Being followed (part 13)

Chapter 13

The next morning Ben drives her to work. She kept looking for Lee’s car but she didn’t see it. Ben just concentrated on the driving so he didn’t notice she did. He leaves her outside her office. He had been so tired so he slept until morning. She on the other hand couldn’t. She kept thinking about Lee. She felt guilty for doing so. She was in a happy relationship and yet she was thinking about someone else. Soon Ben would leave for a month and she would be alone again. She couldn’t bare it. Being alone wasn’t anything new but still she dreaded it. Especially now when Lee was around. She already went too far. He probably only wanted sex anyway. Ben was real while everything else was an escape.
When she gets to her desk she sees an envelope on it. It was addressed to her. She opens it to read it. Annette comes from her room and sees her smile.
“What’s that?” She asks when she gets to her desk
“Oh. Just a note” Mandy says and puts the envelope in her drawer
“Must have been a nice one” Annette smiles
“It was nothing important” She says and sits down at her desk to open her computer
“So our girls night out was cancelled. How about today?”
“Ben came home yesterday” Mandy looks up at her
“You should have said. I would have understood”
“He wasn’t when I called. He came later”
“I see. So everything is fine again?”
“Yeah. Kind of”
“What do you mean?”
“He’s going away again in a few days”
“So he got a job. Good for him” Annette says and smiles
“It’s not good for me. It’s gonna be a month. A month alone. I don’t think I can handle it”
“You’ve done before and you do it again”
“Not this time. Now it’s different”
“You mean your stalker”
“Is he bothering you?”
Mandy looks down.
“Did he do something?” Annette gets worried
“Yes and no”
She wasn’t sure if she wanted to tell her. She’s too embarrassed to look her way.
“I did something horrible and if Ben finds out, it’s over”
“Mandy no. You didn’t sleep with that guy, did you?”
“How close?”
She pauses before answering.
“I went down on him” She carefully says
“Mandy, you naughty girl” Annette smiles
“It’s not that I offered. He made me do it. Rather that than being raped”
“Don’t you get it? That’s what he wants”
“That’s what I knew already but I think that’s just talk. That’s what he does, talk”
“If he made you do it then he’s half way there. This is not right. Stop it before it’s too late”
“It’s not like he hurt me on purpose”
“Are you gonna wait until he does? Come on Mandy. What has he put in your head? You’re not this person. You’re the girl next door type”
“Well this girl next door has been corrupted by the bad boy”
“Is that the reason you haven’t called the cops? You have feelings for him”
“I’m afraid so. Look at this note” Mandy says and takes it from the desk drawer
Annette reads it and gives it back to her.
“So that’s what made you smile. He wants to take care of you. I guess sexually”
“Not that one. I was just smiling he thinks he knows what I want. Just like last evening. I know he only wants sex and that’s what I’m gonna do. Make him believe”
“So that’s your strategy. Making him believe you’re falling for him. That can be dangerous”
“I do feel something. I can’t stop thinking about him. But that’s only because of last night. We didn’t finish so we will meet at lunch. Or that’s what he thinks”
“He better not come here or I call security. Be careful. I should get back to work” Annette says and leaves
Mandy wasn’t really sure it was such a good idea to tell her. She was good friends with Ben and she could tell him. She told her a white lie though. She did have real feelings for Lee. That what got her worried. What if she accidentally slipped them to him and made him think she should leave Ben for him? She would not.

She had a lot of work to do so she starts working. From time to time customers were arriving to the floor. She files papers and works on the computer. Work made her occupied from thinking about her problems. She takes a break and goes to the kitchen to get some coffee. She has her back towards the door so she doesn’t see someone is coming in, closing the door behind.
“Hello sexy”
Startled she turns around and sees Lee. He looked different. He usually wore jeans and T-shirts but now he was dressed sophisticated.
“You should not be here”
“I was in the building so I thought I would pay you a visit”
“Or are you here to stalk me?” She says leaning against the sink
“That red blouse looks really sexy on you. If only those two buttons were open” He gets closer to her
“What are you really doing here?”
“I’m taking you on a ride” He says looking at her up and down
“Not here. I’ll get fired” She says and walks pass him but he grabs her arm
“Just a quick one. I’ve been waiting long enough” He grabs her closer to him and gives her a passionate kiss
“Oh Lee. I would but I got work to do. Meet you at lunch” She says and pushes him away
“Work and lunch. I look forward to that” He says and smiles
“You’re unbelievable. Everything is sex to you” She shakes her head and opens the door to get back to her desk
Luckily there was no one around in the hallway. The office was always quiet anyway. He gets to the elevator and they look at each other while he waits. He sure could turn one’s life upside down. She gets back to her assignments. She wouldn’t tell Annette about the visit. She was already disapproving what was going on.