Being followed (part 6)

Chapter 6

Lee is back in his car across the street. His conversation with Mandy had been really arousing. He was pleased he finally had a longer conversation with her. The kiss made him want her even more. He could feel she was a bit reluctant of his approaches but that was only because of her boyfriend. It was time to pay him a visit. Lee starts the engine and drives away. There wasn’t much traffic so it didn’t take long before he was at the house. He parks the car on the other side of the street. He knew someone was home. He rings the doorbell without hesitation. He can see someone was moving inside. He rings the bell again. Ben had been on the phone and is ending it while opening the door. He recognizes Lee immediately.
“Hi” Lee says with a smile
“Sorry, Mandy is not home”
“OK, I can wait” He says and gets inside the house
“It can take a while” A puzzled Ben says
“It’s OK” Lee says while looking around
Ben was a bit upset his guest barge in like that without being asked. But he didn’t want to be rude. He closes the front door.
“Since you’re gonna stay, you might just sit down”
Without saying anything, Lee gets to the living room and sits down on the couch. Ben sits on the chair across it. He doesn’t say anything but so doesn’t the guest. He thinks about what Mandy had said when he described him to her. He wanted to hear more.
“So where do you know Mandy?” He asks and Lee looks his way
“We went to the same school. I don’t think she remembers me though”
“No doubt about that. How long did you go there?”
“Just a few years. I moved abroad after that”
“That’s funny. I never heard Mandy talk about school. I thought she was taught at home”
“OK, maybe it wasn’t school. I don’t actually remember where it was. Sorry about that”
“Sure” Ben says doubting
“So when will she get home?”
“A couple of hours. No need to wait that long. I tell her you stopped by” Ben says and is about to stand up
“Could I get something to drink, please?”
“Um sure” Ben replies and gets to the kitchen
When he gets back, he can’t find his guest anywhere. He leaves the glass on the table in the living room and goes to look for him. He sees the bedroom door being open and sees him there.
“I don’t want to be rude but could you leave this room. It’s private” Ben says by the doorpost
“I’m sorry but bedrooms fascinate me. Especially what you can do in them”
Ben didn’t know what to reply to that. This whole visit was weird to begin with. He looks at his wrist watch. It would be 4 pm soon. They get back to the living room. Lee picks up the glass when he sees it on the table. He sits down on the couch and takes a sip. In a moment the front door opens and Mandy arrives.
“It’s OK now. Thanks” She shouts to Annette who has given her a lift and then she gets inside
She puts her purse on the shelf in the hall and sees Ben standing by the chair, looking at her.
“No need to stand up” She says and smiles
She takes her high heels off from her feet.
“You have a guest” He says and nods down
Before Lee even stands up, she could see who it was. She just freezes. Her heart was beating faster. Now he was in their house too. She swallows and then looks at Ben.
“Babe, could I see you in the kitchen” She says and storms there
He follows her.
“Get him out of here” She whispers when they get there
“You know him?” He whispers back
“I wish I didn’t. Let’s go out to dinner. Tell him”
“I’ve been trying but he insisted to wait”
“Do it” She commands him
“OK” He says and gets back to the living room “Sorry but we got plans” He says when he does
Mandy stands in the doorway to the kitchen, watching. Without doubting anything, Lee gets to the front door. Just when he’s about to open it, he looks at Mandy.
“Thanks for the kiss”
Puzzled Ben looks at her. With a smile Lee leaves. Mandy had some explaining to do. She knew dinner was out.

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