Being followed (part 17)

Chapter 17

At 10 am Annette finally arrives to work. She had got to an accident. Someone had run in the back of her car and hadn’t even stopped to check if she was alright. She had spent all morning at the police station. Luckily it was nothing serious. Mandy hadn’t got very much done. She was still thinking about what had happened in the bathroom. She was so confused. She really had to figure out what to do with her life. With Ben she would have a secured life but with Lee an exciting one. She would never be bored. He was unpredictable and therefor she wanted him more. But would she be safe was a different matter. He already forced her twice. It definitely didn’t turn her on. She couldn’t tell Annette about what happened. She knew what her reaction would be. Even if she did call the cops, there was no proof. She didn’t know what to do. She just had to handle it by herself.
She takes a break in the kitchen. She sits down with a cup of coffee and looks through the newspaper that lies on the table. The office was quiet. Only she and Annette were there. The rest of their colleagues were out meeting clients all day. Annette gets to the kitchen and pours herself some coffee in a mug. She sits down across Mandy.

“What a morning it has been” She says and sighs
“Are you alright?” Mandy looks up from her paper
“Yeah, it was only a bump. But my neck will hurt tomorrow I’m sure” She says and takes a sip from her mug
“What happened?”
“I was at the traffic lights when suddenly someone drove straight from behind. I thought what a hell”
“Did you see who it was?”
“No. When I looked behind the car was gone”
“Glad you’re alright. That’s what matters” Mandy smiles
“Enough about me. How about you?”
“What about me?”
“Ben is gone for a month. There must have been a long goodbye” Annette winks
In the morning Mandy could have told her everything but now she wasn’t as eager.
“He hasn’t left yet”
“Oh yeah. It’s on Sunday. I forgot”
“You know how it is” She looks in the newspaper
“That’s it? I thought you would be more excited”
“Do you want details?” Mandy looks up
“That’s not what I meant. You’re usually more talkative. Has something changed between you two?”
“No, why?”
“You used to be happier before. Has it to do with your follower?”
“No, everything is good” She smiles
She knew Annette wouldn’t let it go. They’ve known each other since college and they were like sisters.
“Have Ben forgiven you?”
“Yes I think so” Mandy says and takes a sip from her cup
“So he’s gonna leave for England with a smile on his face”
“You could say that” She replies and stands up “I should get back to work”
“I feel you’re trying to avoid the subject”
“There’s nothing to talk about” Mandy looks at her
“OK fair enough” Annette says and drinks rest of her coffee

She stands up and puts her mug on the sink. Mandy washes her cup.
“I can take yours” She says, taking Annette’s cup to wash it
Annette stands beside her. She’s worried for her friend. She knew something had changed. Mandy used to confide in her. Even before she met Ben. Now she felt she kept secrets from her.
“Have you met you follower lately?” She tries to found out
“No” Mandy replies and puts the dished in the drying cabinet
“What happened to that lunch thing? Did you meet him?”
“No I didn’t. I should get back to work” She’s about to leave the kitchen
“So he’s out of your life?”
“Um, yeah” Mandy stops by the door without looking her way
“You hesitated. I can always tell you’re not being honest”
Mandy turns around.
“I really mean it. Ben and I are still very much in love”
“Speaking of him. He told me not everything is OK”
“It is now. Sorry but I got work to do” Mandy says and gets back to her desk in the hall
“It’s not my business to say but I’m worried your follower won’t be leaving you and Ben alone. Like I said, stop before something will happen” She follows her
“You are right, it’s none of your business” An upset Mandy says, sitting down by her desk
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t think it’s a sensitive subject for you. I better not get involved at all” Annette says and gets back to her office, closing the door behind her
Mandy never seen her hurt. She was always calm. Never did she raise her voice no matter how angry she was. She knew she was out of line. She decides to go and apologize. She gets to her office door and is about to knock.
“Your friend is really beautiful too. Ever thought of having a 3some”
Mandy turns around and rolls her eyes.