Being followed (part 10)

Lee has got back to his car. He was aroused. He closes his eyes and thinks about Mandy. He was close to get her to want him. Her touch proved it. Just when he’s about to picture her naked, the car door on the passenger’s side opens. He opens his eyes and sees it’s her. Before he can say anything, she gives him a passionate kiss. She lays her hand on his groin which makes him grunt.
“Let’s go somewhere. I got an hour” She says after the kiss
“Sure” He says and smiles
He starts the engine and drives to the street.
“Where shall we go?” He asks, taking a glimpse at her
“Surprise me” She replies and looks at him with a smile
A few blocks later, he slows down. She notices where they are.
“Why are we at my house?” She asks surprised
“No one’s home so I thought why not do it here. A lot of opportunities” He says while driving the car to the driveway
“That’s not what I had in mind”
He stops the engine.
“What were you thinking?” He says and kisses her neck
“Did you really think I would sleep with you?” She says and pushes him gently away
“Isn’t that what you wanted?”
“So it’s talking you want” He says disappointed
“No, something else” She says and gets closer “I want to know how it feels to take you in my mouth” She whispers in his right ear and licks it once
He sighs and closes his eyes for a second and then looks in her eyes. She opens the zipper of his pants and their lips meet. They start to kiss passionately. Then she realizes what she was doing. She didn’t want to cheat on Ben and that was exactly what she was doing. She takes her hand away and stops responding.
“This is wrong”
“No this is right” He says and tries to kiss her
“I’m sorry”
“Finish what you started” He says a bit irritated
“What are you gonna do? Rape me?”
“I didn’t know you liked that kind of things” He replies and smiles
“I don’t. Please take me back to the office”
“Want to do it there instead?”
“No” She says, looking upset at him
“Inside the house?”
“What part did you not understand?” She says angrily
“Do you always do it like this? Starting something and not finishing it?”
“Are you trying to turn me on? If you are, it’s working” He says and tries to kiss her again
“You’re unbelievable” She says, rolling her eyes
“You haven’t seen anything yet”
“I can wait. Now take me back or I’ll take the bus”
“OK but you’ll regret it”
“I don’t think so” She says and looks out of the car window on her side
He looks at her once and restarts the engine. She keeps looking outside the whole trip. When they get there, she gets out of the car without saying anything. She regretted everything. She was just vulnerable and she was easily manipulated. It was all because of the row she had with Ben. She was just lonely.

She gets back to the office. She sits down behind her desk. In a moment Annette gets back from her lunch.
“You’re here early” She says when she’s at Mandy’s desk
She hadn’t told her she had left.
“I wasn’t that hungry” Mandy says, looking up from her computer
“Are you sure you can manage without food all day?”
“You sound like my mother”
“Is something wrong?”
“No, why?”
“When something is wrong you give sarcastic answers. Care to tell me?”
“All right. Come a bit closer” Mandy looks around to see if they are alone
Annette does so. She sits down on the desk.
“I was so close cheating on Ben” Mandy whispers
She tells her about what happened in the car.
“Now that was close”
“I don’t know what I was thinking. I know he only wants sex and I know he won’t stop until he gets it”
“It was your moment of weakness. We all get that from time to time. You don’t need to be embarrassed about it”
“I’m not. I’m not someone who does things without thinking. But now I was ready to do anything. And only because of this guy”
“I’m proud of you that you said no. It’s not easy when someone says the right things. It’s easy to get flattered”
“I’m not flattered. I’m worried I will fall eventually”
“When is Ben back?”
“Next week”
“That’s it. You want intimacy and since he’s not here, you want to get it somehow”
“You make it sound like I can’t be without sex”
“That’s not how I meant it”
“Maybe you’re right. I do need sex but with Ben”
“If you’re worried to be alone, you can come and stay with me” Annette says and stands up
“Thanks. But I should get some clothes from home first. I call you when you can pick me up”
“Great. We’re gonna have a girls night out” She says and smiles
“We haven’t had that in a while”
“OK back to work” She says and gets to her office
Mandy continues. She was relieved she didn’t have to be alone.

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