Being followed (part 11)

Author’s Notes: Some adult content ahead but only some


Chapter 11

After work Mandy takes the bus home. Annette had a meeting. She would pick her up later. When she gets home she makes herself something to eat. Annette’s meetings usually took an hour so she had plenty of time. Mandy packs a few things in her suitcase. She would rest on the couch a while. Just when she’s about to, the doorbell rings. She sighs and stands up again. Since she was home alone, she puts the safety lock on before opening the front door. By her surprise it’s Lee. He usually came uninvited.
“May I come in” He asks politely
“Tired of following me from a far?”
“Would you prefer doing it outside instead?”
“What are you talking about?”
“You know what I mean”
“No I don’t. Go away” She says and is about to close the door but he manages to put his foot between it
“So you want to play this game”
“I don’t play any games. Leave me alone” She tries to take his foot away with hers
“I know you don’t want to be. You know your boyfriend will dump you. That’s the reason you were in my car. You’re just too afraid to live a little. You should relax more”
“He’s not. He’s in Europe and will be home soon. You don’t know anything. Go away” She’s getting annoyed
“Has he even called you?”
“That’s none of your business”
“I would rather talk inside. I promise I won’t try anything without your permission”
“You? Talk? You got to be kidding me. You only want sex. Go and get it somewhere else” She tries to close the door but he won’t move
“I could but I only want you. And I don’t mean only sexually”
“Is that even possible for you?” She tries to be sarcastic
“You’ll be surprised” He says and smiles
She knew it would be a mistake. Annette could call any minute to pick her up. She just couldn’t turn him down either.
“Wait” She says and he takes his foot away so she can open the door
“Thanks” He says and gets inside
She closes the door behind her and walks to the living room. Her suitcase is beside the couch where he sees it.
“Going somewhere?” He follows her
“Yes my friend will pick me up soon so you can’t stay long”
“Call your friend you changed your mind” He says determined
“Because I said so” He says and gets closer to her
“You can’t tell me what to do”
“Yes I can. Do it”
She couldn’t understand how he suddenly became commanding. He gets even closer to her. She steps back a few steps.
“I won’t. You can’t make me”
“Where’s your phone? I’ll call your friend”
“What is it to you anyway?”
“So you’re testing my patience. For your information, if I can hold on this long. I can handle any hardship. You didn’t finish what you started but yet I haven’t forced you to continue. But if you don’t call your friend right now, all I can do is hurt you. So how is it, call your friend or?”
“OK, OK, I’ll call” She says and gets to the kitchen where her phone is
She calls Annette who was on her way to pick her up. No further explanation and they end their call. She gets back to the living room.
“That wasn’t difficult, was it? Now come here” He says when she does
“What do you want?”
“Not gonna play that game. Come here I said”
She didn’t like where this was going.
“You promised you wouldn’t do anything”
“I won’t. If you don’t come here I will”

She remembered the message he wrote so she knew what he could do. She slowly approaches him where he’s standing. She felt really small even though she was 5’8” She didn’t want to stand too close. He touches her hair and looks in her eyes. Her heart was beating faster. Not of excitement but of nervousness. There was no escape this time. He bends down and gently kisses her lips. He makes her walk backwards. She didn’t want to touch him. She kept her eyes open. She couldn’t help thinking about the way he kissed. Even though she was nervous, she felt weak in the knees. For a moment she forgets she wasn’t single. Annette had been right that she missed intimacy and since Ben was away, she was easily misled. Lee is about to open her jeans she’s wearing but she didn’t want any of it. She refused to become a victim. She lays her hands on his chest and pushes him away. She looks angry at him. But he just smiles. She’s surprised of his reaction.
“This is nothing to smile about”
“You really don’t know what you got yourself into”
“I didn’t want this in the first place. You’re the one that keeps stalking me” She says and is about to walk pass him but he grabs her arm
“Stalking? You don’t even know what that means” He says upset
“I know exactly what it is. Now let go off me” She tries to get loose but can’t
“Say please and I might”
“OK, please”
“Say, please Lee”
“What?” She’s confused
“Say it” Raising his voice
“All right. Please Lee”
This was getting weird.
“You know what I mean”
“No I don’t. What game is this?”
“Do it” He grabs her arm tighter
“Please Lee. Let me go”
“Not good enough. Get on your knees” Pushing her down
She gets down on her knees in front of him and looks up. She knew what he wanted and she refused to do anything.
“When I tell you to beg, you do as I say” He says angry
“If you think I’m gonna take you in my mouth, you’re wrong”
“You said it, not me. But that’s not what I meant. But thanks for the offer” He says and smiles a little
“It was not an offer” She looks upset at him
“Shut up. Do as I say, beg like you mean it” He raises his voice again
She didn’t know what was going on. His moods kept changing.
“Please Lee. Let me go”
“You can do better than that. Touch me like you really want to take my pants off”
“If you don’t let go of my arm, I can’t do it”
“If I do don’t try to run away” And he slowly let’s go
She just wanted this to be over. She lays her hands on his hips and looks up.
“Please Lee. Let me go” She pleads while pretending to pull his pants down
“Oh Mandy, that’s better. Now open them”
“No” She says and tries to stand up but he pulls her back down
“You’re gonna do it or I’ll force you to do something worse”
She was fed up with his commands. She didn’t care what he would do to her. It was a mistake to lead him on.
“I’m not gonna do anything you say. I’ve had enough” She says angry and tries to stand up again
“Stay down. You’re not gonna spoil my moment. You’re gonna open my pants and take me in your mouth. I’ve been holding on for too long. If you won’t release it soon I don’t know what I’ll do to you” Pushing her down aggressively
If she didn’t do as he said, he would make her. She notices the bulge on his pants and it tempted her. It was unusual for her to do anything like this. She’s only done it a few times and she didn’t really like it. But Lee was an attractive man and she was curious. She knew she would regret it later. There would be no turn back.