Being followed (part 19)

Chapter 19

Monday arrives. Ben had flown to London. Mandy had tried to tell him about what had happened but she couldn’t. Even when making love, he didn’t suspect something was going on. She could hide it very well. They spent the whole weekend together. She didn’t want to go alone anywhere without him. Not even to the store. She kept looking over her shoulder wherever they went. She knew Lee was lurking somewhere. Ben noticed she seemed more nervous than usual. He asked her about it but she only said she wanted to spend every moment with him. He would be away for a month after all. As soon as he left for the airport, she called Annette. She didn’t want to be alone so she invited her to stay overnight. She wouldn’t tell Annette what had happened in the office. Mandy just wanted to forget it.

When they arrive to the office, a bunch of flowers are placed on her desk in a vase.
“Are they from Ben?” Annette asks when they get there
Mandy finds a card. She reads it and sits down by her desk.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you but you bring out the beast in me. I promise I won’t do it again. Please forgive me. Lee” The note said

She tears the card in pieces and throws it in the bin. She would not forgive him. No flowers would help.
“What did the card say?” Annette asks
“Nothing special. Could you take those flowers somewhere else? They make be sneeze” Mandy says and opens her computer
“Is something wrong?”
“No I just don’t want them here”
“Alright” Puzzled she takes them to her office
Today the office would be busy so Mandy didn’t have to worry to be alone. People were coming and going. Her job was mainly office work, filing and posting kind of things. Sometimes customers made appointments by her desk. But most customers handled their business online. Answering emails took a lot of her time. There was so much to do so there were no time for a coffee break. Sometimes her colleagues got out of their offices. Most of the time she was alone.

At noon her male colleague comes to talk to her. She got along with all her co- workers, both female and male. Annette was her best friend though. They talk a while and then he leaves her laughing. She continues writing on her computer with a smile on her face.
“If I was your boyfriend I wouldn’t let him talk to you like that”
Her smile disappears when she looks up. Luckily the hallway was quiet. Lee looked different, in an attractive kind of way. In his dark blue suit and a tie to match, she could just drop everything and drag him to the bathroom. But she could not forget what he did to her.
“What is it to you?” She says upset and sits closer to her desk
He walks behind her and bends down to her ear.
“Because you’re mine and you’re not allowed to talk to your other lovers when I’m in the room” He whispers in her ear while touching her left breast
“Go away” She pushes him with her elbow
“Why can’t you be nice to me? I’m being nice to you” He stands up straight, still behind her
“Nice to you? You raped me” She raises her voice a little while looking up at him
“Lucky for you, no one heard that”
“What do you want? I got work to do” She’s still upset
“I don’t want anything. It’s lunch time soon and I thought maybe we could go somewhere” He touches her hair
“I know what you want” She stands up to put some papers in the filing cabinet
She opens the drawer to put them in and turns around. She bumps into him. Even if she had 3 inch heels she could feel really small.
“You’re just assuming. But if you want to go further I don’t mind” He smiles
“I don’t have time” She says and walks pass him
“How about dinner or do you have other plans?”
She sits down by her desk again and doesn’t reply. She looks through the email. Thinking he had left she continues her work. He sits down on the edge of her desk and looks at her but she doesn’t pay attention. He looks what’s on her desk. He takes a pen from her pen stand and starts playing with it. She answers an email and tries to ignore it. He drops it on the table and she looks upset at him.
“Do you mind” She takes and puts it back
“You didn’t answer my question”
She leans back in her chair. She thinks a while.
“Ok but as long as it’s just that. It should also be in a public place. So nowhere private”
“As you wish” He stands up “I’ll pick you up at 7”
She looks at him when he walks to the elevator. Her male colleague comes out of his office.
“So you’re going on a date, I heard” He says when he gets to her desk
“Well a girl has to eat, right?” She smiles
When Lee sees them talking, the smile on his face disappears. A feeling he’d never felt before came over him, jealousy.