Being followed (part 16)

Author’s Note: Warning! This chapter contains forced sex

Chapter 16

Mandy arrives to the office at 7.30 am with a smile on her face. Before stepping out of the Ben’s car, they kiss passionately. Things were like they used to be. The same passion they had when they first met was still there. She didn’t have a care in the world. She arrives to her desk and puts her bag in the drawer like always. She opens the computer and looks through the mailbox on her desk. She sits down on the chair and looks through the email. This was something she did every day. Today was no different. Annette hadn’t arrived yet. Maybe she was stuck in traffic. After working about a half an hour, Mandy goes to the bathroom which is a little further away in the hall. The hallway was quiet but that’s how it usually was. After doing her business she washes her hands. She takes a paper towel to dry her hands. She looks herself in the mirror to see if her hair and make-up was alright. She turns around and is about to leave. Startled she walks backwards and ends by the sink. Her heart was beating faster and her feet felt like jelly.

“You look beautiful today. Rough sex really suits you”
“Lee what a hell are you doing here?” She was frighten and is leaning her hands against the sink
He gets closer to her and caresses her hair she has loose.
“Who’s better, your boyfriend or me?”

She’s too scared to move. Anyone could come in. While he caresses her hair with his right hand, he moves the other under her skirt. He was dressed in a light grey suit with no tie. The two first buttons on his shirt was open like the day before. He moves his other hand also under her skirt and lifts it up. He looks closer at her and gives her a passionate kiss. She’s too afraid to stop him. She keeps her eyes open. It was happening again. He’s pulling her panties down and suddenly turns her around so she faces the sink.

“Bend over” He commands her but she refuses “Please Mandy”
She had been so happy in the morning but now she was being forced again. She wanted to cry but if she did, she would be in a bigger trouble. He takes her grip of her hips and pulls her back. She leans her hands against the sink. He opens his pants.
“Oh Mandy” He says aroused while running his hands across her behind
She looks at him through the mirror. He takes a firm grip of her hips and thrust inside her from behind. He thrusts faster as soon as he does. His breathing and grunting was echoing in the bathroom.
“No one is here so you can scream as hard as you can” He manages to say between thrusts
It was hurting but she didn’t want to. She didn’t like it. She just wanted him to stop but even if she did tell him it was all about his pleasure. Soon he reaches his peak and slowly pulls out. He is out of breath so he doesn’t say anything in a while. She didn’t understand why he treated her this way. If he loved her he had a weird way to showing it. Still with his pants down he looks at her. She had turned around and puts her skirt down.

“How about the front? Or was this morning’s ride enough?”
Puzzled she looks at him.
“What are you talking about?”
“You did give him a ride, didn’t you?”
“That’s none of your business” She says upset
“I know you did. I saw you two this morning. Twice”
“You like to watch do you? Did you like what you saw? Do you want another look?” She raises her voice
“No need to get angry. I just did what I like. OK, I like to watch but only because of you. I want to know what pleases you. So how about another round? From the front?” He tries to lift her skirt up again
“You’re sick” She says and lifts her panties up
“Please Mandy. One more time. I won’t hurt you this time”
“What am I? Your sex toy? If you don’t leave me alone, I’ll call the cops” She says and tries to walk pass him but he grabs her arm
“No you won’t. If you do I tell your boyfriend we’re having an affair. That will be least of your problems”
“You can’t afford threatening me. You raped me”
“So now you’re trying to be brave. You don’t have proof I did. Maybe you liked it” He lets go off her arm
“I told you to stop but you didn’t care. It was all about your pleasure. Just like now”
“You didn’t say no”
“I was afraid. You come here to my work place, scaring the hell out of me. Especially after what happened yesterday in the woods. I can’t just switch on and off”
“It seems you can. First you’re all over me and now you want to get rid of me. Is this your way of saying you want me?” He says and smiles

She knew he was changing to charming again. He could get any woman he wanted but he chose her. Sure she was a confident and a beautiful woman but she was modest about it. She couldn’t understand why she was the one.
“I don’t want you. Sorry” She walks pass him to the door but he catches her
He pushes her against it and kisses her passionately. He takes her hand and makes her grab his manhood. This time she doesn’t refuse. She wraps her free hand around his neck while with the other moving back and forth. They stop kissing when he climaxes. One more kiss and they withdraw from each other.
“Thank you Mandy” He says and smiles
“I have to get back to work”
“I’ll be watching”
Not understanding what he actually meant, she opens the door and looks around to see that no one was around. She gets to the kitchen to wash her hands. She takes a glass of water. Then she gets back to her desk. It’s almost 9.30 am but Annette still hadn’t arrived. There had to be a reason. But that was the last thing on her mind.

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