Being followed (part 5)

Chapter 5

At noon, Mandy takes a break in the break room. She hadn’t eaten the sandwich yet. She pours herself a cup of coffee with some milk and sugar in it. She sits down by the table. While eating and drinking coffee she looks through a newspaper laying there. In a few minutes Annette gets there. She pours herself some coffee and sits across her.
“Did you get any work done?” She asks and takes a sip from her cup
“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” Mandy asks and looks up at her
“If I were you, I couldn’t think about anything else beside the kiss”
“It was nothing special” She says and continues looking at the newspaper
“I’m sorry about the future boyfriend thing. I was just teasing you”
“It wasn’t really funny. I wouldn’t even considering cheating on Ben. No matter what kind of idiot leaves rude messages on my phone”
“Aren’t you at least a little flattered that someone else find you attractive?”
“No I don’t need flattering. Especially from a perv like that” Looking up from her newspaper
“Does he have a name?”
“Why do you care? Are you interested? If you are, you can have him”
“Just curious” Annette takes a sip from her mug
“Lee. At least that’s what he called himself”
“If you were single, you would react differently”
“No I wouldn’t. I still would call it creepy”
“Maybe he was just shy so following you was the only way”
“Someone shy wouldn’t write a message like that. I didn’t tell anyone about this but when I was here last evening to look for my phone. Someone was here and think it was him. I always make sure my phone is in my purse. He claimed I dropped it in the café but I’m sure I had it then. I don’t know how he got it. Maybe he allured me to get back to the office”
“Maybe it was the guard. The office is locked so how would someone else get there?”
“A person like that, anything is possible. I asked who was there but there was no answer. When I get to the street, he was suddenly there, claiming he had found my phone. It was really disturbing”
“Maybe you’re just imagining he was there. This office can be creepy at night. You know the story about the young woman who was murdered in one of the offices. She came here at night and someone stabbed her in the back. Maybe it was him. Boo” Annette widens her eyes in a scary look and then laughs
“Stop it. It’s not funny” Mandy says a bit upset
“Come on, you describe him like he’s coming to get you”
“That’s how he makes me feel”
“So it’s not your sudden attraction to him? Even if I only saw a glimpse of him, I can’t deny how hot he was”
“No he does nothing for me. He scares me. I don’t trust him one bit”
Mandy didn’t like what she was suggesting.
“You know it’s OK to have crushes. After being so long with someone like you have, you’re bound to look at other people to keep your relationship alive”
“There’s nothing wrong with it. I don’t need anyone else” She drinks some coffee
“Need is not the word I’m looking for. I’m just saying, let him play a while. He will get over it”
“So you mean I should let him follow me? I just shouldn’t pay attention?”
“Exactly. More you notice, more excited he gets. So if you ignore him altogether, he will leave you alone. All he wants is your attention”
“What if that doesn’t work? It can get worse. If he can get here at night, then he can get anywhere. He even knows where I live”
“Then you can consider calling the cops. Let’s hope it won’t get that far”
“Still it feels creepy. It won’t be easy. I already feel insecure”
“You can always walk with someone from work or call Ben. You don’t have to walk alone anywhere” Annette stands up
“I won’t. Especially now when I’m being followed”
“Just try to act normally. Keep a cool head”
“I’ll try” Mandy says and folds the newspaper “It’s back to work”
The girls put their cups on the counter and leave the room. The whole thing made her shaken. Could she be safe ever again?