Being followed (part 18)

Author’s Notes: Contains sexual content


Chapter 18

She couldn’t believe it. How Lee always appeared on the right moment was beyond her. Like he knew every move in the office and out of it.
“Why can’t you just leave me alone?” She gets angry and gets back to her desk
“I must be addicted” He follows her
“Don’t you have better things to do then follow me?” She sits down on her chair
“Are you in a mood. I just came to see you” He gets behind her and moves her hair away from her neck
“Then you can leave. I got work to do” She sits closer to her desk
“When is it my turn to taste you? I’m hungry” He whispers in her ear
“Get off me” She says upset and stands up
“You can’t afford to piss me off” He says upset and grabs her right arm
“What are you gonna do about it?” She looks up at him
“You have no idea. Now get on your desk or I’ll do it for you”
She’s getting nervous.
“But Annette is in the other room”
“She can watch. Now do it” He makes her step closer to the edge of her desk
She’s reluctant to do so. He lifts her skirt up and is about to pull her panties down. She had to make up something.
“You know Lee. As much as I want to feel your lips on me, I have to get some work done. How about Sunday? Ben is not home”
“I want to taste you right now. It won’t take long” He tries to pull her panties down again but she grabs his hand
“I don’t want to”
“Sorry I didn’t catch that”
She pauses. She looks at him a while.
“I don’t want to” She repeats
“It’s not about what you want. You do as I say” He says calmly
She’s about to cry but tries to hold them. She thought she could fool him but failed. If only someone would interrupt them but the hall was quiet. It was soon lunch and she hadn’t got anything done. She felt really uncomfortable. He could really be intimidating. He puts back his hands under her skirt and pulls her panties down so they fall down to her ankles. He lifts her up on the desk and gets down on his knees between her legs to spread them. He’s taking her in his mouth. Tears run down her cheeks. She didn’t want to look. She closes her eyes, wishing it would soon be over. He thrusts his tongue inside her. It makes her moan silently. He’s breathing is getting heavier. Someone could hear but he didn’t care. She knew he wouldn’t stop until he got what he wanted. He pulls out and licks her. She wanted to scream. It was getting too much.
“Stop it Lee. I’m begging you. I’ll get fired”
He didn’t want to hear it. He wanted to punish her for not obeying. Suddenly he just stops and looks up at her. She opens her eyes. The tears had dried out. He stands up and kisses her. She could taste herself.
“See it wasn’t that bad, was it?” He says and caresses her hair
She’s just glad it’s over. She gets down from her desk and pulls her panties back up.
“We should do this again” He says and gives her one more kiss “I have to go”
She sits down on her chair and as soon as he’s gone, she starts to cry in her hands. She had come to a situation she couldn’t get out of. Maybe it was time to confess to Ben. It would be the end of their relationship or their savor.

Being followed (part 17)

Chapter 17

At 10 am Annette finally arrives to work. She had got to an accident. Someone had run in the back of her car and hadn’t even stopped to check if she was alright. She had spent all morning at the police station. Luckily it was nothing serious. Mandy hadn’t got very much done. She was still thinking about what had happened in the bathroom. She was so confused. She really had to figure out what to do with her life. With Ben she would have a secured life but with Lee an exciting one. She would never be bored. He was unpredictable and therefor she wanted him more. But would she be safe was a different matter. He already forced her twice. It definitely didn’t turn her on. She couldn’t tell Annette about what happened. She knew what her reaction would be. Even if she did call the cops, there was no proof. She didn’t know what to do. She just had to handle it by herself.
She takes a break in the kitchen. She sits down with a cup of coffee and looks through the newspaper that lies on the table. The office was quiet. Only she and Annette were there. The rest of their colleagues were out meeting clients all day. Annette gets to the kitchen and pours herself some coffee in a mug. She sits down across Mandy.

“What a morning it has been” She says and sighs
“Are you alright?” Mandy looks up from her paper
“Yeah, it was only a bump. But my neck will hurt tomorrow I’m sure” She says and takes a sip from her mug
“What happened?”
“I was at the traffic lights when suddenly someone drove straight from behind. I thought what a hell”
“Did you see who it was?”
“No. When I looked behind the car was gone”
“Glad you’re alright. That’s what matters” Mandy smiles
“Enough about me. How about you?”
“What about me?”
“Ben is gone for a month. There must have been a long goodbye” Annette winks
In the morning Mandy could have told her everything but now she wasn’t as eager.
“He hasn’t left yet”
“Oh yeah. It’s on Sunday. I forgot”
“You know how it is” She looks in the newspaper
“That’s it? I thought you would be more excited”
“Do you want details?” Mandy looks up
“That’s not what I meant. You’re usually more talkative. Has something changed between you two?”
“No, why?”
“You used to be happier before. Has it to do with your follower?”
“No, everything is good” She smiles
She knew Annette wouldn’t let it go. They’ve known each other since college and they were like sisters.
“Have Ben forgiven you?”
“Yes I think so” Mandy says and takes a sip from her cup
“So he’s gonna leave for England with a smile on his face”
“You could say that” She replies and stands up “I should get back to work”
“I feel you’re trying to avoid the subject”
“There’s nothing to talk about” Mandy looks at her
“OK fair enough” Annette says and drinks rest of her coffee

She stands up and puts her mug on the sink. Mandy washes her cup.
“I can take yours” She says, taking Annette’s cup to wash it
Annette stands beside her. She’s worried for her friend. She knew something had changed. Mandy used to confide in her. Even before she met Ben. Now she felt she kept secrets from her.
“Have you met you follower lately?” She tries to found out
“No” Mandy replies and puts the dished in the drying cabinet
“What happened to that lunch thing? Did you meet him?”
“No I didn’t. I should get back to work” She’s about to leave the kitchen
“So he’s out of your life?”
“Um, yeah” Mandy stops by the door without looking her way
“You hesitated. I can always tell you’re not being honest”
Mandy turns around.
“I really mean it. Ben and I are still very much in love”
“Speaking of him. He told me not everything is OK”
“It is now. Sorry but I got work to do” Mandy says and gets back to her desk in the hall
“It’s not my business to say but I’m worried your follower won’t be leaving you and Ben alone. Like I said, stop before something will happen” She follows her
“You are right, it’s none of your business” An upset Mandy says, sitting down by her desk
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t think it’s a sensitive subject for you. I better not get involved at all” Annette says and gets back to her office, closing the door behind her
Mandy never seen her hurt. She was always calm. Never did she raise her voice no matter how angry she was. She knew she was out of line. She decides to go and apologize. She gets to her office door and is about to knock.
“Your friend is really beautiful too. Ever thought of having a 3some”
Mandy turns around and rolls her eyes.

Being followed (part 16)

Author’s Note: Warning! This chapter contains forced sex

Chapter 16

Mandy arrives to the office at 7.30 am with a smile on her face. Before stepping out of the Ben’s car, they kiss passionately. Things were like they used to be. The same passion they had when they first met was still there. She didn’t have a care in the world. She arrives to her desk and puts her bag in the drawer like always. She opens the computer and looks through the mailbox on her desk. She sits down on the chair and looks through the email. This was something she did every day. Today was no different. Annette hadn’t arrived yet. Maybe she was stuck in traffic. After working about a half an hour, Mandy goes to the bathroom which is a little further away in the hall. The hallway was quiet but that’s how it usually was. After doing her business she washes her hands. She takes a paper towel to dry her hands. She looks herself in the mirror to see if her hair and make-up was alright. She turns around and is about to leave. Startled she walks backwards and ends by the sink. Her heart was beating faster and her feet felt like jelly.

“You look beautiful today. Rough sex really suits you”
“Lee what a hell are you doing here?” She was frighten and is leaning her hands against the sink
He gets closer to her and caresses her hair she has loose.
“Who’s better, your boyfriend or me?”

She’s too scared to move. Anyone could come in. While he caresses her hair with his right hand, he moves the other under her skirt. He was dressed in a light grey suit with no tie. The two first buttons on his shirt was open like the day before. He moves his other hand also under her skirt and lifts it up. He looks closer at her and gives her a passionate kiss. She’s too afraid to stop him. She keeps her eyes open. It was happening again. He’s pulling her panties down and suddenly turns her around so she faces the sink.

“Bend over” He commands her but she refuses “Please Mandy”
She had been so happy in the morning but now she was being forced again. She wanted to cry but if she did, she would be in a bigger trouble. He takes her grip of her hips and pulls her back. She leans her hands against the sink. He opens his pants.
“Oh Mandy” He says aroused while running his hands across her behind
She looks at him through the mirror. He takes a firm grip of her hips and thrust inside her from behind. He thrusts faster as soon as he does. His breathing and grunting was echoing in the bathroom.
“No one is here so you can scream as hard as you can” He manages to say between thrusts
It was hurting but she didn’t want to. She didn’t like it. She just wanted him to stop but even if she did tell him it was all about his pleasure. Soon he reaches his peak and slowly pulls out. He is out of breath so he doesn’t say anything in a while. She didn’t understand why he treated her this way. If he loved her he had a weird way to showing it. Still with his pants down he looks at her. She had turned around and puts her skirt down.

“How about the front? Or was this morning’s ride enough?”
Puzzled she looks at him.
“What are you talking about?”
“You did give him a ride, didn’t you?”
“That’s none of your business” She says upset
“I know you did. I saw you two this morning. Twice”
“You like to watch do you? Did you like what you saw? Do you want another look?” She raises her voice
“No need to get angry. I just did what I like. OK, I like to watch but only because of you. I want to know what pleases you. So how about another round? From the front?” He tries to lift her skirt up again
“You’re sick” She says and lifts her panties up
“Please Mandy. One more time. I won’t hurt you this time”
“What am I? Your sex toy? If you don’t leave me alone, I’ll call the cops” She says and tries to walk pass him but he grabs her arm
“No you won’t. If you do I tell your boyfriend we’re having an affair. That will be least of your problems”
“You can’t afford threatening me. You raped me”
“So now you’re trying to be brave. You don’t have proof I did. Maybe you liked it” He lets go off her arm
“I told you to stop but you didn’t care. It was all about your pleasure. Just like now”
“You didn’t say no”
“I was afraid. You come here to my work place, scaring the hell out of me. Especially after what happened yesterday in the woods. I can’t just switch on and off”
“It seems you can. First you’re all over me and now you want to get rid of me. Is this your way of saying you want me?” He says and smiles

She knew he was changing to charming again. He could get any woman he wanted but he chose her. Sure she was a confident and a beautiful woman but she was modest about it. She couldn’t understand why she was the one.
“I don’t want you. Sorry” She walks pass him to the door but he catches her
He pushes her against it and kisses her passionately. He takes her hand and makes her grab his manhood. This time she doesn’t refuse. She wraps her free hand around his neck while with the other moving back and forth. They stop kissing when he climaxes. One more kiss and they withdraw from each other.
“Thank you Mandy” He says and smiles
“I have to get back to work”
“I’ll be watching”
Not understanding what he actually meant, she opens the door and looks around to see that no one was around. She gets to the kitchen to wash her hands. She takes a glass of water. Then she gets back to her desk. It’s almost 9.30 am but Annette still hadn’t arrived. There had to be a reason. But that was the last thing on her mind.

One course of love (part 12)


Chapter 12

Richard’s POV

I was actually getting bored with this guessing game. I didn’t have Leia’s phone number so I couldn’t call her. But then I realized I had her student file where the number was. She was in a bad mood. I knew she lied she didn’t miss me. I pretended to be upset at her. But I just can’t be mad at her.

In school she returned the assignment I told her to. Then she stood in front of my desk saying nothing. I didn’t know if she was upset or not. The answer came when it was time for a little test I had prepared for the students. What I didn’t expect was that I were gonna have a test of my own. Leia kept flirting with me. I tried to read an essay but I was more interested in her. I saw my mobile blinking. I looked at it and saw her text. We kept texting each other. She really tried to turn me on and she succeeded. I texted her we would meet in the Men’s room. I didn’t think she would. I pretended to be surprised she was a virgin but I couldn’t fool her. I must have come to my senses when I told her it wasn’t the best place.

The truth was I wanted her right there. I didn’t care the door was unlocked. Maybe it was best we didn’t do it. I didn’t want her first time to be in an uncomfortable place like in a bathroom. I really hoped that ‘we’ll see’ would be a ‘yes’ There were still a class to end so I had to concentrate on that.

Being followed (part 15)

Chapter 15

Next morning, Mandy wakes up earlier than usual. She couldn’t sleep. When she got back to the office, there was a text message from Ben. He had called but there was no answer. He had been free for lunch after all. He even went to the office where he had met Annette. She hadn’t seen her either. They assumed something had happened. After work at home Mandy kept denying everything was fine. She wanted to tell him about the sexual assault but that would reveal her infidelity. She also couldn’t take the guilt for leading Lee on. Without that it wouldn’t have happened. Now she couldn’t take it back. She wanted to call herself sick but it was Friday, she had to get to work. It’s only 5 am but she makes herself some coffee. She sits by the kitchen table with her cup and just looks at it. Soon she would be sitting alone in the kitchen. Ben would fly to London on Sunday. She wished she could go with him. Something had happened to their relationship and it would change even more when he was away. She knew her affair with Lee was the reason.
“What are you doing up?”
She startles when a sleepy Ben suddenly gets to the kitchen.
“Gee Ben. Never sneak in like that”
“You’re jumpy” He says and sits across her
“You would too if someone came in like that”
“I’m sorry. So why are you up?” He rubs his eyes
“I couldn’t sleep”
“Something bothering you?” He says less drowsy
“I guess it’s your trip. I wish I could come with you” She looks at him
His hair was all messy but he didn’t care at all.
“It’s only gonna be a month. Besides don’t you have work?”
“I could take a month off”
“I don’t think you will like it there. I’m gonna be busy and we won’t see each other that much”
“That’s better than being here without you”
“Why the sudden urge to come with me? This is not the first time you’re staying home alone. Has something happened?”
“Why can’t I come? Is there a reason why I shouldn’t?”
“You’ll be bored”
“Bored in London? No way”
“I’m there to do a job and if I want to do it well, I don’t need distractions”
“I think that’s just an excuse. Is there something you don’t want me to see? Someone else?” She didn’t know why she even doubted that
“Don’t be silly. I’m not that easily misled”
“What do you mean by that?” She’s getting agitated
“Nothing. I should get some sleep” He says and is about to stand up
“You mean I let a stalker get into our lives and you think I’m easily misled”
He sits back and sighs.
“You totally misunderstood me. I didn’t mean anything by it”
“You said you still haven’t forgiven me for what had happened and I guess you still won’t” She looks down on her coffee cup
“It depends if he’s still around”
“I said no” She looks upset at him
“But I don’t know if you mean it”
“You don’t trust me?”
“It’s not that. I met him and I don’t think he would give up”
“And yet you don’t want me to come with you”
“You took it up. I didn’t even think about it until you mentioned it. It makes me wonder why you react this strongly. It’s like you want to leave as soon as possible”
“I do. With you. I hate being alone. In London I would at least have you near me” She says and touches his hand
“I wish it was that simple. I’m sorry Mandy but you can’t come. But I call you everyday” He says touching hers
“I will miss you. A month feels like forever”
“You’ll be fine. When I get back we could go somewhere. I’ll make it up to you” He says and gives her a kiss across the table but she doesn’t want to stop
“Oh Ben” She moans and runs her right hand fingers across his chest
They both stand up and undress each other. They make love on the kitchen floor with her on top. They move to the bedroom to continue. Even if they had differences, they still loved each other. This was something she would miss. But a month would go quickly and soon they would be together again.