Being followed (part 8)

Chapter 8

Mandy cries herself to sleep. She was a deep sleeper so nothing could wake her up. She’s turning on her right side and continues sleeping. But she could sense something. She opens her eyes and is about to scream.
“Shh” Lee says, covering her mouth with his hand “Will you promise you want scream when I move my hand?”
She nods and he slowly remove it but she tries to scream anyway. But he’s quicker. He kisses her passionately. She didn’t dare to close her eyes. Still kissing her, he opens his and their eyes meet. She just wanted to push him away. He stops and licks his lips. She sits up and wraps the blanket over her chest. She wipes her mouth with her hand. She stares at him. She didn’t dare to say anything.
“You should really keep your windows closed. Anyone can get in”
She knew he noticed she was frightened. Maybe that was a way to keep her on her toes. He sits closer and tries to reach for her blanket but she holds it tighter. It freaked her even more that he was just staring at her. It was in the middle of the night and company was the least thing she wanted. She wanted to know what he was doing there but she was too afraid to ask. He must have heard her conversation with Ben. Otherwise he wouldn’t have known she was in the guest room. She’s only wearing a top and panties so she had no intention to show him.
“Are we just gonna stare at each other and say nothing? If you don’t want to talk, we can always do something else” He says and sits even closer
She knew what he meant by it but she would not fall for that. She tries to pick up the courage.
“What are you doing here?” She asks with a lump in her throat
“Since we got interrupted, I thought we could continue where we left off”
“There’s nothing. Leave me alone” She says, now sitting on her pillow in the head of the bed with her knees bent to her chest
“We really got your boyfriend fooled, pretending we didn’t know each other”
“We don’t” She says being less nervous
“But that’s what he thinks”
“If you don’t leave, I’ll call for him”
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I don’t think you want to get caught in the act” He keeps looking at her
“Caught doing what?”
“Doing it while your boyfriend is in the next room”
“What makes you think I will do it? Are you gonna hurt me?”
“Don’t be silly. Only if we’re having rough sex. Then it will only be about pleasure”
“You really think highly of yourself, don’t you? You think you get every woman you want”
“I only want one and she’s in bed right now” He says and tries to kiss her but she quickly gets out of bed with the blanket around her, revealing her bare arms
“So you want foreplay first” He says and smiles
He gets up from the bed but stays on the other side.
“All I want is to sleep and you won’t make it easy. So I should sleep with you so you’ll leave me alone?”
“If it’s so good I might not leave at all”
“Dream on. No matter what you say, no matter how charming you’re trying to be. Nothing will make me fall for you”
“I don’t really have to do anything special. When you get to know me, you’ll never want to be with anybody else”
“You’re not all that”
“What are you afraid of? That your secured life will be over?”
“You want me to dump him so you could be with me instead?”
“Not necessary. When your missionary position gets old, you can come to me. I know positions you’re never even heard of”
“My sex life is great thank you very much”
“Even if it is, it’s never too late to get better”
“Now I know why you wrote me that message. You wanted to convert me to your sex game. You’re wasting my time”
“Oh Mandy, you’re really playing hard to get. But I knew that when I first saw you. A beautiful woman like you really know how to tease. What I wrote in that message was true. That’s really what you make me feel. I wasn’t drunk. I was totally sober”
“You are a perv. Did you learn all that from a porn movie because that’s how it sounded?”
“It wasn’t porn. It just turns me on”
“Does spanking turn you on? Doing it in public? Against a tree?”
“What, are you interested?” He says and smiles
“No way. Don’t get any ideas”
“I’ve got lot of those right now” He says, looking at her up and down
While they talked, she felt more relaxed around him. All the standing made her tired so she sits down on the bed. Even if he sat down on the other side, she didn’t move away. She soon realized what a prude she had been. She also noticed he did look hot like Annette had said. It was so close she would fall after all. But then she saw, the sun coming out and she felt a panic. Ben could wake up and see them on the bed.
“You better leave” She says and stands up, forgetting she was only in her underwear
The blanket falls on the floor. He looks at her body.
“Now I understand why you didn’t want to take the blanket off. You wanted to save me from doing a crime. I couldn’t have held my urges. May I touch you before I go?” He says and looks in her eyes
She thinks a while and then gets closer to let him. He looks closely at her. He moves both of his hands across her arms and down to her stomach. She could feel a chill down her spine.
“See you later sexy” He says and licks her lips before climbing out of the window
She touches her lips that were still wet from his saliva. She didn’t know how things had gone from ignoring to acceptance. Was she falling in love with her follower? What about Ben, her longtime partner. Was she really gonna jeopardize her relationship because of some fling? Soul searching was now in order.

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