Being followed (part 7)

Chapter 7

“What did he mean?” Ben asks when they’re alone
“I don’t know” She says and gets to the kitchen
He follows her.
“He’s not an old friend, is he?”
She pours some juice in a glass and drinks it.
“An old boyfriend?”
“No” She says and sits by the kitchen table
“Could you explain? Who is he?” He says and sits down across her
“I don’t know. He just appeared”
“And then he kissed you?”
“No. It’s a long story”
“We have time”
She knew he wouldn’t let it go. She tells him the whole story. He was amazed.
“I knew there was something strange going on. He was quite rude and he even went to our bedroom
She quickly gets up and runs there and in a moment gets back.
“Nothing was taken” She says relieved and sits down again
“He was just looking when I got there”
“You never know”
“Maybe I should postpone my trip?”
“No need to do that. It’s just a few days, right?”
“No it’s a week. I tried to tell you”
“Annette will pick me up to work and if necessary I can spend the night at her place. No need to worry” She says and smiles
“Now when the weirdo is out there, you’re not safe anywhere. Maybe we should call the police”
“Annette said I should just ignore it”
“That’s not possible now since he’s been in the house”
“Stop worrying so much. I can manage”
“I hope you do because if you don’t, it can get more serious. He can get violent if he doesn’t get what he wants”
“I don’t think he wants to hurt me”
“A stalker that doesn’t want to hurt anyone? Hmm, that’s far-fetched”
“Maybe he’s not a stalker. Maybe he just wanted a kiss”
“You’re underestimating him. No one that only wants a kiss behaves like he does. Maybe you like his attention”
“No I don’t. He scares me. I don’t want him near me”
“Then call the police. One of these days he will come here and do something horrible to you. Then it’s too late. Will you wait until he does?”
“No, I just think they can’t do anything about it right now. I’ll be careful, I swear”
“You can never be too careful”
“Should we go out to dinner now?” Mandy changes the subject
“No I lost my appetite. I think I just eat a sandwich and then go to bed” He says and stands up
“Already? But it’s Friday or maybe you have something else on your mind” She says and stands up to get closer to him
“No, just tired” He says and gets to the fridge “On other thoughts. I think I won’t eat anything” He says and closes the fridge
“It’s only 5.30 pm. How can you be tired?”
He doesn’t say anything. He walks out of the kitchen and walks to the bedroom. She follows him.
“If you’re upset because I’m not doing what you want me to do. Then that’s just silly” She says but he doesn’t listen “Did you hear what I said?” She continues when he doesn’t reply
“I hear you” He says while taking his shoes off without looking her way
“Why can’t you say something?” She says a little upset
“Say what? End of discussion” He looks up at her
“No dinner and to bed early. On a Friday. And no explanations. All you say is that”
“So you want to discuss it. It must really be necessary to get it out of your system. Do you like talking about him? OK, let’s talk. You know you should have become an actress. You played well to be frightened little girl. You almost got me fooled. How long did you think your plan would have worked? After 10 years I knew this day would come. I’ve had it with you. Just go to your new boyfriend. Maybe you two will have a good laugh” He says angry, raising his voice
“Wait a minute. I did nothing of a sort. I swear I don’t know him. Everything I told you is true. Can’t you see, he’s trying to turn us against each other? He probably already knows about this argument”
“I don’t care right now” He says and takes her pillow and blanket “Here, sleep in the guestroom” He continues and throws them at her
She picks them up from the floor. Without saying anything, she leaves the room. Sometimes he could be so stubborn. All she could do is leave it alone. She was mostly angry at Lee for ruining things. She wasn’t hungry either. She gets to the guest room and lies on the wide bed crying. Maybe things would look better in the morning light.

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