Being followed (part 12)

Author’s Notes: Adult content ahead

Chapter 12

Mandy really didn’t know what she had got herself into. She was in a long-term relationship and she was about to risk it all. She was now on her knees in front of the man who had been following her. At first she was afraid but Lee was charming and knew how to manipulate her. She opens his pants. First the belt and the button, along with the zipper. He starts to breathe heavier while looking down at her. By her surprise he didn’t wear anything underneath. She looks up and sees him smiling.
“You didn’t expect that, did you? You know what to do next”
She pulls his pants down and takes him in her mouth. He sighs.
“Oh Mandy. You don’t know how good that feels” He grunts and pulls her hair
She takes him deeper in her mouth. She never thought she would like it but he tasted good. She felt like moaning but she didn’t want him to know she enjoyed it. He’s closed his eyes and every suck she does, he pulls her hair. She uses her tongue and licks the tip of it. He calls out her name over and over again.
Suddenly there’s someone at the door. It startles her and she stops.
“Keep going” He looks down at her
She tries to concentrate but the person outside keeps ringing the bell. She’s about to stop again.
“Don’t stop Mandy. Whoever that is can wait”
She keeps on. Just when he’s about to climax, there’s a knock.
“Mandy, are you home?”
She stops.
“Oh no, it’s Ben”
“Fucking hell” He says upset “Don’t you dare stop? You’re gonna finish this”
She tries to but can’t.
“I’m sorry Lee but you have to go”
“Not until you finish. Get it back in your mouth” He says irritated
“You’ll get me into trouble. He will notice something is up”
He sighs.
“Oh damn. Just when I most enjoyed it” He says and pulls his pants back on
“I didn’t know he would arrive so soon” She says and stands up
He gives her a passionate kiss but he doesn’t want to stop. Ben is getting impatient. He knocks louder.
“You need to leave. Now” Pushing Lee away
“If you left him we wouldn’t have to hide”
“Go and wait in the guestroom”
“Mandy” Ben shouts outside
“Does it mean you’re finally gonna want to be with me?”
“Will you go already?” She hurries him
“OK” He says and does so

She goes to the kitchen to wash her face and then she goes to open the front door. She opens it and smiles.
“So you are home after all. I forgot my key” Ben says and gets inside
“No kiss?” She asks and closes the door
“I’m still upset at you” He leaves his suitcase in the hall and gets to the kitchen
She looks at the door to the guest room which is closed. She follows him. He’s sat down by the kitchen table with a glass of orange juice.
“How was your trip?” She asks and sits down across him
“Productive. I got an acting job in the UK”
“That means what? Are we moving back?”
“No” He replies and takes a sip from his glass “It’s for a month only”
“How come you came home so early?”
“I didn’t have to stay longer. When the contract is done, there’s no reason to stay”
“You could have called”
“Like I said, I’m still upset. Is he still following you?” He asks
“No, that’s over”
“So he stopped just like that?”
“That’s good then. If it wasn’t things would be different. If I see him again I’m gonna get a restraining order against him”
She swallows.
“Well he’s not so, no need to do anything”
“I hope so. I’m tired so I’ll take a nap” He says and stands up
“Not gonna tell me how the trip went? Did you see your family? What kind of job is it and so on?”
“I’ll tell you later” He says and leaves the kitchen
She follows to see where he would go. Luckily he gets to their bedroom and closes the door. She gets to the guest room where Lee meets her by the door and gives her a passionate kiss.
“The coast is clear” She whispers after the kiss
“Such a shame we got interrupted. I would have loved to come into your mouth” He whispers back while touching her lower lip
“That’s it then. Goodbye” She says and is about to leave the room but he grabs her arm
“Don’t think this is over. You still owe me”
“I don’t owe you anything”
“OK as you wish” He opens the door
Instead of walking to the front door, he gets to the bedroom where Ben is resting and is about to knock.
“OK” She stops him by taking his hand
She drags him to the kitchen.
“What do you want?” She whispers when they get there
“I want you”
“Nothing else?”
“Well, I want to take you against the kitchen table. From behind” He gets closer to her
“I can only take you when Ben is not home”
“Afraid that we get caught? I can do it silently but can you? I very much doubt it”
“I don’t want to get caught and I don’t like what you just suggested”
“I won’t hurt you. I’m very gentle” He moves her hair away from her face
“Do you really? I don’t think you do. You want to hurt me”
“Make you scream, yes but hurt you. No”
“I don’t know why I let you talk to me like that”
“Because you like it. It turns you on”
“Oh Lee. That’s where you’re wrong”
“It starts with denial. Before you know it, you can’t get enough”
“You should leave. Ben is a light sleeper and if he sees you, you’re in trouble”
“I already am. I want you right now but we’re in the wrong place. Let’s go to my car and do it there” He says and takes her hand
“You know I can’t” She takes her hand away
“OK I should go. But tomorrow at lunch you won’t get away. Bye sexy” He says and gives her a kiss
She stays in the kitchen and he leaves. She sits down by the kitchen table and sighs. He sure could talk. She didn’t know if she should ignore him or make passionate love to him. Her feelings kept changing rapidly. It would just be a matter of time before everything would fall apart.

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