Being followed (part 20)

Chapter 20

At 5 pm Mandy’s work day ends. She didn’t tell Annette she would go out later. She would spend at her house for a week but those plans would be cancelled. Mandy lied she didn’t need her to stay. Being without Ben for month wouldn’t be as bad as she thought at first. He would keep in touch via email and sometimes call. Annette drives her home. She would pick her up the next morning. When Mandy gets home she gets ready for her date.

At the security company, the man who spoke to Mandy is the last to leave. He switches the lights off and takes his suitcase. He gets to the elevator. His car is parked in the garage on the ground floor. Only a few cars were still there. He takes his car keys from his trouser pocket and press on the button to open the doors. His car was a black Mercedes. He throws his suitcase in the back seat and closes the door. Suddenly he sees a reflection on the window which startles him. He turns around and looks up at a tall man. Himself were only 5’9 so he felt really short. The man was wearing a dark blue suit with no tie. The garage was quite dark so he seemed even more intimated.
“Hi” The man smiles quickly
“Who are you?”
“You first”
“Max, do you know Mandy?”
“Yeah, she’s my colleague. What about it?” He leans against his car
“Do you love her?”
“Who are you?”
“Do you?” The man pushes him against the car door so he hits his shoulders
“Still you keep talking to her”
Max loosens his tie a little. He had never seen this man before so he had no idea why he was picked on. He just wanted to go home.
“What do you want?”
“How long have you fancied her?” The man looks down at him
“I don’t like her that way”
“Why not? She’s a beautiful woman. Is there something wrong with you? Are you gay?”
“No I ‘m married” Max shows his ring finger
“So what? If I were you, I couldn’t stay away from her”
“I’m just not that kind of person. Excuse me but my family is waiting” He says and tries to move but the man push him harder against the car
“You’re not going anywhere” The man says angry
Max was really scared now. Still the man didn’t say who he was or what he wanted.
“What do you want from her if you’re not interested?”
“Nothing” His voice vibrates
“You must want something. You made her laugh”
“Is that it?” Max gets brave for a second
“Answer me” The man raises his voice
Max swallows. He was shaking inside.
“I was just telling her about my kids. Nothing else” Max says nervous
“You’re lying” The man grabs his tie and almost strangles him with it
“I swear” He weeps
The man let’s him go and straightens Max shirt.
“I’m sorry” The man calms down “Don’t talk to her again or I’ll come and get you. You’ll never tell anyone about this. Promise?”
“I’ll promise. Just don’t hurt me” He lifts the back of his hands close to his shoulders
“Hurt you? You’re not worth it. You cry like a girl” The man says and leaves laughing
Max gets into his car quickly and drives away. He never wanted to go through that again.

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