Being followed (part 14)

Author’s Notes: Warning! Contains forced sex

Chapter 14

At lunch Mandy calls Ben but she knew he was still tired from the trip so he would say no to it. That was just an excuse. She was actually going to meet Lee. Something was drawing her to him. Annette asks her for lunch but she tells she would meet Ben. She totally believed it. When everyone is gone, Mandy leaved without her belongings. She knew Lee was outside in his car across the street. Before getting inside she looks around so no one sees she does. As soon as she’s inside on the passenger’s side, she gives her a passionate kiss. He’s taken his jacket and tie off. The two first buttons on his white long-sleeved shirt are open. While they kiss she opens the belt on his pants.
“Aren’t you impatient?” He says breaking the kiss
“I’m sorry I didn’t finish it yesterday. I wanted to but the doorbell disturbed me”
“When are you gonna get rid of that?”
“What, the doorbell?”
“No, the boyfriend” He laughs
“Are we gonna talk for an hour or do you want me to take you or not?” She looks seriously at him
“Sorry” He says and starts the engine “Where shall we go?”
“Where do you live?”
“On the other side of the city” He looks at her
“So it’s far?”
“Kind of”
“Doesn’t matter then. As long as we can be alone” She says touching his right ear
“In that case” He says and drives to the street
All the way she keeps looking at him. He sure was sexy. He didn’t notice a thing. She runs her finger across his ear and down to his neck. He glimpses at her and smiles a little.
“You know Lee. I think you’re really really sexy. All over. I can’t wait to taste you” She says and licks his ear
“I’m glad you think so” He takes his eyes off the road for a moment
“You were right. I couldn’t be quiet. With a man like you no woman can” She whispers in his ear
“Is this foreplay? You want something more than take me in your mouth?”
“We’ll see when we come to that” She says and sits straight
He pulls over on the side of the road. Cars are driving by.
“Mandy” He says keeping both of his hands firmly above the steering wheel “I need to know something”
“Yes. You sexy thing” Touching his ear
“First of all. I don’t want you to call me sexy and secondly what do you really want” He says looking upset at her
“What do you mean?” Taking her finger away
“You keep changing your mind about me and I don’t like it. Are you leading me on?” He keeps looking at her
“At first but last night changed that”
“Wrong answer” Raising his voice
She startles, taking her hand away quickly. She really didn’t see that coming but she wasn’t surprised either. If he stood up and raised his voice like that, she would feel really scared.
“What should I say?”
“What do you really want?”
“I want this” She says and touches his groin but he takes her hand away
“That’s not good enough. I’m not gonna wait any longer. I want you and if you only want to go down on me, I have to convince you by force and I don’t think you’ll like that”
“I remember that message you wrote. But I can’t cheat on Ben”
“But that’s what you’re doing. If you told him about us then there wouldn’t be a problem”
“There are no us. You only want sex from me” She says upset
“That’s where you’re wrong. I love you” He says and takes his hands of the steering wheel
“You’re doing this for love? You’re kidding, right?”
“It’s true. I’ll show you as soon as you take those clothes off you” He says and tries to open her blouse but she takes his hand away
He caresses her hair with his right and the left hand between her legs. He looks closely at her and kisses her neck. She tries to make him stop but then he reaches her panties. He thrusts his fingers inside her.
“Stop it Lee” She says trying to take his hand away
“Oh Mandy. I love it when you refuse me. Say my name” He says and thrust his fingers deeper into her

She didn’t want this to happen. Ben was right that something terrible would happen. Lee was getting irritated that she didn’t do what she was told.
“Say it” Thrusting his fingers even deeper while looking closely at her
“Lee” She cries but he still didn’t stop
“Where is that moan? I want to hear it”
“Lee, stop it. I’ll do as you say”
“Good” He says, pulling his fingers out “That wasn’t difficult. Now go outside of the car”
She wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. They were still on the road and cars were coming and going. She just had to do what he said. She was both scared and nervous. She’d never done anything like this outdoors. She opens the door on her side and steps outside. He does the same on his side. She looks around.
“Come over here” He offers his hand but she doesn’t take it
“I should go back to work”
“Let’s do this first. Let’s get off the road and find a suitable tree”
“I don’t think I want to”
”Come on. It won’t take long” He says grabbing her hand
She was confused. They were close to a forest so at least they couldn’t be seen. They walk a little further away. It wasn’t a very thick forest. The road could still be seen. He stops by an oak with a wide trunk.
“Lean your back against it and look at me”
She does so. He gets closer to her and looks in her eyes. He lifts her skirt up and pulls her panties down. He pushes her against the tree. The roughness of the bark hurts her back so she grunts a little. He bends down to kiss her. She keeps her eyes open. He opens his pants and pulls them down. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath this time either. He lifts her legs up to his waist and thrusts inside her. He stops kissing and looks at her. She didn’t want to so she closes her eyes. He thrusts harder which makes her yelp.
“Oh Mandy” He grunts and start to push harder “Scream”
She didn’t feel comfortable at all. She just wanted him to stop. She opens her eyes to look at him. She had tried everything she could that it wouldn’t go this far. Now she had made one of his fantasies come true. They were doing it outside and against a strange environment.
“Please Lee stop it” She says nicely and touches his lips
He thrusts faster. He wanted to hurt her. He bangs her against the tree and she starts screaming like he wanted.
“That’s better” He breathes heavily
“You’re hurting me” She cries
“No one’s gonna hear you” He says angry and push a few more times
Still inside her, he kisses her passionately. But he wasn’t finished yet. He pulls out but surprises her by going back in. It makes her call out his name.
“Oh Mandy” He stops kissing
One more thrust and he withdraws. He lets her down and gives her one more kiss. She was relieved it was over. She pulls her panties up again.
“Thank you” Closing his pants
He’s about to give her a kiss but she walks pass him. He follows her. She gets back to the car. The lunch hour was over. She just wanted back. He tries to talk to her but ignores him. She was upset for what he had done. But mostly at herself for letting him. She thought she had everything under control. She couldn’t believe she was that naïve. While they drive back to the city, she just keeps looking out of the car window. She was already late. She had to think about a good reason why she was. When they arrive to the office building on the other side of the street, she quickly opens her seatbelt and gets out of the car.
“I’ll be following you” He shouts before she closes the car door
Close to tears, she runs back to the building. She had to put a brave face so no one would suspect something was wrong. The least thing she wanted was prying eyes.

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