesmerized like he’s never seen anything like them before. She could see he wanted to touch them but didn’t dare. He just keeps staring at them.
“Touch them. Kiss them. Suck them. Lick them. But do it fast” She says aroused
He cupped them inside his palms and gently massages them. With his thumbs he brushes her nipples and bends down to lick and sucks them. It’s making her moan louder. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She wanted him to stop but he doesn’t until she touched his hardness. It makes him angry. He lifts her up and pushes her against the window. He plunges inside her with force and takes her hard. Her arms around his neck she just keeps smiling. He bangs her against the window so hard it shakes. Every thrust makes her squeak. She didn’t feel pain. When he reaches his peak he’s about to withdraw. They’re both out of breath.
“Please don’t” She touches his lips
“Want more?” He’s about to thrust again
“Not yet. It just feels so good feeling your big and juicy” She looks closely at his face
“Don’t” He kisses her before she can continue “Let’s continue in the bedroom”
He withdraws and they get there. They do it almost all night. The consequences would come later.