Being followed (part 9)

Chapter 9

On Monday morning, Ben flies to Europe. The weekend had been different from the usual. Mandy and he had ignored each other. She had to take the bus to get to the store. He was still upset and he wasn’t home very much. He didn’t know Lee had been in the house. She was already regretting she had let it go so far. Annette picked her up to get to work. She asked about the weekend but Mandy was quiet about it. She usually confided in her friend but now she didn’t want to talk about it. She kept to herself at work. In the beginning of the week, it was always busy. They had hardly any breaks. There were a lot of paperwork to be done and calls to take. Keeping her busy, kept her mind off her problems. At noon, Annette walks to Mandy’s desk and lays a file on it.
“Could you file this?”
Mandy is writing on the computer and stops. She takes the file and puts it in the file cabinet.
“I was thinking if we would order some take out today” Annette says while she does
“If you like” Mandy says and sits down at her chair
“Sounds good” She says and smiles a little
She continues working on the computer. Annette is about to get back to her office when she stops.
“You know if you have problems, please do tell me. Maybe I can help”
“Everything is fine. Ben is away so I have the whole house for myself”
“How about your follower? Is that problem over?”
“No problem” Mandy says and smiles
“You can still come and stay with me. Just in case”
“Thanks for the offer but I got a lot to do at home”
“Alright” Annette says and leaves

Mandy continues working. People usually came and went to the floor. Her boss was out meeting customers on Mondays so she was partly alone. While she’s writing on her computer, the elevator door opens. She pays no attention to it. She’s so concentrated she didn’t know she wasn’t alone.
“Ever tried it in an elevator?”
Startled she looks up and sees Lee in front of her desk. Luckily there were no one in the hall.
“How dare you scare me like that?” She says upset
“Well, have you?”
“Please leave. You shouldn’t be here” She says and looks nervously around
“If you’re afraid that we’ll get caught, I can always pretend to be a customer. In a way I am”
“Do you want me to jeopardize my job and my relationship?”
“Not much of a relationship anymore. You two are not even talking”
“You noticed that, did you? Did you follow me again?” She asked calmed down while sitting down in her chair
“All weekend. Everywhere you went and you were always alone”
“Does it turn you on by following me?”
“You have no idea”
“I don’t want to know. I got to get back to work” She says and sits closer to her desk
“I especially loved that tight top you were wearing. That really got me off”
“I said, I don’t want to know” She says and looks at him for a second
She continues writing on the computer. Thinking he had left, he suddenly sits on the edge of her desk. She has her hand on the mouse. He takes it and lays it on his groin and before she can react, he gives her a passionate kiss. This time she closes her eyes and unconsciously caresses the bulge on his pants. Just when the door to Annette’s room opens, he’s already walking to the elevator. Mandy keeps her eyes on him while he does. They smile at each other while he waits for it. Annette has seen him leave. She calls for her friend but she doesn’t hear.
“Mandy” She says again and then she looks at her
The elevator had arrived and he was gone.

“Was that” She asks but Mandy already knows the question
“Something is going on, I can tell. And now Ben is away and all”
“Nothing is going on. We’re just flirting” Mandy says and looks at the computer screen
“First you’re scared and now it’s totally different”
“Well you know how it is?”
“Tell me” Annette says curiously
“Well, you know when you meet a guy and you think you already seen it all. You think “this is just one of those things again” But then you realize, there’s a lot you don’t know. You get curious. Like you said, it says excitement all over him”
“So you’re curious, huh? I understand. He’s tall, sexy and a stranger. Maybe you get the best sex ever but is it worth it? Ben I mean”
“That’s the problem. I really want this guy but at the same time I don’t want to cheat. Now when I think about it, there’s just something about this guy I can’t resist. I feel like I’m about to burst into pieces. Just the way he talks to me. I don’t think I can wait that long. I feel I need more lust in my life”
“He really must be something. But be careful. It can become a distraction and I don’t want you to give up anything”
“I will not forget my purpose. I just need to get this frustration out of me”
“Just don’t take it here. We still have hours of work” Annette says with a smile and then she gets back to her office
Even though Annette seemed serious at times she could also be playful. Mandy takes her phone from her purse and looks at the message again. Reading it again made it more sensible. Lee did really have a vivid imagination. He knew things she didn’t believe were possible. She didn’t want to sound too eager. She would rather be safe than sorry. It was soon lunch time but all she was hungry for was senseless sex. If she only knew his number.

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